So…Ready for another dose of COLOR?

I was so miffed last night.  I frantically tried to upload the last entry before the clock dtruck midnight, but I think I missed by a minute or two.  Drat!

Yesterday, after dropping Michelle off for her afternoon classes,  I picked up Carly and her daughter, Erin, for a little photo adventure.  I really needed that! It was awesome and we had fun wandering, too.

We went to the George Eastman House first. We weren’t there very long.  We really didn’t have a lot of time, as Michelle’s afternoon classes only run three hours.  Thankfully, Carly knows her way around the city very well….I never would have even known where to go!  After finishing up at Eastman House, Carly asked if I had ever visited the Mount Hope Cemetery. Nope.  But I would like to!

We got to the cemetery and it is really an incredible place.  Carly, being trained as an Earth Science teacher, knows all about land formations and such.  She told us the cemetery is built on what is called “kettles”.  As one wanders about, it is easy to see how this type of terrain is so named.  There are deep round valleys that do indeed look like kettles!  And, Carly said if the kettles fill with water, they become kettle lakes.  Thankfully, that isn’t happening at the cemetery, lest the dead might arise from their graves…..or at least their coffins might!

We had no sooner stepped out of the car when a male Cardinal began to flirt with us!  Can you see him? He’s the intense red “spot” in the center of the photo. Click to see him bigger! I stood there and took repeated shots of him, but it was nearly impossible to get focussed correctly on him. Only when I got home did I find this really cool shot of him…

The monument below was seen from the road and I told Carly we should go look for it.  The color was just beyond fascinating…and the monument is so beautiful as well!

I guess it really is impossible to capture the brilliance of the colors of the tree.  I don’t like to fiddle around with photos. I like to try to capture my subjects just as I see them. So,  I tried shooting upward into the tree!

Enlarging the pictures adds a lot…condensing them just detracts from the glorious colors!

We had wandered off just a bit from the car when I wondered if I had locked the doors.  Not that a “graveyard” is a typical place for pilfering, but I just wanted to make sure the car was locked.  We asked Erin to run down and make sure it was locked up, as we “oldies” didn’t want to clamber down a hill, then climb once again! Erin loves to run, so she scampered off and made sure everything was set.  When she came back, she was nearly doubled over, laughing hysterically.  She thought that both she and I had been pressing the wrong button for the locks.  She was so funny!

One of the interesting aspects of this cemetery is that no space was wasted in the past.  There are literally graves everywhere! Now, remember Carly called this land kettles….

The stones in this cemetery range from elaborate to simply initials etched into a tiny just-above-ground marker.

I couldn’t quite understand why some of the sites are terribly overgrown, either? The next photo was taken from a steep clifflike area.  There was a guardrail built at the edge from concrete upright “pillars” and horizontal iron bars, but the concrete was falling apart and the bars were not very likely to keep one from tumbling down the steep grade! Anyway, the mausoleum built into the hill across from the one we were on was intriguing!

As I was photographing the building, Carly and Erin had found some rather unique seating arrangements in a section of really overgrown graves!  The cedar trees looked like they were going to overtake the stones!

Now, how we could feel so comfortable and at ease amongst the “sleeping” is beyond me, but the atmosphere was amazing! We were having so much fun and it was just the kind of day where everything looks beautiful and perfect!

Carly told me there were a couple of famous people buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery. So, off we went on a little explore to find the monuments….

A brief history lesson. And, the monument. Buried in the same place is his wife,  and a daughter.

Apparently, Mr. Douglass was married twice as this marker is nearby….

As we walked along, I noticed this and smiled. Ironic it is in a cemetery, for in the crevice of a dead stump, a new little tree had taken root and was growing!

Another brief history lesson. On the way to Susan’s grave, what should Erin spot?

Definitely enlarge this one, as you can see the little fellow is sitting on the edge of a stone that says “safe with Jesus”. Too cute!

Susan B. Anthony’s simple, unassuming marker.  It seems so small for a woman who so greatly impacted the rights of women in this nation, and perhaps even elsewhere in the world.

And, one last tree shot….

We only covered a tiny slice of this huge cemetery. Perhaps one day we will revisit and see even more. 

Did you ever believe when you saw the title above that such amazing color would be found in an old, old cemetery?

Bet You Thought I’d Gone Away?

No, I have been here. I have just been overwhelmed by day to day life in general.  As I watched the days passing by one after another,  I decided I would wait until December first to begin posting once again.

