We are so in the deep freeze!

It is sooo cold outside!  This is a good time to check on the elderly to make sure they are warm and safe inside their homes.  It is also important to make sure our pets are warm and have plenty of water to drink.  It has been so very cold at our house all day.  The sun made an awesome appearance this afternoon, but even its bright rays and relatively cloudless skies were no match for the cold.  The cold prevailed in spite of itself!

As I was looking out the window this afternoon,  I noticed something very unusual.

This little ice formation was on the window.  I thought it looks a lot like a tiny maple leaf!

Mark plowed the driveway, getting the last of the snow tucked away where it no longer impedes movement of the vehicles. When he finished, he was so cold he was happy to be inside!  This is the time of year when we are so grateful to see firewood stacked in the garage.  The house has remained warm and cozy!

When Mark was done plowing today, I went over to the new neighbors’ driveway and did a little clearing off their driveway.  My skills are nowhere as fine as Mark’s, but I did make the driveway a bit more passable.  I love plowing, but am not real sure about where to pile the snow.  Not knowing exactly where boundaries are is a bit scary, particularly in the dark.  I basically just improved a small area and Mark said he could fix it later. Since the people live in Canada, they aren’t here all the time, so what I did was probably okay.