Up on the Rooftop

Reindeer paws…..

Hahaha!  Now you will be humming that silly Christmas song all day and getting miffed at me!

Actually, what I am referring to was *not* on the rooftop.  Technically, it was on the antenna!

Can you see it? Look closely at the center of the photo and you will see a tiny Hummingbird sitting on the antenna!  That little bugger is there every morning. 

After never being able to capture the swift moving Hummers before,  I finally got the bright idea to hide down off the back deck, behind the balusters.  I found that by staying there, the Hummers don’t really see me, or if they do, they don’t see me as a threat!

Yesterday morning, I got up and as I was washing some dishes, I noticed a green wing on the window. Of course, curiosity made me get outside to see what, exactly, I was looking at!

This Luna Moth was huge!  It was also quite a pretty moth!  It reminded me so much of a kite with a tail on it.  The moth remained on that window well into last night.  The kids found it fascinating as well.

The antennae on this moth were striking….looking like feathers.

The morning began so hot, I felt like crying…literally! It was so hot and humid. I  couldn’t even begin to imagine how the day was going to end!

Late morning, I found Mark staring at the computer screen.  When I asked what he was doing, he commented that the kids wanted him to get into the pool.  He was checking with one of the weather sites because we knew there was going to be some rain.  He told me there were some thunderstorms heading our way, but decided to go in.

Mark and the kids were in the pool for awhile when the sky began to darken.  Off in the west, I thought I heard thunder rumbling. Within a few minutes, we could hear it was coming much closer, so everyone got out of the pool.  Not long afterward, the wind kicked up with gusts that were amazing!  The sky broke open and it absolutely poured! It rained so hard, we could scarcely believe it.  Then the hail began!  The rain was falling and in it were pieces of hail…mostly small, but I saw some chunks bigger than ice cubes from the icemaker!

It continued to rain and hail for probably another five minutes, then it calm down to just pouring rain once again. It rained quite a long time, dropping well over an inch.  I am not certain just how much rain we got, but it was a lot.

We had some running around to do so we drove to Victor.  Along the way, we saw some substantial branches snapped off trees by the wind and rain.  We passed one house that had its roof completely covered in leaves…quite the green roof!  We found out later while in Victor, some stores were closed due to power outages.

By evening, everything was settled back down and we managed with no damage. We had so many episodes of high winds in the winter and spring, I think everything remaining is quite healthy.

I got up this morning and someone had left the light on outside in the back.  I went out and saw moths all over the back of the house. As I looked at all the critters, I saw one on the door jamb.  It was pretty big, so I thought I had better remove it.  Mark hates moths flying in the house. I picked up a pool toy and it latched on.  I set it down, when I looked once again…..the moth was bright yellow with two big markings…one on each wing…that looked like eyes! 

I had to take Murphy outside, so as soon as I came back in, I grabbed a couple of cameras, thrilled at my “moth find”. I walked out back and the moth was gone!  Waves of disappointment washed over me! In looking online, I discovered it was an Io male. It certainly makes me wonder just how many more amazing creatures I have passed by day after day and never saw!

For My Friend Jeanne!

Jeanne, this post is especially for you.  I figure you might appreciate this AND, it might make you laugh.

If there is something that would terrify me,  I guess it might be losing consciousness.  I imagine it has to do with not wanting to miss out on anything in life. Soooo…

When I was 27,  I decided I wanted to have my teeth straightened.  Our dentist had been studying some orthodontic practices earlier in my life and when I was 15, he “installed” braces.  Long story short, the man was too kind!  He obviously never exerted enough pressure to fix my teeth.  The reason why I wanted braces really was not a vanity issue…One of my two front teeth stuck out, making me look as though I was sneering.  Not only was the tooth out of line, but it was discolored an ugly brown.

In order to place a crown on the tooth,  I needed to have braces to correct the alignment.  Before I could have braces, however, I needed to have the dreaded oral surgery. I, it seems, was blessed with only three wisdom teeth.  But.  The three wisdom teeth were all impacted.  Lucky me.

