The Luna Moth hung around the house for quite awhile…..I spotted it hanging on the railing on the back deck.  I am so fascinated by this moth as it really stands out with its bright green coloration and large kitelike body.  I took a few photos, trying to find a good angle, but then it moved down onto the railing as the sun got brighter and hotter!  It remained there for hours,  its body almost “floating” as breezes swept past!

A funny thing happened with another one of these moths. Michelle wassitting on the deck and decided to open the umbrella at the table.  She turned the crank and the umbrella rose.  Suddenly, she felt something fall onto her head and she began screaming!  Mom! Mom! I had to laugh as she shrieked and related the story of the falling Luna! The poor moth landed on the table and then (after it regained its composure) flew off and hid on a leaf in a maple tree in the woods!

I never would have thought I would enjoy looking at a moth, of all things, but this moth is really so pretty.  If you look at it upside down, the “eyes” on the wings look strikingly like human brown eyes!

All right…I will stop before I get called a Luna-tic!

Oops. Just one more photo!

Yup. Probably the face that only a mother (Luna) could love.  But you must admit….it really is kinda cute compared to *most* moths!


A most unexpected visit!

I have posted a photo of the large bright green moth that is called Luna Moth.  That moth is so amazing and it really is pretty!  Last night, however, Luna startled me so much, even though I don’t startle easily.  I was walking outisde to the garage when I heard such a “whirrrrr” sound!  I didn’t turn on the outdoor lights, but I saw Luna at about the same time Luna saw me and made a beeline to the trees, landing in a small maple tree.  While the Luna might be pretty to look at, I would saw it isn’t the most stealthy flier!

Here is Luna sitting outside the kitchen window last night.

Yesterday morning, I had such a treat!  When I went outside, I looked to see what was in the “moth collection”.  Strange, but true.  I have been leaving the fluorescent light above the kitchen sink on at night to attract moths to the back of the house.  Since I had seen the Io Moth several days ago, all I wanted was to see it again.  Io is a rather large moth, brightly colored yellow.

I had remembered reading about moths and butterflies that had “eyes” on their wings to ward off predators, but had never seen one live before this year!  It really is amazing and you can see how Io’s “eyes” look startlingly similar to those of an owl.

It really is incredible the things one can find when really looking!

Up on the Rooftop

Reindeer paws…..

Hahaha!  Now you will be humming that silly Christmas song all day and getting miffed at me!

Actually, what I am referring to was *not* on the rooftop.  Technically, it was on the antenna!

Can you see it? Look closely at the center of the photo and you will see a tiny Hummingbird sitting on the antenna!  That little bugger is there every morning. 

After never being able to capture the swift moving Hummers before,  I finally got the bright idea to hide down off the back deck, behind the balusters.  I found that by staying there, the Hummers don’t really see me, or if they do, they don’t see me as a threat!

Yesterday morning, I got up and as I was washing some dishes, I noticed a green wing on the window. Of course, curiosity made me get outside to see what, exactly, I was looking at!

This Luna Moth was huge!  It was also quite a pretty moth!  It reminded me so much of a kite with a tail on it.  The moth remained on that window well into last night.  The kids found it fascinating as well.

The antennae on this moth were striking….looking like feathers.

The morning began so hot, I felt like crying…literally! It was so hot and humid. I  couldn’t even begin to imagine how the day was going to end!

Late morning, I found Mark staring at the computer screen.  When I asked what he was doing, he commented that the kids wanted him to get into the pool.  He was checking with one of the weather sites because we knew there was going to be some rain.  He told me there were some thunderstorms heading our way, but decided to go in.

Mark and the kids were in the pool for awhile when the sky began to darken.  Off in the west, I thought I heard thunder rumbling. Within a few minutes, we could hear it was coming much closer, so everyone got out of the pool.  Not long afterward, the wind kicked up with gusts that were amazing!  The sky broke open and it absolutely poured! It rained so hard, we could scarcely believe it.  Then the hail began!  The rain was falling and in it were pieces of hail…mostly small, but I saw some chunks bigger than ice cubes from the icemaker!

It continued to rain and hail for probably another five minutes, then it calm down to just pouring rain once again. It rained quite a long time, dropping well over an inch.  I am not certain just how much rain we got, but it was a lot.

We had some running around to do so we drove to Victor.  Along the way, we saw some substantial branches snapped off trees by the wind and rain.  We passed one house that had its roof completely covered in leaves…quite the green roof!  We found out later while in Victor, some stores were closed due to power outages.

