Under the Weather…

Mark has been hacking and coughing from some stupid cold bug that seems to be making its rounds all over.  I used to get colds whenever anyone breathed  on me, but it seems like the past couple of years, I have been dodging the colds going around.  Until last night.

I took the kids and a couple of their friends to the mall yesterday for a few hours and spent the time looking around.  I rarely get the “urge” to shop, but it was kind of fun with no restrictions or kids calling out to look at this and that!

By the time we were heading home, *it* was beginning to hit.  My throat began to tighten and I felt miserable.  I don’t have a sore throat, but scratchy and yucky. 

Our red skies led to some wild winds last night, and then during the night, the monsoons began!  Fortunately, we didn’t get those pounding, out-of-control rains that just refuse to stop. Instead, it came down steadily and at a “nice” rate! However…..

Michelle went to work this morning, and I took her down.  After that, I drove to Canandaigua to pick up some things that were needed.  I couldn’t balk when I had to walk what seemed like a mile to get to the store, since everyone else had taken the close parking spots.  There was  no one  around to hear me grumble since the umbrella was removed from the Explorer, so  I just kept my comments to myself!  I did get drenched, though!

I came home and went to bed, shivering and feeling very cold! I only slept about half an hour, then went down to pick Michelle up from work.  As I was driving down the hill to pick her up,  I looked far across the valley.  I thought I saw a waterfall, but was unsure. And, since I was so miserable I could hardly move my body, I did NOT carry a camera with me.

As Michelle and I ascended up the hill towards home,  I asked her if she had her camera. Yes, she did!  We got up to the place where I had seen the waterfall and she snapped a photo.  Michelle’s camera only has 3x optical zoom, so the waterfall isn’t greatly visible.


It is supposed the Finger Lakes were formed by glacial movement, thus creating deep crevices throughout the hills.  The waterfall I happened to observe was the result of our abundant rainfall.

I was rather pleased with myself….I am usually daydreaming and sometimes miss such unusual “scapes”! All that, even while feeling totally miserable!!!

(Disgusting) Collection


I wasn’t going to use any words regarding this entry, as it kind of speaks for itself. However,  this is a good time to remind canine-loving friends to keep their companions away from these guys. Some moths are poisonous to dogs and can actually kill them. Dogs love playing “catch” with anything that moves or flies, so please beware! (I took this photo after taking my “boys” out earlier….I had spotted the “collection” on the garage, and walked the Scotties away…..far away…..from this area!)

On a happier note, I observed the Juncos (yes, the dumb pair that have nested in my Fuchsia) hopping about, partaking of moths from the sidewalk.  And no, being totally grossed out, I didn’t linger to watch. I immediately scurried into the house, goosebumps the size of GOLFBALLS on my arms!!!

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

Yes, I AM grumbling and complaining.  Why? Well, I have this *issue*. I want to know why God gave me such miserable TEETH!

I had a dental appointment today for a cleaning.

A few days ago, guess what happened?  I was eating a piece of pizza. When I finished, I walked down to the mailbox to grab the mail. On my way back, I *suddenly* noticed this very strange feeling in my mouth. In running my tongue over a molar way in the back of my mouth, it became obvious I had lost a major amount of the tooth!

As soon as my name was called today, I told the hygienist that I lost part of my tooth. YIKES! Call in the National Guard. OK, so that is a slight exaggeration.  Instead, I had x-rays taken. When the dentist looked at them, he asked for yet another x-ray to be done.

By this point, I was telling myself to “breathe”. Yes, I am one of those normally rational human beings that goes into neurotic spasms at the thought of dental work!

The dentist came in after the hygienist finished cleaning my teeth. (she really didn’t have much work to do, as I am very good at cleaning my teeth!) He brought in a sheet of paper…ugh….my heart fell to the floor.

Yes, he explained that I could sit back and RELAX, as all the work ahead is *his* work. It is *just* my MOUTH! The bad news is, I need a root canal. The tooth that broke was so full of fillings, it just cracked and broke.  After the root canal, I get a new crown! Lucky, lucky me!

So, if I appear to be in a foul mood, just ignore my rantings. It will pass with time. I just hate bad dental news!