Well, blow the man down……

Yousers! The wind outside has been tremendously noisy yesterday and thus far today! The trees are swaying and there are big branches everywhere! I guess this is one way to prune back trees!

I got up this morning much later than usual. I was awakened at 3:30 by a young person who was concerned I should load the woodstove so we wouldn’t freeze! I wasn’t very excited about crawling out of bed to do this task, but I did it anyway.  It was still warm in the house, so it wasn’t vital, but it was nice to have the house still warm when I got up this morning. The outside temperature said -13 on WeatherBug, but our thermometer on the front porch was reading closer to -16.  With the wind so brutally blowing,  the wind chill is crazy low!

We still had the Christmas tree up and so one of the first things I did was disrobe it after I bumped it and thousands needles fell like rain to the floor! That tree has been up for over a month, so it really was time to take it down!  The house looks strangely empty now and as I look around, I would love to paint the living room and maybe even more.  I am thinking I am kind of tired of buttery yellow walls!

The little birds outside are visiting the feeders so much, I have to keep refilling them.  It is rather incredible that their tiny bodies can endure this wicked weather.  Somehow, they just fluff up their feathers and keep on going. Amazing little animals! The good news is that the sun appears to be making an appearance today and perhaps things might “feel” a bit warmer. The wind is supposed to subside somewhat as the day progresses and that will be good.  We have not gotten any new snow throughout this event and I heard that some areas were getting blizzard conditions.  We hardly have any snow left from last week and by the end of this week, the weather is forecast to be well above freezing once again.  This is such strange weather!

I took this photo of Murphy before Christmas and it is really a test to see if I can post pictures again. The verdict is, yes!  Looks like Word Press is cooperating once again! Hurrah!

We are supposed to go to our friends’ house tonight for music. We have missed the past couple of weeks because of the holidays, then Carolyn’s mom fell and was hospitalized for a few days. It will be nice to be getting back into the swing of things once again.  Mark just loves playing music and I think he has missed it.

One more aside….When I plowed the neighbors’ driveway, I did it as a “neighborly” thing to do. We had seen the people over there with shovels and Mark and I thought we should help out. Well, on Sunday, the fellow came over and paid us. I felt terrible but he insisted.  Anyway, I found out that the fellow who owns the house is a Buffalo Sabres fan!  Wow!!! I am hoping he and Mark can get together sometime and talk hockey!  How cool would that be?  When I spoke to the man who bought the house last summer, he told me he worked for Bauer..the company that sells sporting equipment.  How awesome it would be if he and Mark can talk serious hockey!!!


We’ve Been Away….

We have been camping out for a few days while attending the Buffalo Sabres Development Camp.  This is always so exciting, watching the young fellows with dreams of sometime playing in the NHL, showing their best as coaches, scouts, and fans watch!

Yesterday, we went for a ride afterwards and ended up at Mount Morris.  We drove around a little and wound up on the other side of the Genessee River Gorge from Letchworth State Park.  In all the years we have lived nearby, we never ventured over to this side.  It was so interesting as the Army Corps of Enginers operates an information center there with all manner of information regarding the Mount Morris Dam.

After looking around a bit, we went for a ride in the country and found ourselves in an Amish community.  There were a few houses and one was interesting.  It had been set up as though for a party.  There were several buggies and several cars parked there.  It is unusual for the Amish to “hobnob” with the English, so I could not figure out what the occasion was.  

As we passed by, while taking a photo of the buggies, I happened to capture two little girls jumping up and down on a trampoline.  One little girl was Amish and the other was “English”.  They were so cute.  I cropped the photo which is terrible, but that’s okay, as the Amish do not believe in having their photos taken.

We will soon be home!  Until then……

While I had every intention to post here yesterday,

somehow, the day just seemed to get away from me! So, settle in with a cuppa and I will fill you in on our (very) long day Wednesday!

The day began by leaving home early…before seven.  We drove to Rochester as Mark’s mom had a doctor’s appointment at nine. We picked her up and dropped her off at the hospital, where her doctor is located.

After leaving the hospital, we hopped on over to a WalMart located only a few blocks away. As I got out of the truck,  there were two men behind it, making it impossible for me to open the back to get Mark’s wheelchair out.  After excusing myself, one man apologized profusely as the other man handed a five dollar bill into his hand.

