A Busy Weekend!

It was a busy weekend with much to do, but actually, it was a busy week!

I mentioned previously that we attended a Passover Seder on Tuesday evening.  We also attended another one on Saturday evening.  Our friends, Bill and Carolyn had decided to have two Seders instead of one because they wanted to have music and there isn’t quite enough space to have tables set up and also music equipment. Carolyn is part of the music group, along with Sue and Mark. Bill does all of the food….the man is an amazing chef!

I forgot my camera on Tuesday, but I did grab the camera bag on Saturday!  There was a lovely group of people in attendance.

Our host and hostess, Bill and Carolyn as Carolyn lights the candles.

There were four young adults who just added so much to the event.  They were awesome!

The purpose of the Passover Seder is to remember how God delivered and saved His Chosen People (Israel) from bondage when they were in Egypt.  This is a retelling of the Book of Exodus, relating the hardening of Pharoah’s heart and how God used plagues to finally get Pharoah to release the Israelites.  The final plague was when God instructed the Israelites to slaughter a lamb and paint the sides and top of their doorposts in the blood of the lamb so he would pass over their homes as He passed through and killed the firstborn of the Egyptians.

One fact that I forgot to mention is that Bill was diagnosed with pneumonia in his right lung on Monday morning.  The Seders were important to him, so he carried on with his preparations….and both Seders, even though he was not up to snuff!

The Passover story takes awhile to recount, and as it is told, participants eat various “elements” such as bitter herbs (parsley dipped in salt water),  hard boiled egg, horseradish, lettuce, and *delicious* Charoset (which is apples diced into pieces, with walnuts, raisins, spices, and honey mixed in).  After the story was told, Bill served up a most wonderful meal beginning with his homemade matzah ball soup, followed by roast turkey, mashed potatoes, his homemade matzah (unleavened bread), stir-fried vegetables, and Kugel.  Believe me, no one goes home feeling hungry after this feast!

We had such a delightful evening, and after folks left, the young adults and the music group hung out and played and sang music for quite awhile.  It was a memorable night and one filled with good fun and fellowship! We really appreciate all the work Bill and Carolyn put into these Seders, and also the effort put into Tuesday nights as well when they host a dinner and music practice!

Last night….

Mark and I traveled to Rochester to see a band I have been wild about ever since I first heard them!  The name of the group is Rend Collective Experiment and they are all the way from Northern Ireland! The concert was held in Chili at a church called The Father’s House.  We had never visited this church before, but it is rather large!

The concert was held with a large amount of seating, but people were seated in other areas as well with large screens so they could see the concert.  Because Mark is in a wheelchair, they had him cut to the front of the line. Wow!  The people working as ushers and security were so tremendously nice. It was an awesome experience the whole way around. We were allowed to go into the room before others so we wouldn’t get stampeded when the doors were opened for seating.  Oh, and this concert was free!

There were two acts that opened the evening.  The first was a band called Bellarive…I had never heard of them before. They were lively and full of energy. A young girl seated in front of us told her friends the lead singer looked like Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean and I guess he did!

The second act was a young woman by the name of Audrey Assad.  She is amazing!  I didn’t hear her name when she introduced herself, but once she began singing, I knew right away who she was…her voice is beyond incredible and her range is awesome!

It seemed like forever before Rend Collective Experiment finally took the stage but the wait was well worth it! We were warned they were going to “get all Irish on us” and teach us all about shenanigans and shindigs.  This group is so good and they certainly didn’t disappoint.  I was “warned” beforehand by security that they didn’t want any “professional photos” taken and I made it clear I am not pro!  Even with my telephoto lens with huge glass, it was challenging getting any photos of this group!  Consider photographing Mexican Jumping Beans in a very dark room…..

Here are some photos.  ( The group consists of four men and a woman who is married to one of the fellows)

What a great opportunity this was to hear a fabulous concert!

