Health and Dental

Random Thoughts…

Mark had a doctor appointment yesterday, so we had to run to Canandaigua. In a world in which doctoring has become an “industry” as opposed to a “profession”, it really is wonderful to visit with our doctor.  This of Medicine Woman!

The doctor told us a story about a patient who came in one day with his daughter, who had an ear infection.  The doctor, in looking at the father, discerned that he might be sick.  He was sent to another doctor for a specific procedure, who then sent him to a surgeon who discovered he had cancer.  Although this (young) man’s outlook is grim, the doctor told us she had done something totally against all of her medical training….she had gone with her intuition.

As the doctor told us this story, I felt compelled to tell her about that still small voice with which God so often speaks.  When we seem to know something that doesn’t make sense, or even comes out of the blue,  I believe God is telling us something that we need to know.  All we need to do is listen!

We shared more things that were on our minds and the doctor told us a story that revolutionized her professor’s life. The man, teaching a class of interns, asked if they could improve a patient’s outcome, with a treatment that cost nothing, but had positive results, would they do it?  The entire class answered affirmatively.

The professor went on to explain his experiment he had carried out.  He scientifically and methodically chose patients who were in the ICU.  He had a group of people who would pray for certain patients.  The praying people did not know who they were praying for, nor their conditions.  No one knew any of this, except for the Atheist  man conducting the test.

When the results were in, the man came to a firm belief in God.  The dramatic outcomes of the group of patients who were prayed for was startling. Yes, there were patients who passed away in the group being prayed for, but there were also some turn of events that had no logical explanation.

I love hearing stories like this and I think we could have gone on and on!  We and the doctor talked for a long time and at one point, she said she loves when we come in, as she feels like she has gotten a “warm hug” and, she said, she doesn’t get those often in her line of business!

One other thing that was awesome was when she asked how we could see this world and not believe in God!  I then told her about how Mark had made that same comment to an eye doctor years ago as he looked at a diagram of the human eye and the doctor responded that he did not believe in God.  It turns out our doctor goes to that same eye doctor, and in going through some difficult times, the eye doctor told our doctor he was getting some counseling from his pastor!

We have all heard the expression “God works in mysterious ways” and we cannot deny that.  What we say or do today can have a profound outcome on another’s life, wittingly or unwittingly!

After our visit with the doctor, we stopped by the new True Value Hardware store in Canandaigua,  We are so happy to have this new store, as hardware stores seem to have become a thing of the past!  But, what was even better was the fact that as I went into this store, I was amazed at the amount of goods made in the USA! Like many others, I have become so unhappy with the number of items at stores with tiny stickers on them, reading “Made in China”.

I had originally gone into the store to buy a new hummingbird feeder.  I had a large one for many years, but it finally broke.  I wanted a very small feeder, as we really don’t get many hummingbirds at our feeders.  If the sugar water sits in the sun too long, it will actually grow mold.  I constantly am changing out the mix so this doesn’t happen. Instead of throwing out a huge amount of food, I would rather have a small feeder and have to make up batches more frequently.

Looking around the store, I found an 8 ounce feeder that is US made.  The price was $9.99 and Mark looked online and discovered that was a good price.  He also found a coupon for a purchase over $25.00.  I browsed back to the seasonal aisles, as I had seen some flip flops that had caught my eye.

Although these flip flops are not as “cushy” as Crocs, they are made of a lightweight material.  Their price is $19.99, which is a good bit cheaper than Crocs as well.  Not *only* that, but these Sloggers are US made! I wore them all afternoon yesterday and I really like them!  I am flip flops all summer long….I get so uncomfortable in the heat of summer and wearing a regular shoe is out of the question!

I took my two items to the register.  The girl there told me if I signed up for a rewards card, I would get $5.00 off my next purchase.  I bought the feeder, then bought the flip flops separately, saving $5.00.   Wow, i am so impressed!  I like this store!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, kicking off the summer season.  We plan to hang around the house and open the pool and do some odd jobs at the house.  We do want to go camping next week, too.

