Mostly Murphy

Ah yes, last evening, the lighting seemed “just right” and Murphy was looking so cute ( he *always* does to us, though) that I thought I would take a few photos of him.

You will notice the last photo was of him on the couch….he had decided he had enough of the photography. haha….I wasn’t done! So then he hopped down onto the floor and gave me “the look”.

That signaled the end of our photography session. I had another assignment, anyway. Michelle’s boyfriend bought her a Betta for her graduation and she wanted a photo of it.  Gads, it is kind of difficult getting a photo of a fish swimming in a bowl of water!

I wanted to get a couple more photos as the sun was getting nearer and nearer the western horizon. I had discovered a wild Dogwood tree down the driveway the other day.  We had one we found a few years ago, but it died and I was so disappointed.  I never knew we had another….the other day as I was walking down to the mailbox, I saw a flowering tree. I wandered over to have a look and found it was another Dogwood!

It is funny that the flowers are only on one branch. I think we might need to cut a few trees down nearby so it has a chance to grow.

While I was down in the woods, I remembered a tree that was blooming on our neighbors’ property.  It had the prettiest pink flowers!  So, I trudged up through the woods, looking. It seemed like I was going forever, when I finally found the tree I was looking for. It looks like a wild Cherry from the bark.  The blossoms are so pretty!

One last photo. This morning, I giggled as Murphy was eating.  Does your pup sit down to eat?  Murphy does this all the time. I never had a dog that did this before…he is so relaxed as he eats!

Would You Believe It?

Since I missed yesterday, I figured I would take the liberty of showing some flower photos I took a while back.  I found some wild Asters growing down at the bottom of our driveway and began photographing them.  They were so pretty!  As I enlarged the photos, I began to see that each flower had its own “personna”!  They were so cool to look inside and no two were exactly alike!

I was so impressed! When I see all the variety and colors and shapes and everyrthing surrounding me, I cannot help but think just how big and amazing our God is!

Some of this….and some of that!

My goodness!!! Usually by this time each year, we have taken the camper out for a weekend or two, but not so this year.  We are so busy, it seems we are constantly on the run. The poor little camper is left sitting in its winter parking spot with weeds growing around it!  Help!!!

On Sunday afternoon, we were back at my mother-in-law’s house.  The kids worked on getting a coat of paint on the primer they did last Friday.  It was hot and humid so I (generously or cunningly???) offered to wash her awning.  Mark said the awning isn’t retracting properly…it is motorized….so the scallop on the front was full of lichen and algae.  Yuck!  I dry brushed it first making a terribly dusty mess from the lichen.  Then I used RV awning cleaner.  It really did remove a lot of the stuff, but some lichen still remains.

After we finished up at Mark’s mom’s, we took a ride to Turning Point Park.  This is a park that runs along the Genesee River and has a great path for biking and hiking. Some of the photos are from that hike, while the Hummingbirds and others are from home.  If you hover over each photo, a brief description appears

I hope this entire summer isn’t spent being quite so busy, but if it is, I will be off with the camera, trying to make the most of it!

From Canandaigua Lake to Seneca Lake

Everyone slept in a little this morning. Well, except for Murphy and me!  I think the cool temperature during the night really helps one rest in a more deep and refreshing sleep.

The kids had plans for the day. Michelle and I were going to take the kayaks down to Woodville for a brief paddle.  When I spoke to my father yesterday, he had told me two people had drowned from my hometown.  I decided to find out why, so Mark looked the story up online.

As it turns out, one of the drownings was a young man who was the son of a woman I had played with as a little girl.  Mark discovered that the fellow had never been kayaking before, was not a strong swimmer, and was not wearing a life jacket.  This whole mix of details adds up to a recipe for disaster in the case of an accident.

The kayak tipped over, filling with water, then sinking with the young man inside.  A longtime kayaking friend who was with him tried to rescue him, but could not find him.  This whole situation made me so upset.  I understand why people do not want to wear a bulky and not the most comfortable vest, but I cannot help but wonder if this might have saved the young man’s life.  He was only 23 and had so much to look forward to.  He had just graduated from college with a business degree and was going to attend a college in Louisiana to further his education.  He also was engaged.

After hearing the details of this accident,  I felt almost overwhelmed with never wanting to kayak again.  But, in thinking things through, we have kayaks with added foam inserts to prevent them from sinking in the event they are overturned.  We also wear life jackets. Always.  The water at Woodville is shallow enough that if push came to shove, we could actually walk back to shore!  Not that all the water we have been in has been so shallow, but we do take precautions. Always. Water is not to be randomly feared, but greatly respected.

We got ready to go and Ben came along with us.  Since we only have the two solid kayaks, Ben took one of the little yellow inflatables.  We weren’t out too long, but it was windy and a bit of a challenge to paddle against the water in some areas.  When a couple of guys passed us on a fishing boat as we headed down the river off the lake,  I thought we ought to turn around. They were fishing and I didn’t want to disturb them.

I did take my old D-80 with me in the infamous plastic bag and got a few photos….

You can see that the water is rather muddy looking.  After about one and a half inches of rain fell two days ago (mixed with sizeable hail!) the water all ran down from the surrounding hills, bringing along some mud and silt!

As you can see, there is an abundance of flowers everywhere!  They add so much color!

