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Salmo Pike

Salmo Skinner 20mm 8" Musky Pike Lure Twitchbait Real Roach 3 3/8 oz. floating


SALMO 2 1/4" 7/8oz BASS BUG BB5.5F MBG in MAY BUG for Bass/Pickerel/Pike/Peacock


SALMO 2 1/4" 7/8oz BASS BUG BB5.5F MBG in GREEN BUG for Bass/Pickerel/Pike


SAK lot of 3 Salmo Chubby Darter #3, sinking CUSTOM COLOR rainbow dace


Older Salmo Floating Pike 11CM Yellow/Orange 4 1/2"L musky bass


Salmo 6-1/4" Floating Pike Musky Muskie Pike Crankbait Lure - Used


5 1/2" Salmo Fishing Lure Jerkbait Fatso Slider Muskie Pike Bass Float Sinker


Salmo Floating Deep Minnow M7SDR RBD in RAINBOW DACE for Bass/Trout/Pike/Walleye


2 Salmo 7SDR Minnow Crankbait Lure Super Deep Runner 7' - 12' Bass Trout Pike


Salmo FATSO F14F RBS Color REAL BASS Floating #1 Musky/Pike Lure in the USA


salmo perch 12f gray silver musky pike lure 4 1/2" floating poland


SALMO SKINNER 20F 8" 20cm RED TIGER 3 3/8oz Floating Muskie pike


Salmo 18F Jack Crankbait/Jerkbait (Lot of 2-Hot Pike-7"-2 1/8` oc-Hard to Find)


Salmo FATSO F14F RR in Real ROACH Floating #1 Musky/Pike Lure in the USA


Salmo FATSO SINKING F14S GT in GREEN TIGER a Musky/Pike Lure Killer in the USA


Salmo 20F Skinner Crankbait/Jerkbait (Real Roach-8" - 3 3/8 Oc)


Salmo FATSO F14S RR Color REAL ROACH Sinking #1 Musky/Pike Lure in the USA


Salmo 2" Hornet H5S-CW Sinking in Crawdad Lure for Walleye/Bass/Trout/Pike


Salmo Whitefish 18F Musky/Pike-Jerkbait/Crankbait (Blue Mackeral-7"-2 1/8 Ounce)


Older Salmo Floating Pike 11CM Green Tiger 4 1/2"L musky bass


Older Salmo Floating Pike 11CM Pike Color 4 1/2"L musky bass


Lot of 3 Salmo 5F Floating Minnows in 3 Different Colors - Bass, Crappie, Trout


SALMO Skinner Lure 8 inch 3 3/8 oz Floating Dives 3-7 ft Real Roach Big Game NEW


Salmo FATSO F14S RBS Color REAL BASS Sinking #1 Musky/Pike Lure in the USA


BNIP Salmo Chubby Darter #4 sinking-Sunfish Viking Roach Yellow Metallic Dace


Salmo 12F Perch Crankbaits (Lot of 2-Yellow Dace/Firetiger-Hard to Find)


Salmo Zipper SZ4-GRP GLOWS IN DARK for Vertical Fishing in Open Water/Ice


Salmo 9F Minnow Crankbaits (Lot of 2-Rainbow Dace-3.5"-3/8 oc)


Salmo Floating Minnow M9F-RBD in RAINBOW DACE for Bass/Trout/Perch/Walleye/Pike


Salmo SZ4 Zipper Lipless Crankbaits (Lot of 3-Yellow Dace-1.75"-3/8}


Salmo Pike 16 Floating PE16F-HP Hot Pike 6 1/4" Big Northern Pike Musky Lure


Salmo PH12F Perch Crankbaits (Lot of 2-Yellow Dace/Gr Tiger-4 1/2"-1 1/4 Ounce)


salmo fatso 14 sinking lure grey gray silver musky pike 5 1/2" 3 3/4oz jerkbait


Salmo Suspending Sting Minnow S9SP - CMD Clown Metallic Dace Walleye/Pike/Bass


Salmo Whitefish 18F Musky/Pike-Jerkbait/Crank (Lot 4-Hot Perch-/SNO-7"-2 1/8)


Salmo 8SDR Bullhead Crankbaits (Lot of 2--Viking-2 3 1/8"-5/8-Hard to Find)