By evening, everything was settled back down and we managed with no damage. We had so many episodes of high winds in the winter and spring, I think everything remaining is quite healthy.

I got up this morning and someone had left the light on outside in the back.  I went out and saw moths all over the back of the house. As I looked at all the critters, I saw one on the door jamb.  It was pretty big, so I thought I had better remove it.  Mark hates moths flying in the house. I picked up a pool toy and it latched on.  I set it down, when I looked once again…..the moth was bright yellow with two big markings…one on each wing…that looked like eyes! 

I had to take Murphy outside, so as soon as I came back in, I grabbed a couple of cameras, thrilled at my “moth find”. I walked out back and the moth was gone!  Waves of disappointment washed over me! In looking online, I discovered it was an Io male. It certainly makes me wonder just how many more amazing creatures I have passed by day after day and never saw!

Quite the Collection!

This morning, upon going outside, I stumbled on quite a variety of moths…


This moth’s body had to be at least two inches long!

Then there was the weird moth….

The white moth….

And another moth…who was kinda cute…at least compared to the others!

Of course, the little Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly that allowed me to close right in on it to take photos was much more fun than the moths!


The absolutely weirdest thing I photographed today was something I made. 

We had lots of little things to do all day, so I was busy on and off.  About suppertime, I decided to try my hand at something I had seen on the internet.

What do you mean, what is it???

Why, it is a Turtleburger!!!!  That poor burger was a bit confused, though as I stuffed Kosher hot dogs in for the extremities, then added bacon on top!  I wasn’t thrilled about the bacon, as I do not even eat pork. 

Well, now I can hold my head up and be counted amongst those who have created this “delicacy”……

Ah,what a quiet, peaceful day!

What???  Are you kidding?  You have got to be kidding!!!

No, it was not a quiet day, but we did have a little fun!  We had an early afternoon appointment to have some (more) work done on the Explorer.  This is not one of my favorite topics, to be sure.  But in all fairness, it is a 2002 and we have had that vehicle for alomost nine years. 

While we were getting a new part installed,  we looked at some new vehicles.  They have changed a great deal and the prices have skyrocketed! It seems something isn’t right when basic vehicles can cost a quarter of the price of a modest house!  While a house can increase in value as one makes improvements, a vehicle decreases the moment one drives it out of the showroom!

Ah well.  We drove to Victor and looked at some other vehicles as well. Sure is fun to get your fill of new car smell!!!!

Here are some photos from today…..

We left home shortly after noon and just got home at almost nine-thirty.  And tomorrow….more of the same. Doctor and dentist appointments are sure to keep us hopping again!

Waiting for the heat to leave!

It seems like everyone I have talked to is saying the same thing….they cannot wait for the heat to stop!  It really is difficult trying to deal with temperatures so high, one sweats just sitting still!

This pretty Queen Anne’s Lace should cool us off!  This was taken down near the plateau where we store the camper.  There is a huge patch growing there, and it is so pretty! I happened to get it when the lighting was favorable.

Today,  I saw a different butterfly fluttering about near the Butterfly Bush.  I got close and it flew off.  First, it swooped up into the air as though being drawn up by an invisible current….then it dive-bombed me!  I followed it around and around, then gave up.  Enough of that!  I went outside a short time later and saw the little critter sitting on the bush again. 

I have figured out that the best way to capture a shot of a butterfly is to advance from behind!  I was out there trying to capture the Elusive Butterfly and the family was all sitting in the truck,  waiting to go out.  Well, I had to settle for far less than perfect.

I can’t say I am familiar with the name Milbert’s Tortoiseshell, but that is what this butterfly is called. When I looked up its name online, the information said they are shy and very hard to capture a photo of.  Hmmm…I could have told them that!

I did manage to get some photos of a hummingbird moth!  It came in and was intermingling with the pretty butterfly.

Just like a hummingbird, this moth can hover while gathering its food. Here is another photo…far less than stellar, but showing the moth’s backside.

It is late and I am tired.  I think when this heat and humidity leaves again,  I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief!  I do mean that literally….gasping and trying to catch my breath the past several days has been so frustrating!

Lazy Summer Day

This morning,  Michelle was up bright and early for her Rochester Institute of Technology orientation.  Truth be told, our girl was a bit hesitant about going….this was a “Michelle only” event….no Mom or Dad to help walk her through it.  Although Michelle exhibits confidence, every now and then, she gets a little “stage fright”. We encouraged her she would be fine and will even be meeting new friends along her way.

