Gingerbread house!

Oh my goodness! I wanted to post this before, but had some difficulty. I’m not sure if it was WordPress or something on our end, but I just could not get photos to upload.

A week before Christmas Eve, we were invited to our friends, Sue and Ed’s house. I knew it was going to be very pretty, as Sue told us she loves decorating for Christmas. She decorated well before Christmas, too, as her daughters used her home as the setting for a photo shoot.  So….be prepared to fall in love, particularly if you like log homes decorated like gingerbread houses!

Ah yes, the heart(h) of the home! A pellet stove keeps this cozy house all warm and snug!

The pretty reds, greens, and golds of Christmas decor look so pretty against the logs.  Isn’t this pretty?

This is a shot looking into the kitchen and dining area. It is so pretty!!! And I love the loft above. I have long dreamed of having a loft…no particular reason, other than I think they are always so cozy!

Sue and Ed built this house with the help of an Amish crew of men. Ed loves woodworking, so he did the interior finishing. Sue came up with this idea to place a ladder horizontally and cover it in wire for a shelf for pots and pans above an island in the kitchen. It works so well!  And, as you can see, Sue even decorated the shelf!

As we sat around the table, gabbing and overeating Sue’s delicious lasagna,  Paco, the little dog, perched on a blanket atop an ottoman and listened to our ramblings….

Look at the stairway to the loft! Everything seemed to be decorated!

We had such a lovely time visiting! This house is located between Bath and Hammondsport andEd and Sue told quite the story about the house!  One night, Ed opened the back door to let the dogs out and was greeted by a bear! It had wandered onto their back porch and was standing just outside the door! Yikes!

As we left, I told Sue if I ever decide to run away from home, I *know* where I am going!  It was so hard to leave this sweet little house. It really did remind me so much of those pretty little gingerbread houses!