At the time, I weighed a whopping 105 pounds and the oral surgeon told me I needed to gain some weight before he would do the surgery.  Well, whatever.  I went in one chilly late August morning to have the “procedure” done.  The surgeon suggested that I have it  done in the hospital, complete with anesthesiologist in attendence.  Well, I argued that there was no way I wanted to be put to sleep.  I insisted I wanted to be awake during the surgery.  Not so sure if the surgeon thought I was totally bonkers or not, but he finally agreed.

I hopped up onto the cold metal table and immediately began to shiver.  I mean, uncontrollably shiver!  One of the nurses left the room and came back with a large blanket which was wrapped snuggly around me.  Ahh…much, much better!  A large rubber block was placed inside my mouth as the surgeon commented that there really was not very much room to work inside my mouth.

Finally feeling somewhat relaxed,  I  closed my eyes and thought about pleasantries to not concentrate on the surgery.  Suddenly, *it* hit.  Knowing that I had to let the doctor know quickly,  I made faces, mainly knitting my eyebrows together and frowning.  The nurse looked down on me and asked if I was all right.  I nooded my head yes,  and tried my best to convey to her I had to use the restroom!  She bent low and looked me in the eye.  “You have to go to the bathroom?”  I nodded my head and grunted “Uh huh” through the big black blob of rubber wedged in my mouth.

My mummy wrap was removed and the nurse gently guided me down off the table with my feet planted on the floor.  She grabbed my elbow tightly and lead me to the restroom.  For one moment,  I was fearful she was going to come inside the bathroom with me!   I quickly went to the bathroom, washed my hands, then looked at myself in the mirror above the sink….What a mess I looked!

I was so relieved when the nurse was nowhere in sight when I came out of the bathroom.  I gingerly walked back to the “operating table”, swinging myself back up and lying down, now feeling much better!  The doctor returned to assume his position and the nurse wrapped me all up in the blanket once again.

As the doctor was about to resume his work,  he bent over me, laughing.  He assured me that in all his years of experience, he had never, ever  had a patient get up and leave in the middle of his work before! He continued on.  I cannot remember how long the whole process took, but I do remember him telling me I was “one tough cookie”.

The cookie went home and crumbled!  I slept for a day and looked like one very bruised Chiquita for a few days!  In fact, when I ate a couple of days after the surgery, I got some food in one of the wounds.  I had to go to the drugstore to pick up an antibiotic and the woman there told me she was greatly relieved when I told her I had had oral surgery…she thought I had been in a fight!!!

Hope this puts a smile on your face, Jeanne!  Rest and follow the doctor’s orders!!!!

While I had every intention to post here yesterday,

somehow, the day just seemed to get away from me! So, settle in with a cuppa and I will fill you in on our (very) long day Wednesday!

The day began by leaving home early…before seven.  We drove to Rochester as Mark’s mom had a doctor’s appointment at nine. We picked her up and dropped her off at the hospital, where her doctor is located.

After leaving the hospital, we hopped on over to a WalMart located only a few blocks away. As I got out of the truck,  there were two men behind it, making it impossible for me to open the back to get Mark’s wheelchair out.  After excusing myself, one man apologized profusely as the other man handed a five dollar bill into his hand.

With Mark in the wheelchair, we began to head up to the store, when the man who had been given the five dollar bill called out to us. He caught up with us and wanted to know if we might give him some money.  He pulled his jacket back and explained he worked for Rochester General Hospital. (The reason for pulling back the coat was to expose a rather ratty-looking shirt with the hospital initials embroidered on the front)  The man, missing some front teeth, assured us he was no “54 year-old bum”, but had run out of gas…diesel, specifically, and he needed to buy a gas can so he could get gas to fill his tank. The tank cost $12.99 and he only had $5.43, which he had planned to use for lunch.

