Don’t tell Ben I posted this!

Ben completed his first semester at SUNY Geneseo shortly before Christmas with outstanding grades! I was so pleased last autumn when he included a photography class as he needed a general course not associated with his business degree.

When I read the syllabus for the photography class, I cringed…not being exactly a “techie”, I was overwhelmed by things like podcasts critiquing photos, technical assignments, and the icing on the cake! The final assignment was a published photo book. My hands got seriously clammy even reading the word “stupendous”….the professor’s choice of words for an “A” on the book.

Ben chose the subject Barns of the Finger Lakes for his project. He went on photo shoots and I was able to point him to some cool barns I saw throughout my adventures. I was so pleased when his book’s grade was posted…he aced it with an A!



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  1. First off…I am THRILLED to see a new post from you!! You must be very proud of Ben and his terrific grades!! See…all those years of your schooling was SO worth it. Too bad he is not interested in photography…I wish Meish was interested in some of my hobbies too, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe when they are older? Congrats to Ben!

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