Gone to the birds…


The feeder I have hanging in the living room window is getting so old, the wood looks rather disgusting. I was trying to think of a new feeder when I ran across this wire mesh type feeder at WalMart. The mount I got has two large suction cups and is supposed to hold five pounds. I had been using it for a thistle sock and I think this feeder might even be lighter. The birds have been feeding like crazy so we shall see.
I did rather like how this little goldfinch sat on top!



Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a word strong enough, descriptive enough, or just “enough” to describe a day or event. Yesterday was just such a day.

While the day wasn’t special, it really was just a great day.

Michelle, Mark, and I gathered some firewood from the woods. It was chilly so the work seemed much easier than when it is warm out.

Afterwards, I sat a good while resting and just enjoying the beautiful huge pot of Mums shown above. The late afternoon sun was hitting the flowers in such a way that they appeared to be emitting light I really like the little welcome sign with the squirrels on it…very fitting at our woodland house!

There wasn’t a lot of time for lollygagging (how is that spelled, anyway?) because our friend, Ralph, drove down from Rochester. We then drove him on down to practice music with our friends in Prattsburgh.Ralph is an amazing man. We figure he is about 84. That in and of itself isn’t amazing, but we returned home at midnight and he had an hour drive ahead of him. He insisted it was no problem!

We had a lovely time while the musicians practiced. Bill and Carolyn, the host and hostess, prepared a meal of chicken and biscuits that was so delicious! Sue, one of the singers, brought a terrific relish tray and I brought applesauce I made early in the morning. After the musicians finished, we were treated to pumpkin cake and ice cream.

Yeah…awesome might just be a good way to describe such a nice autumn day!


When these roses appear each year at the Wegman’s store in Canandaigua, I find myself absolutely fascinated all over again! They are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but are lushly abundant!


Yesterday, I felt like I needed an escape from the house.  I told Mark I really wanted to go to Niagara Falls, but would like to also visit the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  Mark and the kids thought this sounded like a plan, so we left early afternoon.

I was pretty excited about going to see the flowers, as there was a special spring collection on display.  Wow! In walking into the first room, the floral scent was almost too much! Hyacinths, Tulips, Hydrangeas, and even some Lilacs all blended together for one wild scent! Not only was the smell amazing, but the color was brilliant!

And so, I have decided to show several varieties of Tulips that I saw.  Tulips are such simple plants, but the colors were anything but simple.


I have never seen so much color as this visit.  It was such a treat.  Tomorrow, I will show a bit more.

Pictures from Today!

I was out with the camera on my cell phone, testing it out this morning….

Hahaha!! Isn’t he a handsome little fellow?  Oh, yeah, he is a little moth!  He appeared this morning along with several of his cousins on the back deck railings.  I did a little fanangling with this photo..sharpening and cropping, but that camera on the cell is pretty cool!

Next I went out front to see if the Crocus “show” had any more plants on display.  Sure enough, not only are the purple flowers looking pretty….

( the sun was so very generous early today, but began to diminish as the day progressed….)

but now the shy little white Crocuses are beginning to bloom!

I guess seeing the beautiful colors of these delightful little flowers makes the the heart yearn for more! From the look of the forecast, it would seem spring is right around the corner!