I seem to be having some difficulty uploading photos, and since it is nearing midnight, I am going to have to post Seneca Lake photos tomorrow!

A Great Day, Photographically Speaking

Of course!

It certainly was a brilliant day for photography today.  The amazing blue sky…the sunshine, the colors!!  Yes, the colors all seemed to pop today. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t get many photos.  I had an idea, but it just didn’t pan out…

Here are today’s offerings…

I am so enjoying the cooler weather. It is far from “cool”, but much easier to take than the baking temperatures of a couple of weeks ago!

It seems so quiet lately…

We haven’t been doing to many things lately. Now that Michelle has begun classes at RIT,  she is spending a good deal of time on her studies.  We purposely decided to take things slow for a bit, so she could  get an idea how her workload might pan out.  She is so organized, writing a schedule and sticking to it.  She really is a good and disciplined student.

Yesterday,  I spent some time outside, photographing bees.  It was such a warm and balmy day and the bees were putting in overtime!  They were working so very hard!

Those bees are pretty smart.  With the temperature so warm yesterday, it was hard to comprehend how the temperature would nosedive rather abruptly and plummet to the point that “light frost” is predicted in some areas tonight!  I don’t mind…I am so ready for cooler weather!

As I was snapping away, I realized my favorite fall flowers are out right now!  I love the purples and golds.  So regal and elegant!

Today, Mark took Michelle to school and Ben traveled along as well.  They had some errands to run today and I just wanted to stay home and chill.  I was so glad I did.  I ddin’t accomplish a great deal, but it was nice to hear the sounds of silence!

Looking at Murphy, I got inspired to give the laddie a grooming.  He was less than thrilled, but having a quiet house with no noise and no distractions really made the job go more smoothly and quickly.  Although he tried to run off once or twice, Murphy really did a great job sitting still for me.  I had groomed Angus yesterday and although it would probably be easier to clean up once from this job, I have a hard time doing both boys in one day!

Yes, poor little Murphy…lying there trying to avoid eye contact with me.

As hard as I tried to coax the little fellow to sit up proper for a photo, he just stewed and turned his cute little face away! Ah well.  As I said, he was so good about the clippers and all.  I had done his nails last night and he dislikes that more than a clipping!

I will leave you with another photo of my beautiful Begonias that my father gave me for my birthday.  I just cannot get enough of them!

Miscellaneous shots from our trip….

This is just a potpouri of photos with no continuity but I thought I would share.

Yeah….while Angus is “all about business”, Murphy is ridiculously clueless about his surroundings!  Little fellow just wants to be our baby!

On a little diversion to Salamanca on Monday, I walked around the town a little.  Coming into the town on Main Street,  one passes over a bridge and sees this pretty mural on the side of a building.  Salamanca is located on Indian (Native American) territory.  It is a pretty little city which was also the home of Ray Evans, the man who wrote the lyrics for the Christmas song,  Silver Bells.

On Monday, I took a brief walk around the park to see what I could see.  It is fun to walk as one sees things that would never be seen from the car.

Tadpoles or pollywogs? I don’t know!  There were many of them in a stream I saw while crossing over a little foot bridge.

These pines along the road were so pretty against the sky of blue!

This was my find of the day, though!

Later in the day, I was hungry so we stopped by the Administration Building at Redhouse.  I got a menu and ordered a sub. It was a toasted turkey sub. Very good and it came with a pickle and fries! Wow.  The price was good, too.  I had to run upstairs to the restaurant to grab it.  I had never been up there and what a surprise. It is a pretty little place!

Amazing how cozy this restaurant is…it has dormers on the front of the building, facing the lake.  The only downside is that the restaurant doesn’t have an elevator, so Mark cannot go upstairs.  Downstairs, though, there is a lodge area with chairs and huge windows overlooking the lake.  One of the waitresses told me that if we were to stop by when it wasn’t too busy, one of the waitresses would run a meal down!  The lodge is located down a few stairs from the main level, but there is a little lift there so wheelchairs can access that area.

After our busy day of exploring the park a little (believe me, there is TONS more to see and do there!) we stopped by the Quaker Lake gift store.  I found a real treasure there!  I am always, always uploading photos off the SD cards and forgetting to put the cards BACK into the camera.  Oops! 

Yes, this awesome brightly-colored little pouch (necklace) is perfect for storing an SD card in its case!  AND, it also gets compliments!

On Tuesday morning, we left the park shortly after ten in the morning to go visit my parents. On the way, Mark stopped at the Butterfly Field (yes, it is designated as such) so I could see if any butterflies were around.  Apparently, they are late sleepers because I only saw one as we were leaving!

This field is huge and I walked a trail that covers its perimeter.  I was so disappointed.  It was pretty hot in the sun, too!

I think I felt how this spent Thistle looks after all my traipsing about!  Although I didn’t see butterflies, the entire field was absolutely buzzing with bumblebees and honey bees, working in the Goldenrod!

I already mentioned that we went to my parents’ to visit on Tuesday.  While we were there, my older brother, Bob, came by. Bob lives in the country and has quite the garden.  He really loves gardening and has always had a garden, even when he lived in the city.

Bob brought along some zucchini squash, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, and corn.  Well, my dad decided to deck himself out!

Uh huh.  Now we know where my sense of humor came from, right?