Okay, Let’s be Serious!

Yes, that last post was thrown in just because.  Guess I am in a funny mood because if I don’t laugh, I will cry! Seriously!

I will get to that in a minute, but here are some photos from today.  I took Michelle for her last classes for her first yer of college today.  I cannot believe she is done.  She took a Macro Economics exam and Statistics exam today.  She isn’t positive about the Stats exam,  but spoke with her Macro professor after class.  He looked over her exam and told her she got 100%!  Yippee!!!

Oops, got a little away from myself.  As I was driving back home from Canandaigua,  I saw several goose families resting on the grass beside a restaurant.  I had to take a photo of some gosling siblings all huddled together in a sweet little heap.

How can such adorable little bundles of fluffy fuzz grow up into loud, obnoxious geese?  I was surprised, though, that the parents allowed me to walk up so close to their offspring! 

When I got home, I was looking at my little garden and just loved the way the rain had remained on the Columbine.

I did some chores around the house, then had to go to an early afternoon dental appointment.  The dentist poked and prodded at the tooth that had the pocket.  As I nearly jumped in the air when he touched one area,  he said although the infection is reduced from the last time he saw me, there is still some sign of infection remaining.  Joy of joys.  He got a syringe and gave me another slow-release antibiotic.  I need to go back again in two weeks and hopefully, the infection will be totally eradicated!

On my way home,  I decided to take Route 21 which runs through Woodville.  As I was driving along with the window down,  I caught a whiff of something sublime!  I pulled over off the road and took a photo….

This “wall” of Wisteria is incredible!  It is growing, seemingly wild,  along the road. The flowers cascade down from about 20 feet up and the “wall” runs along the road for a good 150 feet.   It is really amazing to see…and smell!

I am planning to spend this evening just relaxing.  The stress of seeing the dentist always makes me weary!  It didn’t hurt at all when the dentist administered the antibiotic,  but now,  the tooth feels just a bit sensitive.  I think I will make a small fire in the woodstove and sit and knit on the prayer shawl for my friend!

Oh, and one more thing!  I have placed the hummingbird feeders out and have seen no sign of them yet.  I was so disappointed!  On Facebook,  I befriended a fabulous entity called Grand Alaska Photography .  The owner not only is a photographer, but also runs an inn in Ketchikan.  Well, Scott announced the other day that the hummingbirds had returned!  Where are mine?  (If you follow the hyper link above, you will see hummingbirds as I have never seen before!)

News I’d Rather Not Hear

A  couple of weeks ago, I saw one of my old friends on Facebook, so I began a live chat with her.  She wrote and told me she was heading out for dinner and would get back to me later.  The next day,  I received an email from her saying she has been diagnosed with cancer.

My first reaction to the email was to feel like sitting down and crying my eyes out.  When I first came to the Rochester area back in 1988,  this friend and another invited me to come and live in their spacious three bedroom apartment.  I was thrilled and we certainly had some fun times! And so, I wondered, what can I do?

Well, I bought a book over a year ago that has patterns for “prayer shawls”.  The book includes both crochet and knit patterns to make shawls and throws for people going through a change in their lives…mostly medically.  There are prayers included in the book.  Well, since I am rarely at a loss for words,  I have been working on the prayer shawl and as I work, I pray for my friend. 

I haven’t knit in so long, but as my neighbor used to tell me, there are *only* two stitches…knit and purl! How right she was.  I am working rather slowly on this piece,  but that’s okay.  I figure when my dear friend receives the shawl, she will certainly be covered in prayer!


me in the new sweater.small

Yes!!! I have (finally!) conquered the sweater!  I had almost finished it Friday, but needed to buy buttons.  Buttons are one of those tiny little details that often throw me over the edge….The last time I bought buttons like these, I wasn’t paying close attention and when I got home, I realized they were PLASTIC!  Blech!!!

While Mark and I spent a little time in Canandaigua last evening ( I just *had* to have a little cup of Abbott’s Pumpkin Custard….tis the season, after all!)  I remembered I needed buttons. I relunctantly went into JoAnn’s Fabrics,  hoping that “perhaps” they might have something acceptable. 

