Slowly fading….

Ah yes, the colors that were so vibrant only a couple of weeks ago are getting more muddled and not nearly as pretty.  Of course, that is speaking of the leaves that are remaining on the trees.  Many have fallen to the ground and are now litter on the grass and walkways.

The weather has also changed, with the temperature dropping down to some chilly temperatures.  I noticed a weather alert on my cell phone this afternoon. It was regarding a freeze watch for tomorrow night. The gist of it is that the temperature will fall well below 32 and warns that plants left outside should be moved inside if a heavy frost might damage them.

With the colder weather, we have had some awesome skies! I have been looking upward and totally enjoying all the colors!  The intense blue contrasted with clouds ranging from bright white to threatening gray has been photo worthy and it is just downright fascinating to observe!

So, with no further ado, here are some recent photos.

And so, from Murphy and me, have a great week! I will post another photo entry soon!


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