With Mark in the wheelchair, we began to head up to the store, when the man who had been given the five dollar bill called out to us. He caught up with us and wanted to know if we might give him some money.  He pulled his jacket back and explained he worked for Rochester General Hospital. (The reason for pulling back the coat was to expose a rather ratty-looking shirt with the hospital initials embroidered on the front)  The man, missing some front teeth, assured us he was no “54 year-old bum”, but had run out of gas…diesel, specifically, and he needed to buy a gas can so he could get gas to fill his tank. The tank cost $12.99 and he only had $5.43, which he had planned to use for lunch.

At this point, the man (almost) sounded believable.  However, at this particular point, with the man in close proximity, I could not really inform Mark that I had not two minutes before seen another man hand him $5.00 behind our truck.  Mark is a smart guy, though.  He began to roll over in the wheelchair toward the gas station.  He told the man he would buy him the gas can on his charge card since he didn’t have the money.  The man hesitated at first, then told Mark he wouldn’t want to put him through all that trouble of going “so far”.  It was a nice day and Mark had no qualms about rolling maybe five hundred feet to the gas station.  Finally, the guy said,  “Someone else (fool) will give me the money.” 

What a scheme….panhandling in the WalMart parking lot.  I wonder just how many five dollar bills he nets in a day.  I won’t wonder what he does with them. (Ben spotted the “latebecauseIranoutofgas” employee as we drove from the parking lot….)

We shopped in WalMart for a few minutes, then Mark’s mom called to be picked up. We drove past Irondequoit Bay, on Lake Ontario, on the way to my mother-in-law’s house.  I asked Mark to stop and I hopped out. There was only a pair of Mallard Ducks swimming nearby,  but as I stood taking photos, a couple of Canada Geese that had been grazing quite dangerously near the roadway decided to come on over. (The goose in the previous post was one of them!)

I never tire of photographing Canada Geese.  Although they can be real pests, they are so beautiful. While I was photographing particularly the one goose (who seemed to enjoy my company)  a Swan must have seen or heard us, as it too came toward me!  It was on the lake, apparently amongst the reeds.

This Swan was so friendly.  Although it never left the water, it swam right to me at the water’s edge. 

This isn’t a great photo, but another Swan showed up.  It was out on the water a good distance when I took this one. I love the way the light was filtering through the Swan’s far wing, illuminating it!

I love going to the bay where I encountered hundreds of waterfowl, all at once…..but this little “intimate” encounter was great as I could get some nice photos of the birds, closeup.

I could have spent hours here, right along a busy road, taking photos, but with Mark, his mom, and Ben in the truck, I felt satisfied after several photos.

 We took Mark’s mom back to her house where I walked Murphy to let him do his business.  As we walked in the back yard, I could not believe the number of branches and limbs that had come down in the yard during the high winds we have had.  I told Mark and he suggested I might pick them up. Since Ben was with us, I asked him to help….the two of us worked nonstop for over an hour and we got most everything.  A few small branches were left, but my mother-in-law said she would finish up.

We had to go to Henrietta after leaving Mark’s mom’s house. As we drove down a busy road, Mark commented there were Wild Turleys in the yard of a house on his side if the car.  Of course, we had to turn around.  I bounded out the door and hoped I would be able to catch up with the flock.  Since the birds were right near a house, I didn’t dare close in on them.  I looked and spotted a small stream running behind the house. Quickly, I walked down a small road that lead to an office park.  Directly behind the house with the turkeys was a day care center.  Yikes!  It would be awful to think I might get in trouble for being there…especially with a camera!

I tried to keep clear of the building and didn’t get nearly as close as I would have wanted. Ah well….

Even though these photos aren’t great,  you get the idea. One male…many girlies! And my, oh my, did he strut his stuff!

There were a lot more turkeys that I didn’t get in this shot…there must have been at least fifteen hens.

Gads, what a bunch of turkeys!

We picked Michelle up at RIT and then we had some time to kill.  The kids had planned to attend a concert at a church in Rochester. We did a little shopping and dropped the kids off a little after six.

Mark and Murphy and I were alone and on our own.  We pulled into a McDonald’s located a couple of miles from the church. Mark had set up his laptop so he could connect to our media computer at home. He then fiddled around until the laptop connected and we were able to watch the Buffalo Sabres game…via his cell phone!

We sat at McDonald’s for several hours…as I gulped, seeing the No Loitering sign mounted across from us!  No one bothered us at all and we didn’t bother anyone either. Twice, while we were sitting there, a young woman suddenly appeared, handing “something” to a person in a vehicle. As quickly as she appeared, she disappeared.  Strange. Mark suspects drugs.

