Hot Dog!

I had been wanting to add some photos I took of Murphy this winter. More than ever before, he seemed to enjoy the cold and snow this winter. Scotties are kind of unique little dogs in that they usually cannot be left off lead. They have a tendency to run off and being independent little critters, they aren’t likely to listen when called to come back!  That said, with snow that was pretty deep this year, and a supply of “cookies” (treats) kept in my pocket,  I was able to let Murphy run in the snow a number of times.

As you can see, those tiny little legs never slowed Murphy down at all!  This pup was *made* for the snow!!! Angus always loved the snow, but Murphy really adores the cold white stuff!

Slowly fading….

Ah yes, the colors that were so vibrant only a couple of weeks ago are getting more muddled and not nearly as pretty.  Of course, that is speaking of the leaves that are remaining on the trees.  Many have fallen to the ground and are now litter on the grass and walkways.

The weather has also changed, with the temperature dropping down to some chilly temperatures.  I noticed a weather alert on my cell phone this afternoon. It was regarding a freeze watch for tomorrow night. The gist of it is that the temperature will fall well below 32 and warns that plants left outside should be moved inside if a heavy frost might damage them.

With the colder weather, we have had some awesome skies! I have been looking upward and totally enjoying all the colors!  The intense blue contrasted with clouds ranging from bright white to threatening gray has been photo worthy and it is just downright fascinating to observe!

So, with no further ado, here are some recent photos.

And so, from Murphy and me, have a great week! I will post another photo entry soon!



Yes, I am ready to call it a night. So tired!  Today’s heat really got to me.

This morning, Ben and I were playing with Murphy a bit. He is such a funny little Scottie! Here are some photos I took of him today.

He was so hard to photograph because he kept coming over to me.  (yes, he loves his mummy!)

So, why was Murphy in this funny, awkward looking position?

Because……he was about to do this!

Yes, Murphy was getting a bit of air!  He was about a foot or more off the ground!  I was so glad I was able to capture the moment.

Just think….our little Murphy is a Superhero!

Another Autumnal Delight

How is this trio of trees for color?  On a little walk in the front “yard” (woods) I  kept looking upwards and found these trees all in the same vicinity.  I think they posed quite nicely.  On the left is a Maple,  the center is a White Oak, and the tree on the right is what my brother, Bob, calls a Pignut Hickory.  I took these photos on Monday.  Yesterday it rained nearly nonstop the entire day and today was just downright dismal!

We worked on the camper today and finally completed our makeover.  The work was long and tedious, but the camper looks fantastic and there is no telltale odor from the water damage.  I was impressed.  I thought Mark was taking on a far too complicated job when he decided to try to repair one of the wall panels that had become delaminated.  When our friend Ben and our Ben removed the panel from the wall, it was like removing strands of toothpicks.  With Mark’s tenacity, he meticulously glued the strands back in place.  Where there was a void with no material to work with, he built the panel up.  After each session (and there were many!) he would add a layer of plastic wrap over the panel so any oozey glue would not stick to anything, then he placed buckets filled with gravel to weight all the work down and compress the panel.

The carpet had to be torn out and replaced, along with a section of floor that got wet and disintegrated.  The plywood was replaced and Mark labored over trying to find a good piece of carpeting.  It is incredible just how hard it was to find a match.  I wanted a carpet that was more “dirt friendly”, that is, less likely to show every little bit of dirt that came in like the previous carpet.  Mark was concerned about finding a good quality rug that was similar in height to the previous one.  One day, he and Ben went to Home Depot and found the perfect carpet.  I was a bound rug but was the right size.  We had to purchase a few carpet installing tools and the guys also found a great padding for under the carpet.

The carpet had a curve when it was installed originally and I told Mark it really didn’t matter to me how they installed it.  Well, not wanting to mess up the original design, Ben did a fantastic job of  replicating the original installation.  I was in awe!  The carpet could not look any more professional than it does.  Kudos to Ben for his great work!  I must add than in the process of all this, the sofa had to be removed as well.  The original installation of the sofa left some to be desired, so Ben built a ledger strip on one wall to give the sofa a bit more strength and durability.

