Two birthdays down…

Oh yes, November is the “big” birthday month for us!  Michelle, Mark, Carly, and my mom all have November birthdays! Thankfully, Michelle and Mark’s big days are at the beginning of the month, while Carly and Mom’s are at the end, giving a bit of a break in between!

Mark had two friends come over on Saturday to play music.  He met a fabulous jazz guitarist/pianist through his drummer friend, Jim.  So Jim and Bob came down for a visit and they played for quite awhile.  The music was surprisingly amazing….it sounded as though they had played together for a long time!  I wasn’t sure how long the guys would be here, so I made a meal ahead of time but I will share that in another post.  We ate an early dinner and Jim had brought Mark a dark chocolate birthday cake with raspberry filling and whipped cream frosting.  How did I not get photos of this day?

Yesterday was Sunday and since we had not “properly” celebrated Michelle or Mark’s birthdays, we decided to head on out to Geneva for Chinese buffet.  As always, the food was tasty and I think we all overate.  Afterwards, we went to BJ’s to pick up a few essentials. I forgot to mention the wind. Yes. The wind. The wind blew so hard yesterday, all day! It was blowing so hard, it felt like my hair was going to blow off my head…

The weather conditions made for some interesting skies!  I love seeing powerful clouds in the sky and there was no lack yesterday!!


After Mark and I came out of BJ’s, the kids said they wanted to go over to WalMart for a few minutes. As Mark crossed the road to go there, I nearly jumped out of my seat as I spotted this in front of us!

What an awesome sight this was!  It wasn’t raining where we were, but it must have been off in the distance!  With so many clouds surrounding us, we couldn’t follow either rainbow to see the rest, but I was just so pleased to see this!  By the way, all these photos were taken with the cell phone.  I did absolutely no editing….the colors were really that intense.  A rare treat, indeed!

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  1. Wow! Lots of birthdays…please tell everyone we said Happy Birthday! Funny…we popped in to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things yesterday…we must have just missed you guys! The sky pictures are amazing!! I am NOT liking this COLD, SNOWY weather!! Not getting much sleep yet either. I’m rather sad today…Michelle’s wedding is today at 4pm. I think I’m going to spend the day sleeping as I’ve been up all night working. Sounds like you guys have been quite busy too.

  2. Jeanne, I can only imagine how hard it would be to “miss” your daughter’s wedding. But because they have been together so long, perhaps they wanted this to be a “sacred” thing shared just between the two of them. And Beemer, of course! I will be so excited to see the photos….bet they will be awesome!

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