We also watched as two mounted police officers leisurely rode down the sidewalk right next to our car. I have never seen horses on the sidewalks before, and what was really funny was the fact that it was after 10pm and the guys each had a cup of coffee in one hand!

Ah…we picked the kids up near midnight.  There was a big band that performed last and Michelle was so excited to see them!

We got home around one in the morning.  Needless to say, we all dropped into bed!  What a day!!! 

Panhandlers…turkeys….horses on sidewalks….I am so thrilled to live in the Bristolwood!

Happy Birthday!

Today was Michelle’s birthday and we had a rather busy day of it!  Michelle has lost her voice after the little sick spell…that cannot be much fun, but she still had a good day!

Michelle’s friend, Jacob, came over and we went out this afternoon, stopping first at a Chinese buffet in Geneva.  My, oh my, I ate too much!  I usually don’t overeat at buffets, but I kind of ate a bit too much today!  I sat across the table from Michelle, so I kept annoying her by taking pictures.  I was hoping to get just one good one.  She got tired of me and the camera, though….

Ummm…the photo above was taken before we left, obviously! I got the pretty Argyle sweater she’s wearing for her for her birthday.

After we ate, we headed on over to the outlet mall in Waterloo.  We walked and walked and walked some more!  Michelle had said she wanted a pair of fashion boots to wear under slacks, so we looked for those.  As we passed by the Clarks/Bostonian store, I told her she might try looking there.  She was reluctant, thinking it looked too “upscale”. 

Lo and behold, the store had boots just like she wanted.  The problem was,  they didn’t have her size.  She was a little disappointed, but one of the girls there told her they can order them directly and they will be shipped to the house. How cool is that?  No extra charge for shipping, either. Michelle was pretty happy.  I also found a really cute little purse there for a great price.

We looked around a little more,  then decided to start for home.  Mark wanted to see the Sabres/Ottawa Senators game, so we wanted to get home before too late.  We stopped at Wegman’s along the way and I picked up a Friendly’s Reeses Peanut Butter Cake for Michelle’s birthday.  WOW!  What a cake that is!

We got home a bit late, but watched the game as the kids watched a movie in the basement.  All in all, Michelle had a good day, but we can tell she isn’t 100%, as she looked pretty worn out by the time she went to bed. 

So, on this day, I am so thankful for our Michelle.  She has accomplished a great deal in her nineteen years and we a proud of her!  She is a blessing in so many, many ways. 

I am also thankful for the Sabres win over Ottawa!  This game was a real nail biter. The game ended in a 2:2 tie,  so we went itno overtime.  No one scored in overtime, so it was time for a shootout.  The first two Senators got the puck in, as did the first two Sabres.  Then there were three Senators who failed to drive the puck in….same with the Sabres.  Another Senator. Then, the Sabres’ Derek Roy……INTO the NET!!!  Sabres win 3:2!

Still recovering…

I am still trying to recouperate from our little vacation.  We weren’t gone that long, but it was a bit of a touch and go trip home on Sunday. 

We had a wheel bearing go on the front right wheel on Saturday. Mark thought about going to a Chevy garage that was open until 6pm on Saturday, but decided he would like to try to do the job himself.  Ben was willing to help out and Mark thought it would be doable.

We hitched up on Sunday morning and went to the Sabres Development Camp. We really enjoyed watching the young prospects drill and then scrimmage on Saturday and Sunday.  We have been attending these camps for a few years now and have seen several players become Buffalo Sabres. 

After the camp, we began our very slow way home.  We would drive about 30 miles or so, then stop to allow the wheel to cool off.  It took hours to get home, but we were so thankful to arrive safely. 

Yesterday, the temperatures soared into the 90’s, making me totally miserable. Mark’s mother had a doctor’s appointment in Rochester at 9:30am, so Mark and I were off early in the morning, once again praying the wheel wouldn’t let loose. We took my mother-in-law to her appointment, then picked up the parts and tools we needed to fix the wheel bearing.  Thankfully, our faithful truck brought us safely home once again.

At this point, I must add that the Explorer is at the Ford garage, getting nearly $1500. in repairs.  I am of the mindset that we should put it up for sale right away and get something with good gas efficiency.  We will see.  The Explorer is a 2002 model and although it has low milage, it is getting old.  We will be doing some driving when Michelle begins RIT, so it would be good to have a sipping versus guzzling vehicle.