In all honesty, life has been so full of this, that, and the other thing, I just thought a break would be beneficial to my overly-stimulated brain cells!  I keep bumping into myself coming and going and I was feeling a bit “fragile” to be perfectly frank.  Life has been one activity followed by another…most not lending themselves to my photography addiction and that made me feel so distraught! 

Soo….where do I begin?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Ben and I began working on painting his bedroom.  Poor Ben. He had been given a small room and it was painted a (very!) pale pink color on the walls.  I loved that pink, as it really didn’t appear to be pink. When Ben was about ten, he decided pink was not his choice of color.  Taking matters into his own hands (quite literally, indeed!) he worked frantically, using an office stapler to mount newspapers and old maps to cover what he insisted was a hideous color.

Ben learned how to not only spackle, but also repair walls with some major flaws in them! He worked for a long time, removing those small staples and filling in the holes.  He had also made some larger holes in the walls so he learned how to repair those as well. 

After visiting the home centers a few times and bringing home scads of color chips to mull over, Ben decided on a color called “Fretwire”.  *as in the wire used to form the frets on a guitar*  I thought the color might also be called buckskin, as it reminds me of that color. (really dating myself here…remember when there *weren’t* zillions of colors available?)

Here is a photo of the freshly painted room.

This photo seems a little light to me, but you can see it looks very nice with the moulding and floor. Too bad. Well, about the floor, anyway, as Ben wants to put down some carpeting.  Argh. Oh, hey, Ben’s ceiling isn’t boring white, either!  The color is Swiss Coffee.  Doesn’t that sound like something one would want to awaken to?

Mark and Ben have some plans for building a bed and finishing the room.  I will show photos as the room progresses.

This is the time of the year when we begin to think about decorating.  One of the projects we undertake is a Christmas wreath on Mark’s dad’s grave.  Al really loved Christmas, so this is really special. This year, I asked Mark if we might try doing the wreath ourselves.  We usually go to a business across the road from the cemetery, but I thought we might try our hand at this.  As it worked out, we bought a gorgeous wreath from Wegman’s.  The only thing I had put on at this point was the bow. (and yes, most always a lovely plaid!)

Michelle saw me decorating the wreath and thought she might like to give this a try, so I stepped aside. This is what she wound up creating.

I was thrilled with the end result, as was Mark.  The most surprising outcome of our do it yourself effort is that it cost about one-half of the price we typically spent.  And, it had a lot more decorations!

Thanksgiving was the 25th of November this year.  Carly had asked if we wanted to join her and her family at her in-laws’ home this year. Wow, Carly offered to make the entire feast (with lots of helo from her three kids) and I wasn’t about to let an offer like that go! 

Madeline and Cy are the most awesome hosts and we spent the hours talking and laughing, sharing stories and just having so much fun!  Carly and the kids were bustling about in the kitchen when we arrived and it was awesome watching them work!

So, here are some photos of the most awesome feast!

That turkey could not have been any more perfectly browned! It looked like something from a magazine!!! (Carly used some recipes she had found in magazines to prepare this amazingly executed fare.)

Carly spent so much time creating this fit-for-a-king meal.  The bread used in making the stuffing was made by Carly! Carly’s Sarah has an allergy to soy and soy-based products, so Carly is careful about making food without those culprits.  It is tough sometimes, but she has been doing it long enough that it isn’t so taxing anymore.

Oh my, those devilled eggs were good! Carly made the mayonnaise used in making them as well since most mayonnaise contains some soy or soy products. The stuffing to the left of the eggs was awesome with cranberries and pecans included! On the very left of the photo is the delicious cranberry sauce she made.

By the way, isn’t that table elegant?  Madeline had created a most beautiful atmosphere in which to enjoy the meal! I loved the colors….everything really was picture-perfect!

The one dish I loved that I probably overate on was Brussel Sprouts and grapes.  I thought the combination really different, but it was lip-smacking good!

Oh, the rolls behind the Brussel Sprouts and Grapes were my (humble) contribution.  Carly had initially asked me to make an apple pie, but later asked if I could bring rolls instead. I love making rolls, so I was happy to do so.

Mmmm….there was rice with cranberries as well. There were amazing bite-sized biscuits with Chai and cranberries and simply amazing mashed potatoes with celery root.

The flowers on the table just added to this special meal!  Everything was fantastic!  I enjoyed this day so much. It was obvious that Carly and the kids had put a lot into this special holiday. Carly also made the most scrumptious pumpkin pie!