Michelle has completed her year at Rochester Institute of Technology! It seems to have gone by so fast!  She did well, maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  At the end, she was stressed out.  The school, set up in “quarters” as opposed to “semesters” , is intense and students either love it or leave and go elsewhere.  The quarters are intense and requirements are high.

Michelle has to work a total of two quarters (20 weeks) to complete her requirements for graduation at RIT.  She decided to apply to three different companies….she was offered a job at all three.  In talking with us, she is thinking she will take this summer off and relax and then possibly work at least one quarter next fall.  We have assured her she needn’t hurry, as she could graduate at age 20, two years sooner than more people!

Well, the sun is shining and I think I will enjoy a bit of it!  It has been so overcast the past couple of days!

For My Friend Jeanne!

Jeanne, this post is especially for you.  I figure you might appreciate this AND, it might make you laugh.

If there is something that would terrify me,  I guess it might be losing consciousness.  I imagine it has to do with not wanting to miss out on anything in life. Soooo…

When I was 27,  I decided I wanted to have my teeth straightened.  Our dentist had been studying some orthodontic practices earlier in my life and when I was 15, he “installed” braces.  Long story short, the man was too kind!  He obviously never exerted enough pressure to fix my teeth.  The reason why I wanted braces really was not a vanity issue…One of my two front teeth stuck out, making me look as though I was sneering.  Not only was the tooth out of line, but it was discolored an ugly brown.

In order to place a crown on the tooth,  I needed to have braces to correct the alignment.  Before I could have braces, however, I needed to have the dreaded oral surgery. I, it seems, was blessed with only three wisdom teeth.  But.  The three wisdom teeth were all impacted.  Lucky me.

At the time, I weighed a whopping 105 pounds and the oral surgeon told me I needed to gain some weight before he would do the surgery.  Well, whatever.  I went in one chilly late August morning to have the “procedure” done.  The surgeon suggested that I have it  done in the hospital, complete with anesthesiologist in attendence.  Well, I argued that there was no way I wanted to be put to sleep.  I insisted I wanted to be awake during the surgery.  Not so sure if the surgeon thought I was totally bonkers or not, but he finally agreed.

I hopped up onto the cold metal table and immediately began to shiver.  I mean, uncontrollably shiver!  One of the nurses left the room and came back with a large blanket which was wrapped snuggly around me.  Ahh…much, much better!  A large rubber block was placed inside my mouth as the surgeon commented that there really was not very much room to work inside my mouth.

Finally feeling somewhat relaxed,  I  closed my eyes and thought about pleasantries to not concentrate on the surgery.  Suddenly, *it* hit.  Knowing that I had to let the doctor know quickly,  I made faces, mainly knitting my eyebrows together and frowning.  The nurse looked down on me and asked if I was all right.  I nooded my head yes,  and tried my best to convey to her I had to use the restroom!  She bent low and looked me in the eye.  “You have to go to the bathroom?”  I nodded my head and grunted “Uh huh” through the big black blob of rubber wedged in my mouth.

My mummy wrap was removed and the nurse gently guided me down off the table with my feet planted on the floor.  She grabbed my elbow tightly and lead me to the restroom.  For one moment,  I was fearful she was going to come inside the bathroom with me!   I quickly went to the bathroom, washed my hands, then looked at myself in the mirror above the sink….What a mess I looked!

I was so relieved when the nurse was nowhere in sight when I came out of the bathroom.  I gingerly walked back to the “operating table”, swinging myself back up and lying down, now feeling much better!  The doctor returned to assume his position and the nurse wrapped me all up in the blanket once again.

As the doctor was about to resume his work,  he bent over me, laughing.  He assured me that in all his years of experience, he had never, ever  had a patient get up and leave in the middle of his work before! He continued on.  I cannot remember how long the whole process took, but I do remember him telling me I was “one tough cookie”.