At this point, the man (almost) sounded believable.  However, at this particular point, with the man in close proximity, I could not really inform Mark that I had not two minutes before seen another man hand him $5.00 behind our truck.  Mark is a smart guy, though.  He began to roll over in the wheelchair toward the gas station.  He told the man he would buy him the gas can on his charge card since he didn’t have the money.  The man hesitated at first, then told Mark he wouldn’t want to put him through all that trouble of going “so far”.  It was a nice day and Mark had no qualms about rolling maybe five hundred feet to the gas station.  Finally, the guy said,  “Someone else (fool) will give me the money.” 

What a scheme….panhandling in the WalMart parking lot.  I wonder just how many five dollar bills he nets in a day.  I won’t wonder what he does with them. (Ben spotted the “latebecauseIranoutofgas” employee as we drove from the parking lot….)

We shopped in WalMart for a few minutes, then Mark’s mom called to be picked up. We drove past Irondequoit Bay, on Lake Ontario, on the way to my mother-in-law’s house.  I asked Mark to stop and I hopped out. There was only a pair of Mallard Ducks swimming nearby,  but as I stood taking photos, a couple of Canada Geese that had been grazing quite dangerously near the roadway decided to come on over. (The goose in the previous post was one of them!)

I never tire of photographing Canada Geese.  Although they can be real pests, they are so beautiful. While I was photographing particularly the one goose (who seemed to enjoy my company)  a Swan must have seen or heard us, as it too came toward me!  It was on the lake, apparently amongst the reeds.

This Swan was so friendly.  Although it never left the water, it swam right to me at the water’s edge. 

This isn’t a great photo, but another Swan showed up.  It was out on the water a good distance when I took this one. I love the way the light was filtering through the Swan’s far wing, illuminating it!

I love going to the bay where I encountered hundreds of waterfowl, all at once…..but this little “intimate” encounter was great as I could get some nice photos of the birds, closeup.

I could have spent hours here, right along a busy road, taking photos, but with Mark, his mom, and Ben in the truck, I felt satisfied after several photos.

 We took Mark’s mom back to her house where I walked Murphy to let him do his business.  As we walked in the back yard, I could not believe the number of branches and limbs that had come down in the yard during the high winds we have had.  I told Mark and he suggested I might pick them up. Since Ben was with us, I asked him to help….the two of us worked nonstop for over an hour and we got most everything.  A few small branches were left, but my mother-in-law said she would finish up.

We had to go to Henrietta after leaving Mark’s mom’s house. As we drove down a busy road, Mark commented there were Wild Turleys in the yard of a house on his side if the car.  Of course, we had to turn around.  I bounded out the door and hoped I would be able to catch up with the flock.  Since the birds were right near a house, I didn’t dare close in on them.  I looked and spotted a small stream running behind the house. Quickly, I walked down a small road that lead to an office park.  Directly behind the house with the turkeys was a day care center.  Yikes!  It would be awful to think I might get in trouble for being there…especially with a camera!

I tried to keep clear of the building and didn’t get nearly as close as I would have wanted. Ah well….

Even though these photos aren’t great,  you get the idea. One male…many girlies! And my, oh my, did he strut his stuff!

There were a lot more turkeys that I didn’t get in this shot…there must have been at least fifteen hens.

Gads, what a bunch of turkeys!

We picked Michelle up at RIT and then we had some time to kill.  The kids had planned to attend a concert at a church in Rochester. We did a little shopping and dropped the kids off a little after six.

Mark and Murphy and I were alone and on our own.  We pulled into a McDonald’s located a couple of miles from the church. Mark had set up his laptop so he could connect to our media computer at home. He then fiddled around until the laptop connected and we were able to watch the Buffalo Sabres game…via his cell phone!

We sat at McDonald’s for several hours…as I gulped, seeing the No Loitering sign mounted across from us!  No one bothered us at all and we didn’t bother anyone either. Twice, while we were sitting there, a young woman suddenly appeared, handing “something” to a person in a vehicle. As quickly as she appeared, she disappeared.  Strange. Mark suspects drugs.