After a most filling meal, the women retreated to the kitchen to put away leftovers.  The kids went to the family room to enjoy some Wii games and Mark and Ben visited with Cy for quite some time. Cy had set up his bass guitar, thinking Ben might like to give it a try.  Ben thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and was impressed by some things Cy showed him and Mark.

It seemed like the time flew by…as always, times flies when the occasion is enjoyable!

Thanks again, Madeline, Cy, Carly, and all who contributed to make this day one of the most memorable ones we have enjoyed!  I am just sorry this is so late!

So Far Behind!

I am so (nearly hopelessly!) behind in my blog visiting!!! I am going to try to get around to reading some time today.

Before we left for Darien Lake,  I had begun painting (staining, actually) the front porch.  I had no idea that painting railings takes forever!  I spent many hours and on the third day of going at it, Ben joined me to help…what a great help he was!  We were hoping to have most of the porch done before we left, but not so!  Today was no day for painting…the humidty was so high and it finally rained late this afternoon. 

Last night,  I received a call from my Amish friend saying that her baby needed to have a transfusion. We talked for over an hour!  For those who pray,  I ask that you might remember tiny Susanna in your prayers.  She entered this world weighing only one pound, fourteen ounces, and  thirteen inches long! My friend said she is so tiny, she looks like a little doll!  The doctor told Eunice and her husband there will be many “bumps in the road” ahead, but she is trying to remain positive.

I have fallen behind in my blogging, but…well, life seems to be moving along in fast forward lately!

Alrighty, then. The above was written early this morning. “Before* ….

1) I had to use up some apples that were going soft, so I baked an apple pie.

2) We had to contact the college about Ben taking a music course there this fall…which led to me having to make a mad dash for Pastor Bert’s house for a letter of recommendation.  Pastor Bert and his wife left today for New York City because they are flying to Peru along with a medical doctor to treat kids and reach out to the people. (Pastor Bert is originally from Peru)

3) I had to prepare a quick lunch for my starving (NOT!) family

4) Run down to Naples to buy gasoline for the lawnmower

5) Return home and quickly pack three boxes to send out via UPS this afternoon

6) Help Mark

7) Fall on the floor into a big heap of tired humanity!

Oh, I am so tired.  But I did not decide to post this to complain! No, no, no!

On Sunday, after visiting with my Amish friends in Rochester,  Mark and I called Carly and finally did something we had talked about for years and years!

There is an area of Rochester called High Falls.  Yes, there are falls located on the Genesee River there!  Every night, there is a small laser show, complete with fireworks.  We had talked about going to see this for years, but never really found the time to *do* it! 

The laser show is projected onto a large stone wall across from the falls. Unfortunately, when both Carly and I tried to photograph the laser show,  we came up with small parts of the “pictures”.  It was rather funny, but….

Makes for some cryptic photos!

It was really, really dark for the laser show!

But the Genesee Brewery was well lit across the bridge we were atanding on!

Well, if one cannot take good photos at a laser show, how about lasers on buildings?

The laser show was fun, paying tribute to many famous Rochestarians and offering a brief history of the city as well! Now, getting bored and a tad frustrated that laser images do not capture well, I must admit I did get a bit antsy, looking about for some good photo ops.

Did I mention the fireworks?

The bridge we observed the show from had a nice sign with some history…

And an historical marker as well!

As we began making our way back to the parking garage where we left the truck, we passed  by a wall built in 1816, that was part of a forge. Of course, this piqued Mark’s interest.  It really was quite interesting, especially the way it was so nicely lit in the dark!

The thing that immediately caught my eye at the forge was the huge water wheel!

And another look at the wheel…

Although downtown Rochester isn’t my cup of tea, day or night,  this area was fascinating and so beautiful!

Ah, yes! This is an historical district, making it a desirable section of the city! We noticed there were little signs throughout the area,  designating walking tours of the area.. Now, if we can just rope Carly long enough to take us on a tour!

Mark commented later that he lived in the city some thirty years and had never visited this place before!  Can you imagine?

What a Splendid Sunday!

This morning,  Carly called bright and early to ask if we were going to come to Canandaigua to watch Kyle run a 5k race.  We got ready to go and just before we left,  Michelle put Murphy and Angus into the truck, only to discover that Murphy had a cracked toenail that twisted sideways and was bleeding.  We put some ice inside a ziplock bag and applied it to the area to stop the bleeding.

