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Sleeper Oil

American Abstract-Oil-1987-Initialed-Powerful -Sleeper


Tropical Waterfall-Oil-1920's-Amazing Quality-Sleeper


Hudson River Oil-1880's-Luminous-Fabulous Quality-Sleeper


American Tonalist Oil-1890's-Approaching Storm-Signed-Powerful-Sleeper


Powerful American Oil-1930's-Trees And Shed-Signed-Sleeper


Alaskan Oil-1890's-Lakeside Mountains With Men In Boat-Signed-Little Gem-Sleeper


Powerful American Oil-1964-Sunlit Trees And Barn-Signed-Great Quality-Sleeper


American Oil-1910-Study For A Mural-Signed-Great Quality-Sleeper


Powerful Symbolist Oil-1940's-Woman In Red By Building-Signed-Sleeper


Vietnamese Oil-1960's-Village Scene W/People and Boats-Fabulous Quality-Sleeper


Early American Oil-1850's-River Bend At Dawn-Great Quality-Sleeper


Powerful South American Mountainous Village Scene-Oil-1930's-Signed-Sleeper


Early Wyoming Oil-1870's-Devil's Point-High Quality-Sleeper


Fabulous New York Harbor Scene-Oil-Men Boats And Boathouse-1930's-Signed-Sleeper


Large Phillipine Oil-1960's-Busy Harbor Scene-Signed-Inscribed-Fabulous-Sleeper


Large Vietnamese Oil-1960's-Hut By Stream With Two Women-Signed-Sleeper


French Oil-1930's-Table W/Fruit And Jug-Signed-Little Gem-Sleeper


French-Oil-1870's-Flowers In Urn On Table- Great Quality-Sleeper


Far Eastern Harbor Scene-Major Oil-1960's-Signed-Fabulous Quality-Sleeper


American-Western Oil-1930's-Cabin In The Canyon-High Quality-Sleeper


Vintage Painting - Roadrunner Bird in Woods - Beautifully Framed - S. Sleeper


The Sleepers by Gustave Courbet, Handmade Oil Painting Reproduction, 38" x 26"


American Oil-1870's-Young Girl By Cabin-Great Period Frame-Little Gem-Sleeper


Major American Oil-1880's-Landscape With Cherries In Straw Hat-Sleeper


Dream-art Oil painting Waterhouse - The sleepers ,and the one that watcheth 36"


VERY OLD OIL ON CANVAS maybe a sleeper