Plans for today changed this afternoon.  We had several tasks to accomplish, so we decided to go ahead and do them, so off we went to Rochester. After finishing up, we went to visit our friends at their house.  We had a really great time. The sky was blue, the wind was blowing like crazy, and the temperature was much more comfortable than the past couple of days.

Our friends ordered a pizza and wings for dinner. I could not believe my eyes when their daughter, Sarah, and Michelle returned with the pizza box….

That pizza box filled the entire width of the picnic table!  They had told us the pizza is twenty-seven inches across, but it is hard to imagine until one actually sees it! Half of the pizza had Italian sausage on it, and the other half was “veggie”.  It had peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, and broccoli.

So, it is still hard to imagine just how BIG this pizza is, so I will give you a better photo.  This was Michelle and Sarah serving up pieces. I think this photo will definitely give an accurate depiction.

I have seen sheet pizzas, but they are rectangular. This is such a huge round pizza!  And was it tasty? Oh my goodness, YES! What a treat!


Mark and I went out for the afternoon. We stopped by Wood Tex where the company was celebrating 31 years. I loved this ride for kids! A young Mennonite couple pulled the “cars” behind their ATV. They snaked around the premises and the glowing smiles on little faces testified of their delight!