The weather forecast was for hot and humid, with a threat of scattered (but perhaps violent) thunderstorms.  Since I have had breathing issues the past few days,  we decided it might be wise for me to remain home with the Scottie boys.  I was happy because when no one is around,  I find myself more at ease and able to rest.

So, off went Mark, Ben, and Michelle this morning.

I enjoyed having some free time to look around on my Facebook account.  Sad to say,  I usually miss much of what is said or going on as I rarely have time to sit and read for long!  I only read the most recent of postings, so I am really behind on what is happening in everyone’s lives!  Oops!

After spending a few hours doing a little laundry, straightening the house, and washing dishes,  I looked at the Scottie boys who both were looking a bit forelorn.  Hmmm….perhaps they wanted to cool down a little with a ride in the Explorer.  When I mentioned the words “ride in the car”,  their tails began wagging!  Okay, so a car ride it was!

We drove on down to Woodville just because it isn’t that far away, and also, there is just something about life at the lake (not the people, but the birds, fish, and animals!) that excites me.  As we pulled into the boat launch, I spotted two white heads in the “Eagle tree”.  Oh, how my heart longed to be able to kayak out to see them! I took my camera and walked around a little, just taking some photos here and there…

Not satisfied with the 200mm zoom of my lens,  I stepped into the lake wearing my flipflops.  Thinking I should brace myself for the chill, I was shocked when the water actually felt warm!

As I was walking around, a car pulled into the parking lot with what looked like a sailboat on top. (It was a flat board, as opposed to a kayak)  I scooted into the Explorer and moved away, as I was blocking the launch area. I tried to nonchalantly watch the woman…she looked older, and she was alone, save for her dog,  launch this craft.  She slid the board down off the top of her roof, and placed it into the water.  She then got a paddle from the car, and had her dog follow her. Drat!  i didn’t notice the sequence of events…whether it was she or the dog who got onto the boat first…

The dog stood solidly at the front of the little boat as his mistress paddled out onto the lake. Guessing from the mostly grey muzzle, my guess was that this dog was an old hand at these adventures!  Amazing.

The rest of today’s photos were taken with the small point and shoot Canon camera….yes, I carry both cameras a lot!

One of the greatest challenges of using a point and shoot camera, versus a D-SLR (digital-single lens reflex)  is the lagging shutter speed.  With a D-SLR, as soon as you press the shutter button, you capture exactly what you see in the viewfinder. The typical point and shoot takes a bit more time to hone in and shoot.

That said, I challenged myself to capture a photo of a hummingbird with the small camera.  It was a challenge, for sure!  Add to that the lack of lighting.  With trees shadowing our front porch (I am NOT complaining here!) it makes lighting a bit of an enigma. 

Plus, these little birds move…..fast! That bugger was playing peekaboo in the next photo!

The Scotties and I were having such a lazy summer dog day!  We finally got a call from Michelle at about five saying they were on their way home.  Wow!  What a long day this was.  Michelle was beyond excited….she was so happy!  She loved the orientation and she even met some people she already knows! 

After the call, Angus and I decided we would go outside to relax a bit.  Michelle told me it was 91 degrees in Rochester!   Here in the trees, it was only 82.  as we settled in on the hammock,  a nice breeze gently cooled us.  Hanging suspended midair on fabric in the shade of trees is a terrific way to relax and cool off!  (Too bad I had run out of lemonade!)

It was a little tricky holding a Scottie, leash, and camera, while mounting the hammock, but Angus and I made it look easy! Or not!  Angus got a bit nervous, but settled down.  Thankfully, Murphy was content to remain under the bed in the house. Two Scotties would have been very difficult!

Of course, with both Angus and I delicately balanced on the hammock, there was no way to make it swing back and forth. One false move and either of us, or both, might fall onto the ground.  And so, we settled in, just enjoying the time of relaxation…

Until I got just a little stir crazy!

That is my favorite necklace, by the way…handmade by a soapmaking friend all the way over in Oregon!

A rather uneventful day

Thank you, Lord, for uneventful days!  Sometimes we just need a little break from hustling and bustling about!