Today was another blazing hot day, although tonight, it is beginning to cool to the point that it is getting comfortable. Mark and Ben began working on the hub today, but parts seem quite fused together.  Mark cannot work for long periods of time, so they worked for just a few hours and quit.  Mark is searching for info on how to remove the hub and I just pray he finds a good answer.  With all this vehicle mess,  it would be quite pricey to have two vehicles getting repaired!

Well, enough of that.  I am not going to stress over things that I cannot control!

So, let me tell you about Lewiston!

As we were leaving our campground on Sunday, we realized we were really early, so Mark took the Lewiston exit.  I was happy to poke around, as the last time we were there, it was raining. A lot! 

Lewiston is referred to as “Historic Lewiston”.  It is a beautiful little community with beautiful little shops lining the main street.  Flowers adorn the lamp posts and there is a sense of a very old community. The buildings have a look of antiquity and were it not an early Sunday morning,  I would have gladly slipped inside the shops to have a look….they are quite inviting! Why I didn’t take a photo is beyond me, except for the fact that we were pulling the trailer behind us and together, the truck and trailer are about 50 feet long…makes for some interesting parking!

Mark drove around and stopped in a large parking area….right near one of my favorite statues…the Freedom Crossing Memorial. I blogged about this previously.

Just beyond this memorial was a set of stairs.  Well, curiosity got the better of me, and I hopped off in that direction.  I went down….and down….and down some more!  When I arrived at the bottom,  I was on a driveway/walkway just above the level of the lower Niagara River.  Oh, this was beautiful!

I walked along, meeting up with the Harbor Manager (I know that is the wrong name…I just cannot remember what the title was that was embroidered on his shirt.) What drew me was this…

This is The Black Pearl and cruises are available! I would love to go there and spend the day….the price of a one hour cruise is $35 per person…three hours is $75 per person.  The boat has diesel engines to get it moving up and down the river, but I was told that once it hits the lake,  it becomes full sails, a beautiful replica of a 1600’s ship. Wow, the directions my mind could go with that!!!

I spent considerable time looking around and talking to the Harbor man and another man.  They told me the fishing for Muskies is excellent there.  They said folks who fish there never divulge how big their fish caught were nor where they were fishing.  Hmm….They also said hardly anyone fishes there as they just don’t even know about this.

I suddenly became aware that I had many, many stairs to climb to get back to my family who might just be wondering where I was!  There was no way I was going to race up those stairs and I did notice a little addition off to one side with a bench…I thought perhaps they kindly put it there for folks who felt like they were going to drop from all that stair-climbing!

Since the family didn’t seem to be paying any attention to my winded self, I walked on over to see a restaurant that overlooks the water below.  It is an interesting shape and I just wanted a closer look.

As I snapped a photo of the restaurant menu, (wow! Who ever would have mounted their menu on a story board in front!!! What an awesome idea!) the man who founded the restaurant came over and talked my ear off!

I learned the history of the restaurant as well as how it came into being!  The restaurant was actually a coal silo that held coal for the steamships that used to travel the river.  After steam engines were replaced, the silo sat vacant for years and years.  While relatives from Minnesota were visiting with the man I spoke to,  they observed the silo from the Canadian side of the river.  They commented what a perfect day it was and the man said the only way it could be better was with an ice cream.  The relative pointed to the silo and told the man he should consider turning it into an ice cream parlor. And that is the condensed version.

The silo is leased from the town of Lewiston and the man’s son now operates the business.  He added a patio and outdoor picnic tables along with flowers and pretty landscaping.  ( I was told the view here in the autumn is absolutlely breathtaking…umm….one would NOT have to sway me…I believe it!)

The ice cream parlor (proper) was moved from the silo to an 1860’s Canadian Railway caboose.  The man explained that it took years to convince the town to approve the addition of the caboose.

Oh, by the way…that white house across the river?  It was owned by Tom Selleck at one time.

Wow, I learned so much from listening to this fellow! He was like a walking encyclopedia!  Oh, and by the way…the shape of the restaurant resembles a minaret mosque…the man lived in Istanbul, Turkey, for some 15 years!

I can’t believe I remembered so much of the conversation, but I do want to visit this restaurant.  It was given a high rating by a Buffalo food critic (the fellow chuckled, saying she critiqued the atmosphere, the owner and his wife, the setting…everything, but never once mentioned the FOOD!).  It also was featured on the show Man vs Food.

When Mark looked at the pricing, he was impressed.  He said too bad we were leaving town….this would have been an awesome place to take the kids for lunch!

Okay, so that’s it for Lewiston. (I think I oughta get paid for this! Or, at least get ONE of the vehicles fixed for free!!!)

