I live here in the Bristolwood with my husband, two children, and two Scotties. Our lives are filled to the brim, and sometimes even overflowing~

I enjoy writing and photography nearly equally well. When my husband and the kids suddenly realize I am not around, they know that I am *probably* off somewhere, taking pictures! With the age of digital photography, taking pictures has never been more fun. No more paying for developing…and, no more **bad** pictures! To be able to merely delete any photos that are blurry, unbalanced (lighting), or otherwise “ugly” is just so fabulous. To click the camera and be able to review the photos you have taken is just simply amazing!

I certainly hope you will enjoy my photos and narrative here in the wonderful Bristolwood!

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  1. Hey Kae!!! I think something is wrong with your blog!! It seems that the COMMENT portion is missing….I can’t find where to leave you a comment on today’s post or the day before that or the day before that??? I went to the ABOUT portion of your blog and am leaving this here….hopefully you will get it! Just thought you might want to know. The pictures you took of your stroll down to Woodville and the overlook are FABULOUS!! Take care, Jeanne

  2. I was searching for images of a barn my husband built and came across your blog. Beautiful pictures! The one you snapped of the barn (with all of the autumn decorations) is fantastic!

    God Bless,
    Michelle Wright

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  4. The little crochet angel you crocheted years ago is adorable. I love it and would like to know how to obtain the pattern. I’ve looked high and low and haven’t found that little angel anywhere. I would be more than a little thrilled to have some of those on my tree too. Please help me find it if you can.Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello! What a wonderful blog! I share your love of writing and photography, with genealogy research thrown in on the side. I have spent a deliciously happy morning looking at many of your excellent photographs and love your compositions. Thank you for the joy they bring.
    I am wondering if you can recommend your camera or a camera to me. Thanks you so much for your blog. Kindest regards,

    Brigitte Hartke in sunny Clifton, Virginia

  6. Hello,

    Just fell upon your segment about going back to Jamestown, NY.
    Loved the photos and comments. It brought back many memories of
    growing up there. I also attended Lincoln Jr. HS as well. I looked at your photo but
    am not sure if I know you. I could not find your name anywhere in your site
    so am not sure if we crossed paths while growing up but based on your writings
    of J-Town I have assumed we are of similar age! I graduated from JHS in 1976, went to Fredonia State, then moved to NYC where I have remained for 25 years. I do manage to visit Jamestown at least once a year since I still have much family and friends there.
    It is very sad to see the decline of the area but what can we do. It was home and holds many fond memories for me. Thanks for the photos and stories!
    BTW, you were very accurate describing your photos of Jamestown with one slight error- the building on 3rd St. that you labeled Woolworth’s was actually Grants, not Woolworths. (photo is of a light colored store with a green ribbon going across the front horizontally). Woolworth’s was actually on the north west corner at 3rd and Main St, which is now part of the Lucy Museum. Otherwise great job!!

    My Best,
    David Antonuccio

  7. I am an artist and am always looking for inspirational photos. I came across one of yours and found your site. The photography drew me in, and then, the similarities between us shocked me. We both write, have husbands who play guitars, gave up pop and took up lemons for the same reasons, your cookies could be mine, we both have black Scotties, you grew up near Swedes, I am Canadian but now I live in Sweden. Your interest and mine artistically are uncanny, I knit and love fisherman knit sweaters, your artistic interest in the simplicity of amish life, I had an old singer treadle machine and it goes on and on. If you saw my collection of photos, you would think they were yours. I had to look at EVERY page of your blog and read a LOT of it and I NEVER do that. It was like reading myself. Bristolwood soothed me and´gave me a longing both at the same time. I live in a small urban community Borås, in Sweden and I long to be able to roam nature freely and alone. You are fortunate. Thank you for a treat with my morning coffee. Jackie

  8. Hi, I just came across your blog while looking for Grape Pie recipes b/c my husbands dad who lives in Canandaigua (ironic I saw your pic of when your car was being fixed, & I kept saying I’ve been there before, then saw the caption) told him there is a place there that serves it and it is to die for. We found tons of wild grapes on our property and besides wanting to make jam I want to make him the pie…Anyways I saw your post about grape pie filling and wanted to know HOW?? THANKS and love the pics on the blog. Chantal

  9. I love looking at your pictures. What kind of Nikon camera and lens are you using in your milkweed photos?

  10. Katie, Recently I have been reading all your stuff. Thrilled to see pictures of Letchworth; love that place! Also thrilled to hear that Mark can negotiate trails on a snowmobile. We need someone to invent a dry-wheel vehicle that is as stable as a snowmobile. Your Aunt Lynda also reads your (what do you call it – posts, blog?) and we comment on it. We love reading it and we love you and your family!

  11. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

  12. I believe it is a very good idea to live a good life.
    Best wish,
    Md. Kawsare Rabbanee
    Chittagong, Bangladesh

  13. I, too, made a ton of those cute Christmas angels years ago to give as gifts. I’d love to make more, but have been unable to find my old pattern. Is there any chance you have one you could share? It would be much appreciated. Cheers!

  14. I discovered your American Flag (Dealership) photo and would like to ask for your permission to feature it as my cover on my personal Facebook page for Memorial Weekend? Beautiful photo!

  15. Hello, I am an artist living in London, Ontario Canada and was wondering if I could have your permission to use a few of your photographs as reference material for possible paintings.

    Matt Collins

  16. Hi, I have been looking for pics of downtown Canandaigua in the winter and while looking was directed to your blog. We’d like to use one of your photos in an ad for downtown Canandaigua and would like your permission to do so. Of course, all credits will be given to you.

    If you’d like further information, please call me at 585.394.4870.

    Thank you,
    Expressions in Needleart

  17. Hello!

    I’m working as an architect in Denmark. I found one of your wonderful photos of coots (simply love it!) and would like to ask for permission to use it for a project? It will be printed in large scale and put on a glass wall.
    Please get back to me on msn@spark-ark.dk.

    Thank you! Crossing my fingers!

    Kind regards,

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