Black and White

Too tuckered!

Well, I was last night! 

We went out late yesterday afternoon….a drive to Sauder’s (the Mennonite store in Seneca Falls) was in order to purchase some freshly-picked apples.  When we got there, Mark was a tad disappointed that the selection was a bit meager.  We did decide to try several varieties.  I even picked up six 20 ounce apples to try for a pie.  In looking at them, I think six might be too many for a pie…those apples are ginormous!

Mark has been trying to resurrect one of our computers for Ben.  Mark’s (ancient) Dell laptop seems to have finally given up the ghost and although Ben would like another laptop,  Mark is on a NOMORELAPTOPS binge.  My three year old Dell EXP recently decided to become a bit cantankerous and is now sitting and waiting for Dr. Mark to diagnose.  Yesterday, Mark was looking for a keyboard with a PS2 (I think that is right, anyway?) adapter so he could boot up the computer…..we looked in a couple different stores to no avail.  The adapter is passe…gone….argh.

Ben asked to stop at a thrift store as we were passing by. Mark pulled in and as we waited, Angus, as always, perched on Mark’s lap to look out the window.  Angus is such a funny little Scottie….always keen, alert, and wanting to see everything that is happening!

Even to the point of watching passing vehicles!

I have a terrible time sitting still in the truck.  I started looking about to see if there was anything “picture-worthy”.  At the end of the parking lot was a stack of huge crates.  I am thinking they look like those used for shipping apples, although the one with writing that says “crisp and spicy” kind of threw me off.  Cannot think of an apple filling that description!

Yes, although that golden “honey” sun was illuminating the crates, I favored this photo in black and white.

We began our westward drive home in debilitating, blinding sun.  I cannot even imagine how Mark was able to see!  It was terrible; a band of bikers (about six bikes) pulled over to the side of the road and hopped off.  Mark wondered if perhaps the sun had become too strong for them.  We made it the fifteen miles from Geneva to Canandaigua where Mark stopped at McDonald’s as per Michelle’s request.

After going through the drive-thru,  I asked Mark to stop so I could grab a photo. I walked around the store, trying a couple different angles before settling on this one.

I really liked this photo, using it in my daily journal as well.  Michelle favored it in black and white, saying it was “more dramatic”….hmmm, what do you think?

Rumble Grumble!

Naw, that isn’t me rumbling and grumbling….it was my stomach last night.  More on that later, though.

The kids had planned to attend a music show down in Bath last night.  We decided to take them on down, then we would go for a little ride to Corning.  We left the house mid afternoon and after dropping the kids by the music store where the concert was held, we were off on a little ride.

We drove on down to the Corning WalMart where I went inside and got a few things.  We had taken the Expressway on the way there, so when I asked Mark if we could take the “road less traveled” on our way back, he checked the GPS and found another more scenic route.  We had stopped at a Burger King store and I had a hamburger and small onion rings and as we drove along, my stomach began to revolt.

Carly had called me earlier and told me about a terrible accident that had happened near Penn Yan. It seems there were thirteen Amish people in a van being driven by an “English” (anyone who is not Amish is called English by the Amish) driver.  The group had been invited by their county’s co-operative extension to visit some farms in Penn Yan to learn about ways to improve productivity.  The group had stopped in Penn Yan and had lunch in a park, then were heading north to visit another farm.

The van was driving along as a large piece of farm machinery (a piece that looks two stories tall) was approaching in the opposing lane.  It was moving slowly and a car behind it began to pass on a curve. (a definite no passing zone)  The car sideswiped the van, causing it to lose control as the driver tried to swerve, and the van ended up beneath the farm machinery.  Five of the Amish people were killed on the scene…reports were so heartwrenching about several ambulances and four helicopters arriving at the scene where firefighters worked for hours to free bodies from the wreckage.