The cookie went home and crumbled!  I slept for a day and looked like one very bruised Chiquita for a few days!  In fact, when I ate a couple of days after the surgery, I got some food in one of the wounds.  I had to go to the drugstore to pick up an antibiotic and the woman there told me she was greatly relieved when I told her I had had oral surgery…she thought I had been in a fight!!!

Hope this puts a smile on your face, Jeanne!  Rest and follow the doctor’s orders!!!!

I’m (finally) comin’ round the bend!

I went down to the dentist yesterday…my appointment was originally for today, but when the little plastic temporary crown made to cover the post for my mini implant slipped partially off on Sunday,  I was anxious to get in a bit sooner!

On my way down to the dentist, I had a few extra minutes, so I stopped at Woodville and saw that one of the Eagles was perched in “the tree”.  I also watched as a young woman backed a small trailer carrying her kayak up to water’s edge.  She parked, walked around, then launched off on her own.  Time was a-tickin’ and I had an appointment!

I got to the dentist office and was taken in quickly.  The first order of the day was to remove the temporary. The hygienist was ready to crank it off with those dental “pliers”, but I told her it should pop right out.  She took a gentler approach and out it came with little urging or force!

The hygienist then told me she was going to scan my teeth.  Mark had this done previously for the manufacture of a crown, but it was new to me.  I was amazed as she began, listening to the computer giving her instructions on which to to scan, the surface to be scanned, and the degree at whixh to hold the “wand”.  It was funny….the voice sounded similar to a female computer voice for GPS.  When this was done, the hygienist looked at the scan….for one reason or another, it didn’t show the teeth properly.  She spoke to the dentist, and he came in to give it a whirl.  For one reason or another, the scan just wasn’t working….it seems there was too much light reflecting.  I told the dentist it was just my luminous nature and we laughed!

Ah yes, back to business….the lab was still going to need an accurate model of my teeth. So….back to the good ole impressions!  The hygienist came at me with one of those bite plates and a “caulk gun” full of goop.  The dentist and I laughed as she was about to try out the plate….it looked about the size to fit a horse….I have an abnormally small mouth!  She came back with the right size and gooped it up, bluish green glop running down the sides of my mouth.  To add insult to injury, the bite plate had to remain in my mouth for five minutes.  Yikes!

After that procedure was done, I thought maybe I was free, but not. Next, a bottom impression was needed. Thankfully, the glop wasn’t so wet and the plate only needed too remain for two minutes.  Then, a bit model needed to be made, showing how my bite is, top to bottom.  This one was really easy and only had to stay in two minutes as well.

In the midst of all the dental marvel, there was a four-year-old sitting in a chair kitty corner to me, absolutely terrified of the filling that was being worked on in her mouth.  Ah, what ambiance!  I was thinking back to our kids…they didn’t have filling until they were older.  It would be traumatic getting a filling at four! 

I was thrilled when the hygienist took a photo of my teeth and told me I was done!  Hurrah!  In about three more weeks, I will have the final crown mounted and this mini implant will be complete!  I am thrilled, particularly since the dentist was leary at first.  He had done a bone scan that indicated I might not have dense enough bone. However, upon screwing the post into the bone in my jaw, he said it appeared the bone was very dense.  Whatever….he was impressed when he tapped on the post yesterday.

I went back home, noting that there was an Eagle when I passed by Woodville.  I quickly made lunch and cleaned up.  When I was done,  I asked Mark about going kayaking by myself.  He has always been an advocate of the “buddy” system, just in case there is a problem.  I told him I had seen at least four women launch their kayaks with only themselves. He thought about it and gave me a thumbs up!  It was awesome!  I loaded the kayak in the back of the truck by myself and drove on down.

I was able to unload the kayak and get into the water in record time!  There was an Eagle in the tree and I paddled like crazy to get out there!  It was so obliging and just sat there as though it had been waiting for me! I took zillions of photos. Of course!

What an awesome bird!

I could have sat all day, admiring my friend, the Eagle.  Thinking I probably had some fairly good photos, I decided to leave.

