Amazing online friends…

I mentioned previously that I participate in Instagram.  This is a site where you can send photos and other people who have similar interests and such can comment on your offerings. I have met so many people there who go nuts over their Scottie dogs!  (Gee, we thought we were the only ones!) One of the ladies there does painting and she decided to give watercolors a go. She began looking through all the different photos people sent and she painted many.  She would contact the person and ask for their address so she could then send her painting!

Back in February, Sheena asked me to email my address to her. She said she did a painting of Murphy! I asked her if I could pay her for the painting and she said no! She just was loving doing all these paintings and expecting nothing in return! She did a painting of a photo of Murphy’s beard all caked and covered in snow.

This was one of my favorite photos I took during the winter. Murphy enjoyed the snow so much and it was cute seeing his little face packed with snow!

It is cool to think that one can meet such incredible and generous people online!