New Flowers I Didn’t Plant?

This year, I have found a few new to me Columbine plants in my garden that I didn’t plant.

My brother has some white Columbines growing in his garden and after taking seeds from his plant, I finally got a white Columbine. That made me happy!

Along with the white flower that I did plant, I now have a couple of new flowers I know I didn’t plant. Neither my brother nor I have these….

Years ago, I did have plants somewhat similar to the first plant, but the colors were much more intense. The part of the plant that is pink was a dark red. I must interject that those Columbine plants were lost years ago. The garden they are growing in is all new material as we raised the height of the bed by nearly a foot. (We brought in material and raised the entire yard between the house and the garage). Although the two flowers above appear similar, the first has pink “tails”? on the back of the flower while the second one has yellow.

Another new Columbine is this….

It is the deep purple flower in the foreground. It is a richer purple than the flowers behind it and it has more layers than the purples behind it. The pink and white flowers on the right are another variety of Columbines and I cannot help but wonder if somehow these and the purples cross pollinated and produced a new plant?

So…the new flowers are all delightful and I am thrilled to see them! Now, off to read about Columbines…..

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