Unexpected Blessings

In Matthew 7:11, the Lord explains that although we are sinful and evil,  we know how to give good gifts to our children. The verse further explains that if we love God, He gives good things to His children when they ask. What a precious concept.

I find that oftentimes I forget to ask for things I might need or want. I get too busy and just think it isn’t that important.

This year, our spring was so chilly, the leaves on the trees refused to come out until late May. Because of this, the peonies I planted so many years ago were able to grow better as they weren’t shaded.

How like the Lord to bless us with an abundance of my Grandma Manelick’s peonies the same year that Dad passed away. I went down and cut six of these delightful flowers and put them on the table.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. And sometimes He just blesses us to let us know just how precious we are to him!