A Little Escape to Buffalo

It is that time of the year once again for the Buffalo Sabres Training Camp.  We have enjoyed visiting every year as we get to see some of the new players working hard to earn a place on the team.

The camp started with some hullaballo on Saturday, but we just had so many things on our plate, we didn’t leave until Saturday afternoon.  We packed the little camper and moved on out much later than we had originally anticipated.  I guess it was okay in the long run, though, as hurrying to leave is just too stressful!

When we pulled into the campground, the office was already closed, so we just picked a site and set up.  The most wonderful thing about camping this time of the year is that there are few other campers.  I love it, because during the summer months,  camping can get pretty overwhelming….while I love campfires and such, sometimes the smoke from too many fires is a bit too much! 

We pulled into our site and there were a total of three other campers parked in the same area!  They were far away from us, so you can only imagine how awesome this was…..we felt as though we owned the entire campground! It was so nice.

The kids decided they wanted to study and work on their homework, so on Sunday morning,  Mark and I set out alone to the Sabres camp.  It was nice, as the Scotties were left with the kids.  I think the four of them had some fun together!  And Mark and I felt at ease to enjoy watching the players!

I smiled when the Zamboni came out to resurface the ice.  One of the commentators for the game always calls out when a player gets the puck up over the goalie’s shoulder….he calls such a play “on the top shelf where Mama hides the cookies”!

Well, one of the large supermarket chains located in Buffalo is “Tops” and they had the slogan paineted on the side of the Zamboni, slightly modified!

I won’t bore you with countless photos of hockey, but after the session, Mark wanted to go to a Sam’s Club to find a new GPS, as our previous one (faithful for about four years)  was fritzing out!

Mark used a GPS ap he found on his cell phone and it actually worked nicely, although lagging a bit.  Thankfully, this was on a Sunday afternoon and there wasn’t a great deal of traffic on the roads!

The GPS led us along a section of Buffalo I was unaware of….namely, the Buffalo Irish Heritage District!  What a pleasant surprise!  As we passed the Buffalo Irish Center, we heard Irish dance being done inside.

Here are some photos along the way….not that much to photograph, really, as the Irish district looks pretty similar to other neighborhoods, save for some wee differences….

Oh my….there are times when a photo alone will not suffice. As we drove along the road,  poor Mark began to freak out!  “Katya!  I can’t read these street signs!!!! The font is so weird and I can’t make them out!”

Well, that in and of itself was worth “the price of admission” (so to speak) but I assured Mark everything was oaky…the English translation was located underneath on the “regular” blue street signs!

Buffalo is a city of rich ethnicity.  One of the largest groups has to be Polish, as well as Italian. I’m not sure that either of these groups has a specific neighborhood,  but I certainly enjoyed seeing the Irish influence as we passed along Bothar Abboid. (sorry about the proper “marks” being left out…not that savvy with such devices!)

Home once Again

This morning, we got up and began packing the truck and camper to leave our little “home” for the past few days.  The kids and I scurried about, as the skies grew more and more threatening as time passed.

Everything secured, we pulled out just as the monsoons rain arrived.  This wasn’t a gentle little spritz, either, but a downpour!  I had a feeling the rain we would get would come in torrents, as the heat we experienced came with intense humidity.  How long could the atmosphere hold all that moisture without spilling over?

The rain continued as we arrived at the arena to watch the Sabres Development Camp.  I sat in the rather chilly rink in my rain-doused skirt and sweatshirt, shivering!  The event for the day was a game and it was fabulous to observe. Mark noted several players he is thinking we will be seeing on the team and for the third year in a row, we were totally awed by Nathan Gerbe.  What he lacks in height, he makes up for in skill and speed!  We are sure he must have turbo-chargers in his skates!

We left the rink and began to head for home, stopping to get food and gas.  The kids were so happy to be going home and I really didn’t mind so much, either, as the temperature was at least 25 or 30 degrees cooler than the previous three days! 

We are home and I am so exhausted. Mark (finally) admitted once we were home that the hot weather really seemed to take a toll on all of us!  Hmmmm……

Haha! Dorothy Was SOOOOOOO Wrong!

We aren’t in Kansas but it feels like we are in the desert! Mark said on the news last night,  they told us we are experiencing a “heat wave”.  Gee, do you suppose we could have surmised that on our own?  The thermometer in the truck has been reading anywhere in the 90’s to 108 degrees.  That is *hot*.  Too hot. Even my summer-loving friends have been crying uncle in this little “spell”.