We also watched as two mounted police officers leisurely rode down the sidewalk right next to our car. I have never seen horses on the sidewalks before, and what was really funny was the fact that it was after 10pm and the guys each had a cup of coffee in one hand!

Ah…we picked the kids up near midnight.  There was a big band that performed last and Michelle was so excited to see them!

We got home around one in the morning.  Needless to say, we all dropped into bed!  What a day!!! 

Panhandlers…turkeys….horses on sidewalks….I am so thrilled to live in the Bristolwood!

Okay. So, Perhaps *I* Have Lost My Mind…..

Or….maybe  someone might be able to explain this to me???  (I am sure after my post about my “date” with Murphy, some might think I am crazy. But what about this?) Let me just say yesterday was a somewhat “strange” day!

I had gone to the City Pier to capture some shots like this:

Coots.  Coots bobbing about in the waves.  You can see that the water was beginning to get a bit “restless” with the wind that was blowing.  I had my telephoto lens mounted to the Nikon.  The lens weighs a good three pounds, and fighting against the wind was a real project.  In thinking about it,  even with my monopod, I would have struggled for clarity in the photos.  The only way I could have gotten clear photos,  I would have needed shelter.

I decided to take a photo of Squaw Island.  I pointed in that direction and thought I saw something rather curious…..Enlarge the rest of the photos….In the first two,  take a good look at the right side of the island…..

Enough said.  Now, let your imagination run amuck.

I do know that it is possible to walk to Squaw Island in the water.  However, that wind was strong!  There were several cars parked beside me on the pier.  People were in the cars, but no one seemed to see what I saw!!!  I mean, wouldn’t you be staring if you came upon something like this?

Oh my.  In the end, I left before seeing if the fellow in question came ashore.  Truthfully,  I half thought he would spread out his arms and mount up in flight with that flock…….


Phew, that is how I felt today.  Got up, got my motor running, and never sat still all day! Yesterday was like this as well.  Last night, when I finally flopped down to sleep, my poor legs hurt and it was hard to sleep!

So…I took a few photos yesterday but was too pooped to blog last night!

When I got up in the morning yesterday, it was snowing.  The snow was coming down steadily, but because the ground was warm, it melted pretty fast.  It did leave its mark on some things, though. Since I get up long before the sun (or lack thereof) does, I love to light little tealight candles and set them in the windows. (in votice holders!)  Look how pretty!

I love this little bit of “alone time” before everyone else gets up.  Murphy and I are the only ones stirring and it is nice to start the day quietly!

And, here are a couple of photos of the remains of the aforementioned snow…

I spent a couple of hours doing errands in Canandaigua yesterday afternoon.  It was a cold day, but the sun was shaining and the sky was blue!  When I came home,  I made some meatballs for spaghetti.  While they were baking,  I made up a batch of cloverleaf rolls.  Dinner was a hit, as Ben and Mark had spent the day outside working.  They were so cold!

Today, Mark and Ben were up and at it once again.  I had gone out to the garage at 6am and made a fire in the woodstove so the garage would be warm.  Mark kept the fire going throughout the day, and when he and Ben finally came in for dinner at seven tonight, the garage was a toasty seventy degrees!  No wonder they took long to get in….early this evening, it began raining, although the thermometer said only twenty-six degrees!

While the guys were out working,  I went to work on cleaning the chimney on the woodstove in the living room.  The stove seemed less efficient than usual yesterday, so I thought a good cleaning was in order.  It doesn’t take long and the result was the stove is burning better now.

After finishing up the stove,  Michelle’s friend came over to the house for a few hours.  I bounced back and forth between the house and garage.  Thankfully, we had some chicken breasts left over from a few nights ago.  I sliced them and warmed them up in my homemade Buffalo wing sauce and served them with homemade Bleu Cheese dressing,  mixed veggies, and potatoes. Once again, I am so tired!