We arrived really late at the race,  after Kyle had already finished the run.  I felt so nervous about Murphy, so we called an emergency veterinary hospital just to make sure he would be okay.  After the bleeding stopped, Carly gave me a piece of bandage tape from her first aid kit and I wrapped it, securing the nail a bit so it hopefully wouldn’t bleed anymore.

Carly told us she and her family were going on a picnic this afternoon with her in-laws.  I told her that sounded like fun, so she asked us to come on along.  We were truly thrilled because we wanted to do something that the kids would enjoy but were unsure of what that “something” should be. 

We rushed over to Wal Mart and picked up some goodies to take along with us and then we hurried on home to get ready.  Erin had asked if she could come along with us, so she and Michelle made up a pretty brownie “cake” with delicious frosting and sprinkles on top!  I made a big salad and grabbed several items to take along.

Carly had suggested we go to a part of Durand Eastman Park ( I think that’s right, eh Carly?) where there weren’t picnic tables or grills.  We brought along our camping table (which was absolutely LOADED with food!!!) and Carly and Jeff brought their grill. 

Cy and Madeline brought the most wonderful food,  and Carly made delicious Spring Rolls that were fantastic!  There was so much food, we could have fed an army.  The spot that was chosen was almost entirely ours, with only a few cars and people showing up.  Here are some photos of the area.

Yes, we had this huge green area all to ourselves!  It was so shady and nice…there were no bugs or loud people around.

We ate (far too much!) and as we sat and chatted, Cy took the kids on a hike down a trail that ran nearby.

I had to take a few more photos, as there was a sign nearby stating there was an arboretum located nearby as well. We were actually enjoying the company of some rather old pine trees where we had set up, but down the road just a bit was a field planted with several varieties of fruit trees.

I was enjoying my little romp when I noticed how I was literally fitting right in with these trees!

The kids appeared to be having some fun just hanging around and playing together.

Somehow,  I missed getting some candid shots of Sarah and Michelle.  I think they were moving too fast!  Erin, as always, kept us smiling!

After the kids waited patiently for the adults to stop visiting,  they were elated to get the opportunity to go swimming! They helped clean up the area and Cy and Madeline went home.   We then headed on down to the beach.  Lake Ontario is a very large lake with no land to be seen on its horizons.  Just a little way from the swimming areas, all manner of boats could be seen.  People were thoroughly enjoying the parks this holiday weekend! The summer season more or less is “official” on Memorial Day weekend, and the weather could not have cooperated and more!

As we were leaving the park,  we looked for the swans and their cygnets Carly and Madeline had spotted earlier.  Thanks to Michelle’s good eye, she told me they were swimming in the corner of the pond across the road from the lake.

Mark decided to brave traffic near Seabreeze Park since we were so close to it.  I was happy as there were several swans there as well, being fed by people. This swan was swimming in a most “unique” manner. (Note the foot!)

As I walked back to the truck, I smiled at this fellow’s rather one-of-a-kind tattoo. Apparently he is proud of his Puerto Rican heritage….

All in all, we had a fantastic day, enjoying the warmth and sunshine as well as good company and delicious food!

Happy Birthday, Carly!

Carly and her kids came down to visit today, and what a day we had!

I was up and at it at 4:30 this morning.  We had gone shopping at Sam’s Club yesterday, to pick up many of the essentials needed for today’s “Thanksgiving” meal.   I decided to keep my photos to a minimum because:  a. GRRRRRR!!!! If I have one complaint on the Panasonic camera, it is that the mode selector, located on top of the camera,  slips into various modes with little persuasion. Panasonic would do well to lock the mode button in place, using a little slide or button so the camera doesn’t go off into another (UNselected) mode, causing terrible-looking photos! (case in point is below) and b. Carly got a new lens for her birthday and was checking it out. Therefore, I kept my mind on the food preparations!

The first photo features the brand-spanking new roaster pan I bought at Sam’s yesterday….no more mishaps with juices starting the oven on fire!

As you can see, the skin on the turkey has an unsavory yellow-look.  The bird did not appear yellow in person!

The meal consisted of: roast turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato souffle,  homemade cranberry sauce, homemade butter cloverleaf rolls, stuffed mushrooms, green bean casserole, and broccoli cheese casserole. Oh, and I also made two pumpkin pies.  I was finishing up the dishes when Carly and the kids arrived. 