I won’t even begin to tell what has happened to my usual demeanor.  Okay, so if you truly must know, think “dragon lady”……fire-breathing and all! Yes.

Well, the great news (that goes above and beyond just plain old “good”) is that we have been living in our little camper the past few days.  The reason that is good is because the little camper is air conditioned! 

It is that time of the year when we make the annual journey toward Buffalo for Sabres Development Camp.  We get to see all the young Sabres prospects working on the ice.  Even more, this year, we get to enjoy the fantastic cool temperature inside the ice rink!  Believe me, it is fantastic!

If there is any downside to the camp, it is that the workout on ice is only an hour and a half or two.  Now, if we could sit and watch these fellows play for maybe four or five hours….

Yesterday, we took Ben and Michelle to the Fort Niagara State Park where they went swimming in an awesome pool.  There is also a pool dedicated to waterslides, so they could have even more fun in the sun and  it is a short distance from the campground where we are staying. While the kids enjoyed their time splashing in the pool,  Mark and I went for a ride. 

We wound up in Youngstown, which is just “down the street” from the fort.  I took a few photos there, but they look a bit junky as it is so hazy, everything looks blurry and out of focus!

The yachts above are located at the Youngstown Yacht Club, which is located right next to one of the sweetest public launches I’ve seen.

This is a beautiful little park. Amazing and beautiful!

That land on the other side of the water (only a few hundred yards) is Canada! Mark has come to the conclusion that perhaps we need to get the enhance drivers’ licenses so we can travel across the bridges.  We kind of miss going on over to Canada!

Here are just three shots from the Sabres camp. 

And in closing, here is a shot of Sabretooth, the Buffalo Sabres Mascot.  Sabretooth was kind enough to pose just for me!

I hope the weather isn’t so incredibly hot where you are!  And, if it is, please stay cool! I will!

Oh, and as far as Dorothy is concerned, home is NOT where I want to be right now.  The air conditioned trailer is so pleasant.  we get the added bonus of lake breezes, too, as the campground is on the shores of Lake Ontario.


Note:  I wrote this last night and oops….forgot to hit the “publish” button.  I think I am running on low in the energy department and it is beginning to show!!!

Life has been so crazed here in the Bristolwood lately.  With Mark’s diagnosis and the two of us left wondering what, exactly, he is supposed to be eating,  life has certainly been interesting.  Mark has been faithfully monitoring glucose levels and they have never once been as dreadfully high as when the bloodwork was done.  Hmmm….makes one wonder…..did someone accidentally mix up labwork, giving Mark someone else’s results?  Chances might be slim, but we do know things sometimes get switched!

Tonight, Mark and  I watched a Buffalo Sabres hockey game against the Boston Bruins. It was a good game, but as we watched,  I got terribly annoyed by the woman interviewing players.  She always had one-liner questions and she asked her (brief) question, the player answered, then she immediately switched over to one of the male anchors.  The thing that annoyed me most is the questions she asked.  She asked with no emotion and it just seemed like the questions were much deeper than her understanding of the game.

The icing on the cake was when she began talking about one of our star players….a young rookie named Tyler Myers who stands a mere six feet, eight inches tall!  She made comments about the fact that he was from Texas and it was interesting how he came to play hockey instead of basketball or even football.  She went on to say he had gone to a hockey game and after seeing the game “him and his dad” went to buy equipment so he could play hockey.

Heaven help me…I am certainly not picky when it comes to people speaking correctly, but “him and his dad”?  For Pete’s sake…..someone help this poor damsel….she is in distress and I wonder if she is even aware?  Ah well, perhaps she thinks all hockey fans are  beer-guzzling (well, that seems to be what the commercials aired imply!) mindless fellows who have been conked on the heads one too many times by a stray puck. My advice is that the network send the poor woman to school for a remedial course regarding proper speech (or, stick with the fellows that seem to be good at ad-libbing!

Oh, and while we are at it,  one of the male announcers kept calling our Tim Kennedy “Tyler” Kennedy.  Well, Mark and I decided to just join in, so we renamed everyone on the team “Tyler”.  Somehow, the name doesn’t fit too well with surnames like Hecht or Lydman.

The Sabres won with a score of 3:2.  I am happy!

Sorry, but no photos tonight.  Today was not very “picturesque”.  Clouds and rain aren’t so much fun, after all! And a bit of good news is that Mark receieved a call from the hospital regarding getting together with a nutritionist who will help guide us through what he should be eating!