It seems so quiet lately…

We haven’t been doing to many things lately. Now that Michelle has begun classes at RIT,  she is spending a good deal of time on her studies.  We purposely decided to take things slow for a bit, so she could  get an idea how her workload might pan out.  She is so organized, writing a schedule and sticking to it.  She really is a good and disciplined student.

Yesterday,  I spent some time outside, photographing bees.  It was such a warm and balmy day and the bees were putting in overtime!  They were working so very hard!

Those bees are pretty smart.  With the temperature so warm yesterday, it was hard to comprehend how the temperature would nosedive rather abruptly and plummet to the point that “light frost” is predicted in some areas tonight!  I don’t mind…I am so ready for cooler weather!

As I was snapping away, I realized my favorite fall flowers are out right now!  I love the purples and golds.  So regal and elegant!

Today, Mark took Michelle to school and Ben traveled along as well.  They had some errands to run today and I just wanted to stay home and chill.  I was so glad I did.  I ddin’t accomplish a great deal, but it was nice to hear the sounds of silence!

Looking at Murphy, I got inspired to give the laddie a grooming.  He was less than thrilled, but having a quiet house with no noise and no distractions really made the job go more smoothly and quickly.  Although he tried to run off once or twice, Murphy really did a great job sitting still for me.  I had groomed Angus yesterday and although it would probably be easier to clean up once from this job, I have a hard time doing both boys in one day!

Yes, poor little Murphy…lying there trying to avoid eye contact with me.

As hard as I tried to coax the little fellow to sit up proper for a photo, he just stewed and turned his cute little face away! Ah well.  As I said, he was so good about the clippers and all.  I had done his nails last night and he dislikes that more than a clipping!

I will leave you with another photo of my beautiful Begonias that my father gave me for my birthday.  I just cannot get enough of them!

A Glimpse of Some Native American Dance

While at Ganondagan, there were many activities going on throughout the entire day.  It would have been easy to spend countless hours just wandering and absorbing everything!  So much to see. So much to do!

We spent some time watching Native American dance and let me tell you,some of  it was rather lively!  I am not going to elaborate, as the photos speak for themselves! Not all of the photos feature people dancing, but I wanted to show the beautiful vibrant colors of the costumes. They were so gorgeous!

Kingdom Bound Day 1

Greetings from Kingdom Bound.  This is one of the highlights of our family each summer! And speaking of summer,  this is the first summer of the three we have been attending, that I have had to put on a sweater or sweatshirt! Wow!  This weather (cool) has been just perfect for the event. 

Here is a photo of the  “PAC”….Performing Arts Center. It is a huge tent where a big name band ends the day with a concert.  There are also smaller concerts going on at other locations during this time.

pac center.small

When I glanced through the schedule yesterday,  there was a time inserted for Communion. Hmmm….How on earth could Communion be served to thousands of people? Well, we didn’t get the bread part….not sure why. Guess someone goofed!

But we did get tiny servings of grape juice!

grape juice for communion.small

grape juice 2.small

time of worship.small

Before Communion, we had heard a band called Blues Council. They were, well…blues artists! Their music was very good, ending with a unique bluesy rendition of Amazing Grace.  After Communion, they were joined by a couple of local worship leaders to play for a bit.

After this, Mark and I wandered through the amusement park for a while, just to stretch my legs. 

We returned for the big act of the night, Salvador.  They are a great band with a Latin slant.


Darien Lake has a laser light show at nights and for non-Kingdom Bound attendees, the show was going on. It includes fireworks, which we could see from the PAC!


As an aside,  Murphy got sick during the night on Saturday/Sunday.  He wandered around, unable to settle down. His stomach rumbled and he just didn’t feel well.  I was up for a few hours with him, so I was majorly tired yesterday. Thankfully, he is fine now!

A Taste of Yesterday’s Music!

The guys played on and on even as the sun set in the west….

Once again, a terrible photo, but I wanted to share the beautiful music they were playing “as they went along”.  It was so nice!

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