Cannot get enough autumn….

It seems like so many people I talk to tell me that their favorite season is autumn.  Interesting.  As I await cooler temperatures (primarily) and, of course, the beautiful colors, these people advise they just love all the pretty colors and all the fresh produce from the gardens.  They are never the least bit reluctant to add that they shudder about the season to follow.  I chuckle when I think of the number of people who have told me they would like it to snow on December 24 and have all the snow gone on December 26!

There are so many things to be grateful for as the weather chills down…..things like warm turtlenecks, wooly sweaters, a season of pretty scarves, warm mittens or gloves, a cozy fire in the stove, and dazzling leaves as well as leaves crunching underfoot as one briskly walks in the chilly air! And speaking of air, it no longer seems to linger and hover above, full of humidity; instead, it now appears crisp and clear, full of luscious oxygen. I also love candlelight as the days shorten in length. Autumn also calls for baking goodies and a house filled with the scents of cookies, pies, cakes, and more!

Last week, Mark and I went for a little ride with Murphy and we really enjoyed the bold colors displayed in the sky.  Even contrails seem somehow beautiful when etched across a crystal blue sky with a setting golden sun!

I have made several batches of applesauce this year.  We are told it was a banner year for the apple and grape growers. As we drive through the back roads, we have noticed so many wild apple trees with aged branches weighed down like little old men, buckling under the weight of an abundance of fruit.  The deer can often be seen gathered around apple trees, gleaning the fruit fallen to the ground.

I found a little recipe book that went along with a Scottie cookie mold I bought years ago….the recipe called for applesauce, cinnamon, and glue. I decided to test the recipe.

I really like the look of this and am thinking I need to make some more!

We had some windy conditions yesterday and the day before, but now it is rather calm. We have a freeze warning for tonight, and I imagine we might awaken to frost tomorrow morning.  Many of the trees are now naked, while others are half-undressed.  Still others look as though they might hang on as long as they can. It is still pretty and looking up, there still can be flaming color against blue skies. It really would be fantastic if autumn could linger on for a few months instead of weeks!

And so, as the last few days of October close in, I leave you with Murphy, once again!

This time, the little laddie was scolding me….telling me to carry him downstairs this morning!

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  1. I KNEW there was something I forgot to tell you!! That applesauce you made from our apples was hands down the BEST we have EVER had!! It was AWARD winning applesauce!! Thank you so much for making it for us!! Now you see the reason that we have very fat groundhogs living in our yard!!

  2. WOW! Thank you for the lovely compliment!!!! I love making applesauce, but no one seems to care much for it here!!! Argh!!!! So glad you liked it! And you really had a HUGE crop this year!!!!

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