As I looked through tons of buttons,  I did find some “vintage” buttons by La Mode that might do.   I was looking for real leather buttons though, and when I saw the JHB display, hope welled up.  As I turned the swiveling display,  my eyes lit upon *exactly* the buttons I wanted!  And, to add to my surprise,  these buttons were actually made in the USA!  What a pleasant surprise!

Now….what shall I make next?

A Long and Somewhat Productive Day

I got up with the Scotties a little later than usual because I had to knit a few rows on the sleeve for my new sweater.  The boys are pretty patient in the morning,  and today they waited without making any fuss as the needles moved along….

When we made it downstairs,  there was a strange “look” in the house.  I looked outside the French doors on the back deck and noticed that everything looked as though it had been “bathed” in orange!  Even the air itself seemed like there was a funny color to it!

As the Scotties ate their breakfast, I went out the door with my camera.  I looked up in the sky

1 reddish-orange sky this morning.small

2 losing some of the red color.small

As the “cloud” made its way east, it became less and less “colorful”.

3 turning more yellow and heading eastward.small

Since we had no major plans to do anything special,  I spent a good deal of the day reading and knitting.  I finished one sleeve for my sweater yesterday, then sewed the fronts to the back at the shoulders.  I thought the sleeves would be so easy to complete,  but all the cabling was driving me nuts!  I don’t need to read the pattern as the instructions are now imbedded in my brain,  but there is so much fiddling around with cables!!!!

4 the new sweater getting done.small

This shows the detail on the front….

5 so many stitches to twist turn and cable.small

and the sleeve…..

6 sleeve detail.small

I am determined to finish this bugger up by the weekend!  After finishing the sleeve yesterday,  I finished the neck edge as I was reluctant to begin the second sleeve!

Mark and I watched another Sabres preseason game last night,  which was another win for Buffalo! Yeah, go Sabres!  They played Washington last night, which is another team they have a hard time beating.  Now, if only they could continue on during the regular season!

Michelle and Mark made a fantastic barbeque sauce they found the recipe for on the internet.   I cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs on the grill for dinner and then swirled them around in the sauce.  I also made green bean casserole and once dinner was served, there was a lot of lip-smacking going on!

Now, if only I could figure out how to make the house self-cleaning…..

My Day Out

Mark and I have agreed that we will drive Michelle to her classes each day.  Canandaigua isn’t that far away and both of us have work and things we can do while waiting for her.  Mark decided he would stay home yesterday, so I got the opportunity to take Michelle.

I dropped her off at school, then went and parked the Explorer.  Michelle brought little Murphy along, thinking I might get lonely or bored,  so we sat in the car for awhile,  he sleeping and I, knitting!  We remained for quite some time, then I decided I needed to stretch my legs….I went over to WalMart and bought some bulbs (crocuses and daffodils) to plant this fall.  Then I hopped on over to TJ Maxx to have a look at what they had.  Finding nothing exciting,  I decided I was very hungry, so I went to Wegman’s and picked up some Chinese for Michelle and me.  I also bought some little treats for my companion!

While I was driving through the plaza where TJ Maxx is located,  I saw a huge flock of Canada Geese meandering about on the grass.  A car passed by near them and they began to lift off.  I stopped the Explorer and took a couple of photos through the windshield…it happened so rapidly,  I didn’t get great shots.

geese taking off 1.small

geese taking off 2.small

At lunchtime, Michelle called me and I told her I had some lunch for her.  She came out with her friends, Jacob and Jeffrey.  We all walked over to a pavilion near the parking lot and I sat with them as they ate.  It was a tremendous day to be outside….warm but not hot,  and sunny.  We had an enjoyable time, then the kids went back to their classes.

Mark called and we talked…I had shipped a box via UPS that had a problem.  Our driver returned the damaged box and we decided I had better return home to repack it.  I was a little discouraged,  as Murphy and I were rather comfortable in our little “auto lounge”!

I did get quite a bit of the right front of my sweater done!

sweater right front.small

I have the back, left front, and this much done on my sweater.  I am hoping to finish it within the next couple of weeks.  It would be sooner if I got to take Michelle to school more often!