There were many, many more little steps along the way….and things that needed to be replaced or repaired.  The front of the oven had some rust on it, so Mark removed the panel and repaired and painted it.  We put up a new miniblind near the door, as Angus used to go ballistic when he watched out the window and saw other people or dogs nearby.  There were other picky little jobs, like replacing wooden plugs on a handle inside the door.  All the little jobs added up to many hours spent!  But the camper actually looks as good as it did when we bought it some nine years ago!

We bought that camper so we could travel with our little Angus and not have to leave him behind at a kennel. We called it our little travelling doghouse on wheels.  We went all the way to near Philadelphia to purchase the camper.  On our way home, we decided to stop at Corning Glass for a tour.  I placed Angus who was all of five or six months old, into a little plastic kennel.  The wee puppy would be safe in his kennel in the bedroom.  The air was cool and we had a fantastic fan installed just for our Angus.

When we returned from our tour, boy, were we surprised!  Our little Angus proved to be quite the Houdini!   I had failed to secure the top tightly in place and the rambuntious little pup managed to “pop the top”!  I opened the door and was greeted by a wild little pup who raced from one end of the little camper to the next,  joyously greeting me!  Angus loved that camper.  If the table was up, he would hop up on it so he could survey his kingdom from the highest point.  And yes, he also sat in the chair and lunged at the window, making a mess of the (cheap) minblinds.

Murphy now rules over the kingdom, but he is happy to just ignore what is happening outside.  He merely awaits the next morsel to fall inside the camper….

We winterized the camper and it will be placed on its little plateau for the winter. Oh, it feels so good to have completed this project!  Phew!

Date Night….with Murphy!

hahaha!  Don’t you ever go on a date with your pup?  No? 

Last night, Murphy and I were out late.  I really enjoyed the time, as I love playing a bit with night photography.  It is always fun watching action and playing with different lenses.  We also moved around a little.  I shopped in a few stores which Murphy probably totally appreciated since he could sleep in peace while I was gone!

Here are some shots from our “date night”….

My telephoto lens is big and clunky because the glass is big.  This makes it easier to take some interesting night shots. Of course, the reason the shots become interesting is because I was not using a tripod.  Thus, all the lights have “trails” on them. The street was shiny, as these photos were actually taken in the rain.  Of course, Murphy and I were neatly tucked away, warm and comfy, inside the Subaru!

And another with the telephoto lens. 

As we sat parked along Main Street in Canandaigua,  I could not believe all the police activity taking place!  At one point, a city police car pulled off a side street and headed up Main Street (north) in the SOUTHBOUND lane.  He was going so fast, then yanked the car into the northbound lane where there was a break in the median.  I was talking to Carly at the time, and I nearly lost it!  What a very strange maneuver that was….

I switched out lenses to my fixed lens.  This one is considered more of a portrait lens.  Of course, Murphy could care less.  He found my purse to be a comfortable (comforting?) pillow!

I laughed when I saw his eyes remained closed in this photo, even with the flash going off!

Yes, the new dashboard!

And just one more.  The street scene with the tiny lens….

It really was a fun night out.  We really must do this more often, Murphy! The downside to our night out was watching out for deer on the way home.  We saw them along the road and even on the road!  They seemed to be everywhere! 

The weather was calling for high winds beginning around 2 am.   Since we had some severely wicked  wind a week ago,  I was expecting worse….the weatherman said the Finger Lakes was going to get the worst of it during the night, but they really didn’t seem that bad.

Murphy and Mr. Fox

Murphy loves getting up before the sun.  I have finally gotten him to abandon the notion that 5 or 5:30 am is time to rise and shine;  now, we sleep in until 6 am.  Seriously, I don’t mind that at all. 

A couple of mornings ago, after eating his breakfast and going outside,  Murphy and I settled down on the couch to just relax and enjoy the pre-dawn time together.  Or, so I thought.

Murphy hopped down off the couch and began sniffing around the rug, checking to see if perhaps a tasty morsel appeared overnight.  Then, suddenly,  “CRUNCH!”

Murphy had found Mr. Fox….his toy with the empty plastic water bottle inside!  He crunched and crunched, throwing Mr. Fox into the air, then chasing after him when he landed on the floor.  Yes, it was early, and the noise is enough to raise the dead,  but Murphy was so cute!

Yup. Murphy fought the evil Mr. Fox, and he won!