Amazing online friends…

I mentioned previously that I participate in Instagram.  This is a site where you can send photos and other people who have similar interests and such can comment on your offerings. I have met so many people there who go nuts over their Scottie dogs!  (Gee, we thought we were the only ones!) One of the ladies there does painting and she decided to give watercolors a go. She began looking through all the different photos people sent and she painted many.  She would contact the person and ask for their address so she could then send her painting!

Back in February, Sheena asked me to email my address to her. She said she did a painting of Murphy! I asked her if I could pay her for the painting and she said no! She just was loving doing all these paintings and expecting nothing in return! She did a painting of a photo of Murphy’s beard all caked and covered in snow.

This was one of my favorite photos I took during the winter. Murphy enjoyed the snow so much and it was cute seeing his little face packed with snow!

It is cool to think that one can meet such incredible and generous people online!

Hot Dog!

I had been wanting to add some photos I took of Murphy this winter. More than ever before, he seemed to enjoy the cold and snow this winter. Scotties are kind of unique little dogs in that they usually cannot be left off lead. They have a tendency to run off and being independent little critters, they aren’t likely to listen when called to come back!  That said, with snow that was pretty deep this year, and a supply of “cookies” (treats) kept in my pocket,  I was able to let Murphy run in the snow a number of times.

As you can see, those tiny little legs never slowed Murphy down at all!  This pup was *made* for the snow!!! Angus always loved the snow, but Murphy really adores the cold white stuff!

My Goodness……

I have not been here in ages.  I don’t really like making excuses. but I just deleted three separate posts that I began (one, weeks ago!) but left after having problems uploading photos and not being able to edit them.  I’m not really sure why things are happening as they are, but I have a feeling it might be a problem with our web host. I am using WordPress for this blog and I really like the ease of use but they are telling me I need to update. I think our web hosting site is so far behind the times, I cannot update to the newest version on WP. I am suspecting this might be a probable cause of my difficulties publishing my entries.

‘Nuff said!

Winter has been long and somewhat brutal this year! We have endured some long spells of cold temperatures that were well below “normal”.  We didn’t have huge amounts of snow, but the cold temperatures and wind has caused more weather alerts to pop up on my phone than I ever remember.  Thankfully, the cold is diminishing….little by little. We have even had a few days that felt *warm*!

One week ago, we were given a “Winter Weather Alert”, meaning that we might see some rain, freezing rain, and possibly snow.  Why that alert wasn’t upgraded to a “Winter Storm Warning” is beyond me! We actually wound up with about eight inches of snow!  It began with a pounding rain early in the evening, changing over to freezing rain, and by 10 pm, it was snowing like crazy!  And the snow!  When I began shoveling Sunday morning, it was like shoveling water….it was heavy! But….it warmed up on Tuesday and Wednesday, and much of it disappeared!

On Tuesday afternoon, I took Murphy outside and he immediately scrambled up onto a snowbank Mark made with the plow. That pup went absolutely crazy, rolling around in the soft (heated by the sun) stuff.

I was afraid he would roll right off the bank, but the snow was so soft, it conformed to his body!

Things have been moving right along here in the Bristolwood.  Michelle is currently looking for a job. She wants to remain in the area, so she has been searching locally. Ben is attending Finger Lakes Community College and is doing very well.  At this point, we are seeing that home schooling didn’t harm either child. (Although they might say otherwise!)

Mark and I are still getting together with friends every Tuesday night. It is a blessing to have such friends and it is a blessing to be able to get together as we do!  We gather around the table for breaking of bread….and wow!…the incredible meals we get!!!….and then Mark and the “girls” practice music together.  Sometimes there are eight or nine people, other times, twelve or thirteen.  I really look forward to these times!

Now I have a great favor to ask.  If you are inclined, would you please pray for a friend?  His name is Mike and he is needing a miracle. I won’t go into details, but God knows Mike and He knows all about the situation.  Basically, Mike needs a healing touch from God.  Thank you, in advance!

Well, I am getting a bit antsy for kinder weather so we can get outside more.  Right now, the wind is a-howling and it is pretty chilly out there. I think the Beatles summed it up fairly well…….. “Little Darlin’ it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter!” Now…..let’s hope “Here comes the sun”!

Well, blow the man down……

Yousers! The wind outside has been tremendously noisy yesterday and thus far today! The trees are swaying and there are big branches everywhere! I guess this is one way to prune back trees!

I got up this morning much later than usual. I was awakened at 3:30 by a young person who was concerned I should load the woodstove so we wouldn’t freeze! I wasn’t very excited about crawling out of bed to do this task, but I did it anyway.  It was still warm in the house, so it wasn’t vital, but it was nice to have the house still warm when I got up this morning. The outside temperature said -13 on WeatherBug, but our thermometer on the front porch was reading closer to -16.  With the wind so brutally blowing,  the wind chill is crazy low!