I vacuumned the living room and cleaned a bit before heading back to Canandaigua to pick Michelle up from school.  Even though I didn’t accomplish a great deal,  it surely was a very nice day out!

Here, There, and Everywhere!

Yes, it seems like we were everywhere today, although we really weren’t!

The kids had an early afternoon appoinment with the doctor for a routine checkup.  Mark wanted to have them actually see the doctor,  instead of a physician’s assistant, so we were there for about an hour and forty-five minutes. I came out of the office with a hand full of literature informing us about various immunizations.  Gads, how did we live so long without all of these shots, after all?  I told the doctor we will study the sheets and get back to him….

After the doctor visit, the kids wanted to meet up with a couple of their friends to take in the movie GI Joe. We dropped them off with their friends at the theater and I grabbed a bite to eat. (Mark and the kids ate before) Mark and I had a couple of hours to kill, so we went to a Chevy dealer and took a look at the 2010 Chevy Equinox.  Our friend, Pastor Bert, recently purchased one of these cars and Mark was impressed by it.  Sporting a small four cylinder engine, it has six gears and achieves some good gas mileage. 

We visited a dealership and a saleswoman came out to talk with us.  She said the dealership sells this model like hotcakes.  I went on a test drive and was impressed by the vehicle.  Even wih the small engine, the Equinox moved along the highway with no balking or hesitation.  A very nice car!

After the movie ended, we picked the kids up and rushed to the college Michelle will be attending.  She wanted to get some information regarding her books for classes.  We arrived only a few minutes before the store closed, but Michelle got the info she needed.

As the skies began to get that beautiful “Canandaigua glow”,  I figured I should try to get a photo or two for my blog!  The first shot was good except for one thing….I took it through the bug-smeared windshield!

almost cool photo.small

As we left Canandaigua, Mark took a route that rises up some from the city.  This allowed me to get a couple more cool sunset shots….

sunset to the west.small

sunset over the fields.small

These photos were all taken looking to the west.

I then looked to the east and was so happy by what I saw!

moon to the east.small

Mark pulled over onto a side road so I could hop out of the truck  and take some photos without shooting rapidfire through the windows!

moon over the lake.small

mr moon.small

The weather the past three days has been so amazingly beautiful!  The evenings and nights cool off and then the days are full of glorious sunshine!  The temperatures have been comfortable as well.

Last night,  I called Michelle outside so she could hear the awesome sound of tree frogs….it sounded as though they were surrounding us!  They are repeating last night’s performance, and listening to them through the open bedroom window is so cool.

I am working on the sweater little by little.  I have discovered that with all the cables and crossing over of stitches,  I cannot work with people around.  Thus, I am now becoming the introverted knitter!!!

The Creative Side of Things….

After making my terrible confession in the last post,  I feel a bit better.  After all,  how could I show you, dear reader, my creative side when I have greatly mistreated my wee little laddie who loves me so dearly?

Last Christmas,  my brother Randy gave me the prettiest little glass beaded Christmas tree with the tiniest little ornaments decorating it.  I love the tree, but one element was missing! You see, the other day while cleaning things up, I came across a teeny ziplock bag with fifty shiny brass Scottie ornaments just crying out to hang on the beaded Christmas tree! 

Even though Randy had provided an enormous number of ornaments,  I was able to add even more in the form of Scotties!

scottie bling added to tiny christmas tree.small

I hung those Scotties by bending very thin gold-colored wire into itsy-bitsy “s” hooks, then carefully hanging them, using a pair of tweezers to squeeze the “hooks” shut.  I placed 32 of the Scotties on the tree, along with five three-dimensional sterling silver Scotties.

And now, how about that sweater I was working up?

finished sweater back.small

Haha…I thought I needed to display the (completed) sweater back on the lush emerald colored grass….seemed appropriate considering the number of cables and twists on this particular sweater would even make an Irish knitter’s eyeballs spin!  I really do love Celtic knitting.  Give me cables. Lots of cables!

Now, off to begin the left front of the sweater!