Murphy wakes me up every night, walking around.  I don’t remember him doing this before Angus died, so I don’t know if it is related.  I started feeding him half a meal in the morning, and the other half in the evening, hoping this would help him sleep better.  He actually did sleep in a little this morning, so maybe two meals a day might help.

When Mark came into the house tonight, I was pretty concerned. We had that freezing rain on the steps and handrail.  Ben poured hot water on them just before Mark came up and it worked well. Phew!  Afterwards, I took some more photos….

During my running about yesterday, I picked up a pair of boots!  What better thing to wear out tonight into the miserable weather?

And, I got an umbrella and walked out to show you just how miserable this weather is!

Yup, the car is encased in a shroud of ice tonight!

And, one more photo.  When Mark cut through a piece of 4″ x 4″ pressure-treated lumber today, instead of “heartwood”, what he found left him starstruck!

I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this before!

A Peek at Woodville and More…

I really need to dump my photos off my cards!  Yikes! I keep saying Iwill keep up from now on, but it seems like photos add up FAST!

Here are a couple of photos I took a few days ago in Woodville.

I love that RED boat! Since the lake flooded the parking lot at the boat launch for a couple of weeks in April, Iwas surprised to see the wild Irises growing!  I thought they might have been messed up or that they might bloom much later!

For Memorial Day, we had placed a new bouquet of flowers on my father-in-law’s grave.  I also snapped a couple photos of an eagle memorial that wasat the cemeteryto honor those who served in the US armed forces. My father-in-law loved eagles!

Here is what is gracing our dinner table.

I love Carnations.  I love their spicy scent and their appearance.  I think the pink ones are especially pretty with the white Baby’s Breath. These were the combination I chose for flowers for our wedding!

Okay,then.  Are you sitting down?  This next photo is of “someone” who lives not too far away. I only had the little Canon camera with meon the dayItook this photo and I was bummed I had left the Nikon with its telephoto at home….

I aim to get a BETTER photo, but in the meantime….If you travel down Route 64,  just south of the Town of Bristol (maybe 2 or 3 miles?) look at the small blue house on the west side of the road.  You will see the recliner sitting there and perhaps….well…

Funny, Funny Animals!

After today, I am quite sure the Lord created animals to humor us and make us smile! We just have to take the time to see them at their antics.

I dropped the kids at school today, then went down by the lake.  Nothing too interesting there.  I looped around and went towards town.  As I was driving, I spotted three Mallard Ducks and pulled into McDonald’s as that was where they were hanging out.  I parked the truck and smiled from ear to ear as I watched this trio.

You cannot see the third duck in the photo above, but the trio consisted of one girlie and two boys.  Can you take a guess who was the “leader”?

Yes sir! The little girlie was calling out for the fellows to follow her! She acted so confident.  I got a bit concerned….5 & 20 is a major highway, after all!

As the traffic came speeding along, all three ducks made a beeline towards the sidewalk!  I guess they do have some “street smarts”!

Time for another crossing attempt.  This time, the boys decided to go their own way.  Enough of  following that girlie and nearly getting run over!

My heart was in my throat as I watched the three ducks waddling across two lanes of traffic. Thankfully, there was little traffic and a big white truck came to a total stop to allow the birds to make it to the median.

As I returned to our truck , a man pulled over next to me and asked if I thought the ducks were going to make it all the way over to the other side of the road!  He had been watching them as well!

I didn’t linger.  I had errands to run and I could not spend any more time watching the ducks.

I finished all my errands and then picked up Ben. We grabbed some lunch and headed on home. 

Along the way home on Route 21, there is a marshy area between Canandaigua and Cheshire.  Ben and I were chatting as I drove along, when something that seemed very out of the ordinary and strange caught my eye! Ben looked at me with questioning eyes as I pulled into a side road and turned the truck around.

Sure enough!  I did see what I thought I did!

