Birdwatching. Again.

Yes, today I just could not help myself. Imagine three cameras, assorted lenses, and numerous SD cards strewn about.  Yes, that was me for a couple of hours late this morning.  I am so thrilled by the new feeder I have in the window, I just couldn’t help myself!

Please click on these photos to enjoy them in a larger size.  As you can see, the most frequent and least frightened birds to the feeder are goldfinches.  I was getting rather antsy to take photos, so I used the flash and the finches didn’t seem the least bit concerned!  They are such cute little birds.

The finches weren’t the only birds at the feeder. I had a few titmice come as well.

These birds are so easily frightened!  They come momentarily, then fly off like rockets!

I also had chickadees. I am hoping as the weather gets colder, I will see some more varieties of birds.

Oh, and one more thing!  I actually cleaned this window this morning…..birds are dreadfully messy!


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