The kids had so much fun playing and just enjoying each other.  We sat down to eat at about 1:30, and Carly and I took the kids over to the park later.

Just as we arrived at the park,  so did a veritable snowstorm!

The winds howled, the snow blew about, and the kids laughed and giggled and had a remarkably fun time! I went down on the sled a few times and it was so fun! The kids reminded me of bear cubs, tumbling about and rolling on the ground.  Kids and snow were made for one another!

When Carly and the kids left, Michelle and Ben chatted on and on about how much they need to get together again!


This afternoon, once far away from Mark and the kids,  I called Carly to tell her about the strange experience I had this morning. I just had to tell someone, and since Carly knows me best, I figured she would get a kick out of my misfortune….

Carly answered her cell phone and sounded quite uncomfortable. Upon inquiring what happened, she explained to me that she and her kids had gone to a cemetery to take some pictures.  As she walked along,  she stepped on what she thought was snow, but was really ice….lost her footing and landed somewhat on one side, on her back. As she talked, she said she was glad she didn’t land on her head! The visual this created in my mind mortified me! Could you imagine if she had knocked herself out and the kids had to dial 911 and explain? in a cemetery?

Carly’s encounter made mine dim greatly and I had no reluctance in telling her what had happened….I  got out of the tub this morning, wrapped in a towel, and put my contacts in.  After about an hour, when I was trying to read, it became evident to me that my left lens was missing.  I searched all over where I had been. I looked on the floor, the table, even the towel I had around me. No contact.

Early in the afternoon, I could no longer stand the “lopsided” feeling of wearing one contact.  I went upstairs and took the lens out. As I rubbed it to clean it, it suddenly doubled itself!

Yessirree….I have no idea exactly how I managed, but I had been wearing TWO contacts, piggy-backed, in one eye! As the lenses soaked, they came apart and I was able to distinguish the left from right lens.

I think one lens had flipped and conformed to my finger. Since my up-close vision isn’t so great,  I missed seeing it and placed the other lens on the same finger. Then, the lenses, being wet with solution, fused themselves together to become one lens! The strangest part of this entire story is that today is the day I am supposed to throw these lenses out and replace them with a fresh pair!

So….could it possibly be something in the air? After all, it isn’t every day that one falls flat on her back in a cemetery. nor places two contacts in one eye!

The Veterinary Visit

Yesterday, when I met Carly, it was at the veterinary clinic. I wasn’t taking the Scottie boys…..instead, Carly’s little Dachshund, Joe, needed a booster. Since the vet office is located nearly midway between our homes, Carly asked me to meet her.  I really do enjoy vet offices. There is so much to observe… is never a dull visit!

 Several years ago, I read the wonderful veterinary adventures of James Herriot. I laughed at some stories until tears flowed down my cheeks. Herriot’s style of writing…so highly animated, held my interest and made me long to visit England and Scotland. Someday, perhaps.

I met Carly and we went inside the clinic. This particular office is very nice with a large reception room.  The area is bright and everyone working behind the desk appears to thoroughly enjoy being there!

As we sat down, there was a woman sitting nearly in the center of the room with her kitty in a small carrier. Carly’s Joe was raised in a home with cats, and he was anxious to examine this kitty. As he walked across the laminate flooring, his little toenails tapped and seemed almost amplified. The woman began to look very forlorn and slid down the bench she was on, moving the kitty in the carrier away from us, as though she was annoyed by Joe’s inquisitive nature.  Suddenly, my heart sank as I wondered if the kitty was there for his or her final visit. I felt so bad as I observed the woman now positioned with her head held in her hands, elbows on her knees…..what if…..

My attention was diverted when a man walked in with a rather elderly-appearing black Lab. The dog wore a metal training collar….the kind with the spikes that dig into the ruff of the neck when and if the dog chooses to lunge.  The collar looked so ridiculous on this sedate dog who walked calmly to the scale behind the reception desk and sat down as though he or she had done this many, many times before! 

As I was watching the animals and their owners, the vet techs called them into adjoining rooms for their appointments.  One of the girls at the desk apologized to Carly, telling her that the vet Joe was scheduled to see was running a little late.

A couple then entered the room with another kitty in a carrier. The woman went over to one of the benches and set the carrier on the floor as the husband announced that he was going to bring in “the dog”.  Shortly thereafter, he re-entered the room looking as though he was being dragged by the most highly-energized Golden Retriever I have ever seen. My own Irish Setter that I owned many years ago would have seemed somewhat calm compared to Sassy!