Mark and Michelle worked once again on the Explorer.. .this time, on replacing the rear brakes.  The front brakes are done! They were doing well until a stripped bolt on one of the calipers stopped them dead in their tracks.  Drat!  Mark came in the house and got online to discover there is a specific tool made for extracting bolts, so he and Ben ran to Canandaigua this evening to buy it.  Yay! I think…

This morning, we were discussing some work that needs to be done on the Explorer.  Mark said that it is pretty complicated and involves removing a lot of parts as well as needing special tools.  We got online to see if there were any auto shops nearby that might be able to do the repairs.  As we were looking,  we came across a place not too far away. As I thought about it, I told Mark the fellow is the son of one of my customers!

Mark gave the garage a call and we were both pleasantly surprised to find this guy not only knows his stuff, but is fair about his pricing as well.  He told us he even goes to Ford School to learn the latest on Ford products.  Mark is hoping to finish the rear brakes tomorrow so we can get the Explorer to this mechanic!  What a find!

I took very few photos today, but I discovered a Dragonfly I don’t think I have seen here before!

Man, what a challenge it was trying to get this guy’s photo! The wind was blowing all day…leaves were falling from the trees and if they weren’t so green,  it would have been a perfect October day! I love brisk days like this and I fully enjoyed it!

Remember the tiny butterfly I saw in the grass yesterday?  Well if this isn’t the same butterfly,  maybe it is a sibling!

While that dragonfly was hard to photograph, this little fellow was really tricky!  The little fellow is so tiny and the leaves were bouncing up and down…up and down!  The wee little guy looked like he was surfing on the ocean!  Add to that the fact that I had mounted my telephoto lens that weighs about three pounds to capture these macro shots and I was having some fun out there!

One more…remember I mentioned all the honeybees working on the daisies at WalMart the other day? 

This afternoon, I saw so many honeybees working away on the daisies that grow wild here in the Bristolwood. 

Time to call it a day…uneventful or not,  I am tired!

How about a potpourri of pictures?

Talk about potpourri! These photos make no sense at all…they look as though they are just thrown together, but I will explain!

The first two were taken in Penn Yan.

This old truck was in a parking lot with a few other old cars and trucks.  It is “so” old, the tires are mounted on wooden spoked rims!

This photo was taken near the boat launch. I loved the buildings and sky reflected on the smooth as glass surface of the water!

Remember the goat in the chair?  As we were hurrying to get Ben to Urgent Care,  guess who was “lounging”?  Yup…

Wish I would have had the Nikon with the telephoto lens and also that I wasn’t hurrying! As it was, as we pulled over to photograph the old goat,  a young man was also stopped, snapping pictures!  I hurried and as I tried to jump a small ditch, I landed with my flip flop in mud which oozed up between my toes…great way to arrive at the Urgent Care center…looking like a dirty hillbilly!

This bee was really trying my patience this morning!  I had to rescue it not once, but twice from the swimming pool! The second time,  I placed it far away from the pool and it didn’t try to go back!

Michelle and I cleaned the pool today, replaced some chlorine, and backwashed the filter.  After we finished, Michelle went out to the garage to help Mark replace the front brakes on the Explorer.  While they worked in the garage, I made Michelle a  dress.  A friend had posted on Facebook about a blog showing how to make a cute sundress out of a tank top and two yards of fabric.  I had bought the things to make it a while back, but finally found some time to sit down to work on it this morning.  The whole thing probably took about forty-five minutes to make!

Our forecast was for rain today, but it held off.  After finishing my sewing,  I went out to see what kind of subjects I might find. I was getting concerned as it seems I have hardly seen any butterflies this year.  As I looked around, though, I saw a few varieties.

I also saw this little grasshopper sitting on a Calendula plant!

This butterfly is called a Little Woods Satyr.  It was so friendly, allowing me to close in for a photo shoot!

This butterfly was TINY!  I wasn’t able to find out what it is, but you can see by comparing it to grass blades, it is very small!

Mark and I had to go to the dentist today.  I was thrilled to hear the dentist say that in one month, I will have impressions made and then the new crown will be made!  The temporary crown is fine, but it will be nice to bring closure to this (mis) adventure!

On the way home, we stopped briefly in Woodville.  We had a cloudburst that lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Although it was short, it produced some pretty hefty results…and made for some nice photos…

While in Woodville, I was able to find two different varieties of Dragonflies!

When I told Mark the lawn with the cactus plants growing in it had flowers, he pulled off the road in front of a house. Quick! Take the photos and let’s get on home!

I still find it hard to believe that cactus can grow in our cold winter climate…and these plants are right next to the road, meaning they get a hefty, healthy (UN, really!) heaping of salt every winter as the plow passes by!

Well there. That does it.