I paddled over near the mouth of the river and looked over toward the tree where the Eagles often perch. I felt sorry for anyone who doesn’t even realize they are there!

It would be so easy to miss seeing these birds if one didn’t know where to look!

By now, I had taken enough photos. I had to get back home, so I began paddling away. As I was paddling, something made me turn back.  I looked at the Eagle and called out,  “Jesus loves you, Eagle”!  A funny thing to say to a bird, but I thought about the verse that states that God even knows when a sparrow falls from a tree.

I paddled to the north a bit to get out of the water lilies and seaweed that grow profusely in the shallower waters.

Suddenly, a large shadow came over me and I nearly fell out of my kayak. The next photos are awful.  Between shaking, and just being bounced about by the waves, (there was a pretty brisk breeze over the water) it was hard to capture what happened!

Now, I have no idea what, exactly, inspired that bird, but both in taking off and in landing, it flew directly over my head.  I don’t remember when I have been quite so awestruck!!!

How about a potpourri of pictures?

Talk about potpourri! These photos make no sense at all…they look as though they are just thrown together, but I will explain!

The first two were taken in Penn Yan.

This old truck was in a parking lot with a few other old cars and trucks.  It is “so” old, the tires are mounted on wooden spoked rims!

This photo was taken near the boat launch. I loved the buildings and sky reflected on the smooth as glass surface of the water!

Remember the goat in the chair?  As we were hurrying to get Ben to Urgent Care,  guess who was “lounging”?  Yup…

Wish I would have had the Nikon with the telephoto lens and also that I wasn’t hurrying! As it was, as we pulled over to photograph the old goat,  a young man was also stopped, snapping pictures!  I hurried and as I tried to jump a small ditch, I landed with my flip flop in mud which oozed up between my toes…great way to arrive at the Urgent Care center…looking like a dirty hillbilly!

This bee was really trying my patience this morning!  I had to rescue it not once, but twice from the swimming pool! The second time,  I placed it far away from the pool and it didn’t try to go back!

Michelle and I cleaned the pool today, replaced some chlorine, and backwashed the filter.  After we finished, Michelle went out to the garage to help Mark replace the front brakes on the Explorer.  While they worked in the garage, I made Michelle a  dress.  A friend had posted on Facebook about a blog showing how to make a cute sundress out of a tank top and two yards of fabric.  I had bought the things to make it a while back, but finally found some time to sit down to work on it this morning.  The whole thing probably took about forty-five minutes to make!

Our forecast was for rain today, but it held off.  After finishing my sewing,  I went out to see what kind of subjects I might find. I was getting concerned as it seems I have hardly seen any butterflies this year.  As I looked around, though, I saw a few varieties.

I also saw this little grasshopper sitting on a Calendula plant!

This butterfly is called a Little Woods Satyr.  It was so friendly, allowing me to close in for a photo shoot!

This butterfly was TINY!  I wasn’t able to find out what it is, but you can see by comparing it to grass blades, it is very small!

Mark and I had to go to the dentist today.  I was thrilled to hear the dentist say that in one month, I will have impressions made and then the new crown will be made!  The temporary crown is fine, but it will be nice to bring closure to this (mis) adventure!

On the way home, we stopped briefly in Woodville.  We had a cloudburst that lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Although it was short, it produced some pretty hefty results…and made for some nice photos…

While in Woodville, I was able to find two different varieties of Dragonflies!

When I told Mark the lawn with the cactus plants growing in it had flowers, he pulled off the road in front of a house. Quick! Take the photos and let’s get on home!

I still find it hard to believe that cactus can grow in our cold winter climate…and these plants are right next to the road, meaning they get a hefty, healthy (UN, really!) heaping of salt every winter as the plow passes by!

Well there. That does it.

I know I promised

to post some more pictures yesterday, but oh my, what a day!