If you click to enlarge the above photo, you might be able to make out a bushy tail draped from the opening in the nesting box….As I passed this area, I had to do a double take, as I was pretty sure I saw a squirrel sitting on top of that same nesting box!  As soon as I got out of the truck, the little bugger hurried and hopped inside the box.

The second photo is an attempt to show that there was no way, other than by swimming for that little squirrel to get to the box!  The little bugger would have to swim at least 6 or 8 feet to reach the pole!

I had no idea that squirrels could even swim!

hehehe…Just Had to Do This

Yesterday’s weather felt nearly “balmy”.  It was warm. And rainy. It was a pretty miserable day with gray skies that never went away the entire day.  We were told substantial rain was coming but while I waited for the kids to be done with their classes, it was mostly just windy.

I am going to digress off topic and add a most strange and unusual story.

Ben and I decided to go to a store to look for curtains for his room.  We looked around the store, then left so I could drop Ben off for his class.  I walked on to the truck….the wind was so brisk, it nearly hurt your head as it parted your hair!

Ben called me over.  I kept walking, turning my head to look at him and he insisted I come to him and look.  I walked over to see him standing in front of a shopping cart.  In the cart was a very expensive looking Etienne Aigner purse.  Ben asked what we should do.  He picked the purse out of the cart, but it was empty, save for one of those tiny silicone packs one finds in new leather goods.

I told Ben to get in the truck and I would take care of the purse.  I dropped Ben off at school, then looked at the purse.  Being a non-smoker, the first thing that struck me was that it smelled….horribly!  The purse was very smoky smelling.

I went back to the store where we had found the purse and asked if anyone was missing a purse or if they sold a purse like that.  Both answers were no.  As I looked at the purse once again, I wondered why every zippered compartment was wide open.  I wondered if the purse had been snatched from someone, so I decided to take it to the police.

I drove to the sherriff’s headquarters.  The woman inside the office told me that the plaza where the purse was found was in the jursdiction of the Canandaigua police department.  I walked over to the city headquarters.  The woman in the office there said the sherriff’s department was who would handle this.  Argh!  The woman at the desk did me a great favor and called to let the deputy know I was coming! (I found out there is a thin line (perhaps literally?) between the city and county jurisdiction in that particular area.)

I walked back to the sherriff’s office and was eventually met by a deputy who took my information.  He asked of I checked with the store where the purse was found and when I told him I did, he said it looked like someone had stolen the purse, then deposited it in the shopping cart.  Interesting…it was very clean inside, but had mud splattered on the outside.  It also smelled terrible.

I laughed and told the deputy I was so dizzy from walking back and forth between the departments, I was considering just taking the purse home and forgetting it!

I told him it looked very much like a purse a store across the highway might sell. He said he would check with them and if they did not claim it,  they would hold it for thirty days, then I could have it.  He said he would call and let me know what happened today but I never heard from him.  I figured the store would be glad to get it back into their inventory if it was stolen from them.  Never having had “sticky fingers”,  I felt funny even holding the purse after the deputy said it looked to him as though it had been stolen!

After my little “runaround” with the strange purse, I just wanted to relax, so I parked by the lake and sat for a long time.  As I sat there, the darkness came in quickly! The rain also began to fall.

Yes, even my phone verified it was raining. hahaha.

When I awakened this morning, the wind was still blowing powerfully.  As I looked out back, the lid from the hot tub was lying about ten feet away from the tub!  I went outside to put it back on and was instantly aware of noise!  It was not just the noise of wind.  It was water. 

As I looked at our trails in the woods, there was water rushing down like wide ribbons wound through the trees!  I woke Ben up and he set to work making sure all the culverts were clear.

Ben had everything in order within about half an hour, raking some sticks and rocks out from ditches.


The weatherman said snow was on the way.

By mid afternoon…

I loved watching the little squirrel eat his lunch. The little bugger nearly disappeared as he “tunneled” through the snow looking for his stash!

Yes, we went from warm and balmy to snow in less than a few hours!