Second post tonight!

One thing is for sure and for certain; fall offers the most fantastic array of colors!  No other season has such a wide range of natural colors. And no other season can rival the golden rays of sunshine that stream down! I have not taken nearly as many photos as I have desired, but that seems always to be the case.  Laundry, cooking, cleaning, and (seemingly endless) dishes beckon to be dealt with.  And so I offer some more of my fall photos that warm my heart as the colder weather has begun its nip!

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  1. I simply cannot believe the change in the quality of these pictures with this camera of yours!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Of course, you know how I feel about cute little Murphy!! He is just adorable!!

  2. Thank you, Jeanne! This camera is so much fun. It is a bit more complex than a simple point and shoot, but it takes some fun photos! Murphy says, “Arrooooo!”!!!(I think that is his version of “thanks”!)

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