We still had the Christmas tree up and so one of the first things I did was disrobe it after I bumped it and thousands needles fell like rain to the floor! That tree has been up for over a month, so it really was time to take it down!  The house looks strangely empty now and as I look around, I would love to paint the living room and maybe even more.  I am thinking I am kind of tired of buttery yellow walls!

The little birds outside are visiting the feeders so much, I have to keep refilling them.  It is rather incredible that their tiny bodies can endure this wicked weather.  Somehow, they just fluff up their feathers and keep on going. Amazing little animals! The good news is that the sun appears to be making an appearance today and perhaps things might “feel” a bit warmer. The wind is supposed to subside somewhat as the day progresses and that will be good.  We have not gotten any new snow throughout this event and I heard that some areas were getting blizzard conditions.  We hardly have any snow left from last week and by the end of this week, the weather is forecast to be well above freezing once again.  This is such strange weather!

I took this photo of Murphy before Christmas and it is really a test to see if I can post pictures again. The verdict is, yes!  Looks like Word Press is cooperating once again! Hurrah!

We are supposed to go to our friends’ house tonight for music. We have missed the past couple of weeks because of the holidays, then Carolyn’s mom fell and was hospitalized for a few days. It will be nice to be getting back into the swing of things once again.  Mark just loves playing music and I think he has missed it.

One more aside….When I plowed the neighbors’ driveway, I did it as a “neighborly” thing to do. We had seen the people over there with shovels and Mark and I thought we should help out. Well, on Sunday, the fellow came over and paid us. I felt terrible but he insisted.  Anyway, I found out that the fellow who owns the house is a Buffalo Sabres fan!  Wow!!! I am hoping he and Mark can get together sometime and talk hockey!  How cool would that be?  When I spoke to the man who bought the house last summer, he told me he worked for Bauer..the company that sells sporting equipment.  How awesome it would be if he and Mark can talk serious hockey!!!


Cannot get enough autumn….

It seems like so many people I talk to tell me that their favorite season is autumn.  Interesting.  As I await cooler temperatures (primarily) and, of course, the beautiful colors, these people advise they just love all the pretty colors and all the fresh produce from the gardens.  They are never the least bit reluctant to add that they shudder about the season to follow.  I chuckle when I think of the number of people who have told me they would like it to snow on December 24 and have all the snow gone on December 26!

There are so many things to be grateful for as the weather chills down…..things like warm turtlenecks, wooly sweaters, a season of pretty scarves, warm mittens or gloves, a cozy fire in the stove, and dazzling leaves as well as leaves crunching underfoot as one briskly walks in the chilly air! And speaking of air, it no longer seems to linger and hover above, full of humidity; instead, it now appears crisp and clear, full of luscious oxygen. I also love candlelight as the days shorten in length. Autumn also calls for baking goodies and a house filled with the scents of cookies, pies, cakes, and more!

Last week, Mark and I went for a little ride with Murphy and we really enjoyed the bold colors displayed in the sky.  Even contrails seem somehow beautiful when etched across a crystal blue sky with a setting golden sun!

I have made several batches of applesauce this year.  We are told it was a banner year for the apple and grape growers. As we drive through the back roads, we have noticed so many wild apple trees with aged branches weighed down like little old men, buckling under the weight of an abundance of fruit.  The deer can often be seen gathered around apple trees, gleaning the fruit fallen to the ground.

I found a little recipe book that went along with a Scottie cookie mold I bought years ago….the recipe called for applesauce, cinnamon, and glue. I decided to test the recipe.

I really like the look of this and am thinking I need to make some more!

We had some windy conditions yesterday and the day before, but now it is rather calm. We have a freeze warning for tonight, and I imagine we might awaken to frost tomorrow morning.  Many of the trees are now naked, while others are half-undressed.  Still others look as though they might hang on as long as they can. It is still pretty and looking up, there still can be flaming color against blue skies. It really would be fantastic if autumn could linger on for a few months instead of weeks!

And so, as the last few days of October close in, I leave you with Murphy, once again!

This time, the little laddie was scolding me….telling me to carry him downstairs this morning!

Slowly fading….

Ah yes, the colors that were so vibrant only a couple of weeks ago are getting more muddled and not nearly as pretty.  Of course, that is speaking of the leaves that are remaining on the trees.  Many have fallen to the ground and are now litter on the grass and walkways.

The weather has also changed, with the temperature dropping down to some chilly temperatures.  I noticed a weather alert on my cell phone this afternoon. It was regarding a freeze watch for tomorrow night. The gist of it is that the temperature will fall well below 32 and warns that plants left outside should be moved inside if a heavy frost might damage them.

With the colder weather, we have had some awesome skies! I have been looking upward and totally enjoying all the colors!  The intense blue contrasted with clouds ranging from bright white to threatening gray has been photo worthy and it is just downright fascinating to observe!

So, with no further ado, here are some recent photos.

And so, from Murphy and me, have a great week! I will post another photo entry soon!