The photo above is one I took walking along the boat lauch in Penn Yan and if you click to enlarge it,  it really is a cool picture…it looks dreamy…surreal! It was taken late in the day.  Which reminds me…

As I was walking to the place where I took this photo,  I passed a Mennonite man and woman sitting in folding chairs.  They looked like they were relaxing as their kids (I think there were maybe four youngsters) were fishing!  There were two or three nice looking tackle boxes sitting by the parents..the tops were open and they looked like they were full of all sorts of fishing goodies!  The mom gave me a great big friendly “Hi!” as I passed by.  What a great way to spend a Sunday summer evening!  The kids were so excited and as I walked away, one of the boys came with his pole to show Mom and Dad the “sunny” he caught! Wish I would have taken some photos of this family.  I know they would have given me permission, too, as Mom had her camera sitting in her lap!

Yesterday was quite a contrast to a relaxing Sunday, believe me! 

Ben woke up and asked if we would take him to the doctor.  His ear was so sore, he said it was beginning to hurt to eat.  Well, taking a child to the doctor is usually no problem,  but Mark’s insurance just changed….and not for the better, I can assure you!  Mark called the insurance company, trying to decipher how the new insurance will work.  After that call, he needed to talk to the (separate! ARGH!!!)  company that covers prescriptions.

Mark called Ben’s regular doctor…the pediatrician he has seen since birth.  Well, they could get Ben in at 4:15, but Ben was hurting, so we hoped to find something sooner.  Mark made a few calls, thinking perhaps we could find a doctor in Canandaigua.  The pediatrician is near Rochester which is about 40 miles from our house.  Finally, someone Mark called suggested we take Ben to Urgent Care.  Mark called the center and they said it was really quiet…if we came quickly, it might be only a 45 minute wait.  We usually end up waiting half an hour or so at the pediatrician, so we decided to try this instead.

As we drove to Urgent Care, Ben said he could hardly even hear out of the ear that hurt.  We got there and sat down.  They took Mark’s insurance information and in ten minutes!!!!!, Ben was called in.  He actually saw a physician’s assistant who said he has something similar to swimmer’s ear.  The ear drum looked good…the canal was swollen. He was given antibiotic drops as well as a steroid/anesthetic drop to use.  I think Ben felt better after hearing this was a pretty common thing.

We then went to WalMart’s pharmacy to get the prescription filled. Yikes! Ben felt so bad, he stayed in the truck, waiting. (and sleeping)  It was 82 degrees and I worried about him in the heat!  It took nearly an hour before the presciption was filled.  We finally were on our way back home.  This little adventure had us gone for about three and a half hours….if we had gone to Rochester, I cannot imagine how long that would have taken!

When we got home, we found out that the router for our computers died!  Mark talked to a guy at Time Warner because somehow that service got goofed up.  The guy told Mark we were fortunate to have gotten four or five years of service from our router since they usually only last about two or three years!

So…this post comes to you through the cell phone used as an incredibly SLOW modem!  To upload the photo above “only” took about five minutes!!!

As soon as we pick up a new router,  I will post some more photos.  We have a dentist appointment this afternoon, so I don’t imagine we will be up and running again until this evening! Ah, the technological blues….

A Quiet Holiday Weekend

Once again, it is the Memorial DayWeekend when we pay a tribute in the US to the men and women who have served in the military.  Although that in and of itself makes this a somewhat somber holiday,  it is also the weekend when the summer season for parks and various recreational facilities officially kicks off.  Kids in school look forward to summer vacation, knowing it is just around the corner.

Our family usually has plans to spend a day picnicking or otherwise enjoying the weekend, but this year, we are sticking close to home.  We  often have already spent some time camping by this date, but the little camper still sits on its pad, winterized. We have so many things that need to be attended to here at home!

I took some photos of the Scots today, trying for a good one, but it was like pulling teeth trying to get both boys looking in the same direction! And so, here is asilly shot of Murphy…

Just look at that FACE! And, a serious shot.