This was such a sad accident…but then again,  isn’t an accident when something goes wrong or is miscalculated?  Well, the news today is that the driver of the car who caused this (and incidentally escaped unscathed) was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.  Today, a sixth person passed away…this was one of a couple who now leave behind thirteen children.  Thirteen orphans.  Would it be too much to demand that the man who caused this to happen pay child support for those children? Surely he would have to work many hours a week to do this and hopefully, would have less time to imbibe. His conscience will bring to memory the evil deed he committed, but to hit his pocketbook would be a stark reminder that he will never drink and drive again.

The news about this really freaked me out and made me upset.  Add to that the heat.  And the fact that perhaps the food I ate didn’t agree with me.  I had stomach cramps and was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Here are photos I took…

I love old barns and this one, with the golden grass in front was just beautiful!

As we pulled into Bath, we were greeted by a beautiful sky…the sun was playing peekaboo, hiding in and out of clouds!

We approached the little park in the town square and there were several old cars parked along the street there.  I got out and looked at them. One really caught my eye…

A 1957 Ford Fairlane!  My parents had one of these cars!  Ours was black and white.

Wow, as I looked inside this car, it brought back some memories! As I was taking pictures of the car,  the buildings in the background caught my eye.  Bath is located in Steuben County, and the old buildings are part of the county complex.

The kids finally called after ten, and we went and picked them up.  Mark stopped at McDonald’s so the kids could grab something quick to eat, then we headed home.  Although I felt horrible,  the ride home was not unbearable.  I was having some difficulty breathing, along with the stomach cramps, and then I began to get heartburn as well. 

When we got home, I headed right upstairs, feeling really sick.  I finally wound up vomiting and then felt better right away. Both of the kids came into the bedroom to tell me not to sleep on my back in case I got sick again.  I was fine and thought perhaps what I experienced was food poisoning since the symptoms left suddenly. 

Today was so hot, I could barely stand the heat.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even worse.  Oh, how I long for shorter days with chilly nights!


Well, we all love creating and re-creating!  It is fun to see how our photos look when transformed from color to black and white or sepia!  Bill in Scotland reminded me of that this morning, when he showed an artistic shot of a beautifully blossoming tree. 

I had fiddled with the settings on my Nikon D-80 yesterday afternoon while waiting for the kids.  I changed from the original photo…..

To black and white…..

And sepia.

I would love to hear your comment on which you prefer.  Me?  Well, I am all about color (or colour as my UK friends and Ian in Oz say!)  I must admit that after viewing these, though,  I tend to really like the sepia photo.  There might be a reason, though…..

My dad was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania.  One photo of him that I really liked was done  in sepia when he was a little boy. Perhaps it is a subconscious thing…..I also have fond memories of going to the barn to play on my grandfather’s old tractor…..

Kicking Around Canandaigua

I had to make a little run to Canandaigua this afternoon.  Since I wound up downtown, I decided to take a little tour around the block.

As I passed by these windows, they were just cying out to be photographed. I love the way the neighboring buildings are reflected on the windows…and look at the beautiful window planters underneath!


All over downtown, there are flowers planted in hanging baskets. The colors are fantastic!


This banner hanging downtown really says it all!


And what would any downtown be without  the hotdog vendor?


This is such a cozy little park area set right along Main Street….








And Speaking of Angus….

 We all know how frustrating it is when one of our kids refuses to listen to us; even more frustrating maddening when what they are doing could cause bodily harm. So,  after I  sat down and put my feet up on the Lazy Boy couch we inherited from my father-in-law, Angus *draped* himself on the footrest. When I told him to get down when I got up, he refused to listen!I even went and grabbed my camera and he still wouldn’t listen to me!



“Angus”! See that forlorn look? Almost as though he was saying that all he wanted to do was hang out!

This was just before I went outside yesterday, so I finally conned him down with a bone! While I was on the porch, he and Murphy each chewed on a nice meaty bone. They were so happy, and this kept them occupied for a couple of hours.


 The other day, I was playing around a bit with the settings on my camera. I know many people are experimenting, using black and white shots. I thought this one was pretty cute.  In color, it was far too busy, and a nasty glare from the oven door in the kitchen stood out like a sore thumb. (almost on the tip of murphy’s nose, seated right)