Sassy was truly beautiful and her size and stature really did remind me of my girl, Shelby. The owners looked rather apologetic about their girl’s restless behavior, but worked to calm her down a little.  As Sassy pranced about, she resembled a hyperactive child with what looked like a big smile upon her face!

Just then, a smallish woman entered the room with a dog in her arms. As I watched,  my heart nearly stopped beating as I wondered if the dog was a Sealyham. I questioned the woman after she spoke with the receptionist, but it turned out the dog was a shaven Wire-Haired Dachshund. She looked rather large when compared to the diminutive woman. The woman took a seat and the poor dog in her arms shook as though chilled to the bone!

When the Dachshund came into sight, Sassy went even more ballistic! She looked as though she was ginning ear to ear as she closed in to examine the dog within the other woman’s arms. Sassy’s owners pulled her leash in and apologized for Sassy frightening the poor dear into a shaking fit! The owner smiled and said the Dachshund was soon to turn 16 years old, and the “shakes” was just a part of her veterinary visit. She never shook any other time!

Just then, a tech came out and grabbed the Dachshund into her arms and took her into another room. The woman remained in the waiting room, as though she had complete confidence in the practice to take care of her elderly baby.

Carly was called into the exam room and I remained in the waiting room.  Joe tapped his way across the floor, looking just a bit forlorn at the thought of an examination! He is a good boy, though, and went on in for his appointment without much resistance.

The owner of the Dachshund then came over and sat next to me, chatting about her dear girl. She told me she had two more Dachshunds at home that did field trials. When I told her a man lived not too far from us who had a little Wire-Haired Dachshund used for tracking down injured deer, she asked his name. She said that many deer-tracking Dachshunds also attend the field trials.  We chatted on a bit, until the vet tech reemerged with the elderly girl cradled in her arms.

As the Dachshund and her owner left, the woman turned around and told me what a pleasure it was talking to me. Ah, if only she knew….the pleasure was all mine!

Sassy’s people began talking to me across the room after the Dachshund and her owner left. We chatted about how much a dog like Sassy loves to run freely. The people told me she never leaves their property, although she is a Retriever, she cannot swim, and that as a puppy she only slept a maximum of three hours a night if they were lucky!

At one point, the woman who was originally the sole appointment came back out with a smile on her face and her kitty across her shoulder, much like a baby. The vet walked across the room and she followed, looking so greatly relieved. And, I was relieved as well, seeing that the kitty was probably fine!

Shortly after Sassy and her kitty were called into one of the exam rooms, Carly came back out with Joe.

I felt badly on two accounts….one was that my camera was out in the Explorer and that I hadn’t photographed these wonderful clients and their people!  The other was that I now had to leave and would miss all the other clientele and their humans.

As I left the premises, my mind wandered off to the Herriot books….I can certainly understand his passion to write about his dear little patients and the people who loved them so…..

Yesterday’s Most Wonderful Adventure!

I won’t waste a lot of time and energy telling you what a wonder-filled day I had yesterday. Instead, I will allow my pictures to take you on a small adventure of your own. These are only a few of the over 350 pictures I took yesterday. To say it was hard to only pick a few would be a grave exaggeration.

Take a few minutes to enlarge these pictures by clicking on them. I only hope you can then “feel” a little bit of this tremendous experience! As you look through the pictures, imagine old time “fiddlin'” filling the air as you explore. Such was our experience yesterday. It was a clear, beautiful day and Carly and I could not have had a better time!

Oh, and the name of this little community is Genesee Country Village and Museum. How fortunate we are to have such a wonderful glimpse of the past nearby…..






















Out for the Day


Today Mark and I celebrate our 17th anniversary.  Mark isn’t feeling very well; he is coughing and feeling miserable.  Tomorrow is my birthday.   Carly wanted to take me out for the day today to celebrate my birthday.  Since Mark is feeling badly, I thought it would be wonderful to spend the day with Carly.

Many years ago, Carly and I were living in Buffalo. We met a dear friend there who was a “fiddler”. He introduced us to the “Fiddler’s Festival“,  and Carly and I attended each year.  When Mark and I were first married, this became an annual event as well,  as he loves the music, too!

I haven’t been to the festival in a few years, so when Carly mentioned this, I was so excited!  Hopefully, I shall return later today with photos!