I forgot to mention yesterday  that I had a dentist appointment.  The dentist looked at the post for the mini-implant and said it looks great.  The tissue looks healthy and is closing  in just as it should.  I go back in a few weeks and if all goes well,  they will take an impression and send it to the lab to create a new crown.  I am so happy that closure on this whole ordeal is finally within sight!

Sometimes the Camera Wanders…

just like my mind!  Since I have been spending ever so much time at home because the price of gasoline has driven me to do so, I just have not been taking so many photos.  I suppose I could waltz up into the woods and take some pictures, but…yeah, there are endless tasks calling out that supersede any such notion.

One such task ocurred yesterday when I opened the camper to take a look at the inside.  GROSS!!!!!  I can assure you that I am ever-conscious about certain things and one of them is that we must, must, must leave the doors open on the refrigerator and freezer in the camper over the winter.  That said,  I always insert something to keep the doors ajar.  Yesterday, when I  looked, the doors were both *closed*.  Bravely, I slowly opened one door at a time, fearful that a dark mold-monster would grab me by the neck…didn’t happen.  Actually,  I think because of the minimum mold growth inside the fridge, someone closed the doors ( by accident, to be sure) rather recently.

I trudged back up to the house and filled a bucket with hot soapy, with a tad of bleach added water.  I faithfully scrubbed every square inch of that unit, even taking out the shelving to make sure that nothing remained untouched!  I propped a broomstick in the doors, making them gape even more open than usual. I got to thinking about this…we have owned that camper since 2002 and this is the first time this has happened. I guess all in all, that isn’t too bad. But,  it did set me back about an hour….

This next photo was taken last week. Mark and I went to the pond behind Arby’s because I just like to see what is back there from time to time. I walked a bit and saw some ducks.  Unfortunately, there were a bunch of people there as well. There were several young girls…maybe 10 or11 yearsold. There were six adults as well. In the water were three Mallard drakes, friendly little fellows who came on over to see if they might be so fortunate as to coerce a few tidbits of food.

I grew rather annoyed that the (stupid) girls were throwing pebbles to the ducks to see if they would eat them. The (stupid) adults were chatting as though oblivious to the girls’ activity.  As you can see,  the ducks were smart enough to discern that they were being teased and only looked under the water to see.  If the duckshadn’t hadsuch good sense, I think I might have reprimanded those naughty children right in front of  the (mindless) parents.

And the last photo is funny, although you would never know it….

As I sat on the porch swing yesterday morning (as I do most every morning for a bit) it was breezy. As  I sat on my swing, I noticed the Pansies nodding in the wind. No  big deal.  But, as I watched, I couldnot help but laugh!  The bright yellow flower, closest, was nodding its pretty face affirmatively.  The little flower would bob up and down, up and down. On the opposite end of the pot, the pale flower vigorously shook its “head” from side to side, as though vehemently opposing the brighter flower!

Now, about that post (for the mini implant) I had inserted last Friday…The post felt somewhat uncomfortable on Saturday.  The dentist called the house and asked how it was doing.  I told him it felt like there was pressure there and he asked if I had taken any Ibuprophen.  I told him no and he said I really should take it for 24 hours.  Iwas told it not only reduces swelling, but also inflammation.  Well, Idid as the doctor ordered and everything was fine.  The funny thing is,  I discovered it was the site where the novacaine was injected that was bothering me, not the post! I am surprised, but there is no pain or discomfort whatsoever!  I haven’t felt like choking and coughing , either, as I no longer have to wear the temporary tooth.  I am so excited!

Not Quite what I Expected

Today was not at all as I thought it would be! 

We awakened to a glorious, bright and sunshiny day.  It was awesome and the temperature was lovely.  Not too hot. Not too cool.  However, as the day progressed,  I went about doing my chores and I noticed I was getting some pain in the implant area of my mouth.  The dentist had told me there might be pain for two to three days afterwards, but I thought since last night went fairly well, I would be okay today.

The dentist called our house this afternoon and asked how I was faring.  When I told him I had a feeling more of  “pressure” than pain, he still advised me to take Ibuprophen for a day or two.  I had taken a couple of Tylenol this morning, since that was all we had, but he said I neededthe Ibuprophen to not only reduce swelling, but also inflamation.  Mark and Ben went out late this afternoon to get some and for the first time today, I feel “nothing”  in the area of the implant.  I guess I did need the medicine after all.

So….I didn’t get many photos at all today. I did manage some,  but they are photos of flowers. Again. For a few fleeting minutes this afternoon, I almost thought a little kayak trip might  be nice, but then came to my senses. Funny how when you don’t feel quite “right”, it is easy to think of some wild ways to distract from discomfort! Oh, and speaking of the kayak, I have not been out in it yet this year!  We have had tooooo much RAIN!

And, speaking of rain!  I am so totally disappointed.  On the hill behind the house, we have a Wild Dogwood Tree that we discovered shortly after we built the house some nearly twenty years ago. I have enjoyed seeing the pretty flowers on it every year since then, but this will be the last year we will be seeing them.  The saturated ground apparently was more than the tree’s roots could handle and during one of the bouts of wind we had earlier,  the tree tumbled down and is now lying on its side on the ground.  Even if we could have someone tip it back up, the ground is running with water where its root ball would go, and it would fall once again.  It is over twenty feet tall, so moving it from its current position would be a giant task as well.

Over the years, we have bought various plants that were potted in some very nice containers.  When I went upstairs in the garage where all of the gardening equipment and goodies are kept,  I found a terrific planter that was once the home of pretty Begonias.  Igrabbed it and filled it with a couple inches of gravel, then potting soil.  I think my Pansy pot looks pretty perky!  The plants have grown some since being potted, so they must be happy!

It is interesting watching as flowers come and go in the garden in front of the house.  The Daffodils are nowbut a memory, save for their green leaves.  The Hyacinths are gone as are the mini variety.  The Alliums I planted two years ago are making a great comeback, though. Each plant has more than one flower as they did last year when they bloomed for the first time.  The Columbines are also making a strong showing and although they won’t flower for a long time, my Mums are thriving!

Although today was a bit disappointing  photowise,  I was glad for some relaxing time! I got to swing on the new swing a few times and that was fantastic!

The Big Event!

Well, it was a big event for me!

Today I went to the dentist to have the post for a mini implant “installed”.  The whole process was a lot shorter than I thought and not too bad. The worst part of the whole ordeal was when the dentist was screwing the post in.  You know how it always feels like the dentist has drilled a “cavern” for a filling when you run your tongue over the area ?  Well, even though the post  was the diameter of maybe a small finishing nail,  it felt like a spike going in!  What was really kind of tough was when he said his fingers hurt from screwing it in and he had to use a torqe wrench! He said my bone seems very hard and solid.

The dental assistant explained that people who bruise easily can have some bruising from this proceure.  Oh NO!  I*do* bruise very easily, but have no signs of it!  The dentist and assistant lauged when I told them it was okay…I would tell everyone the dentist did it to me, just like when the Rabbi hit me!  They, of course asked what that was about! Several years ago, a Rabbi rear-ended my car….my head was turned to the left to see if any traffic was coming.  The impact caused my head to bump hard against the window and I was left with a huge goose egg on my forehead.  Upon the Rabbi’s insistance,  Iwent to the hospital where Iwas told I had a concussion.  As time went on,  the bruising retreated downward until I was left with a dandy black eye!  So….the Rabbi gave me a black  eye when he hit me!

I was told the area around the tooth will be sensitive for a couple of days, but so far, it only feels like a lot of pressure.  It really isn’t “sore”.

When I came home,  I wandered down to where the Lilies of the Valley are growing.  They are spreading each year and each year,  it  is always like seeing them for the first time.

As I snapped the photo above, the sun came out and lit up this plant!

Tomorrow, we are supposed to see sunshine and a lot of warmth. I hope I can take some photos.  With all the colorless skies and rain we’ve seen lately, it isn’t very inviting to grab the camera!