Mostly Murphy

Ah yes, last evening, the lighting seemed “just right” and Murphy was looking so cute ( he *always* does to us, though) that I thought I would take a few photos of him.

You will notice the last photo was of him on the couch….he had decided he had enough of the photography. haha….I wasn’t done! So then he hopped down onto the floor and gave me “the look”.

That signaled the end of our photography session. I had another assignment, anyway. Michelle’s boyfriend bought her a Betta for her graduation and she wanted a photo of it.  Gads, it is kind of difficult getting a photo of a fish swimming in a bowl of water!

I wanted to get a couple more photos as the sun was getting nearer and nearer the western horizon. I had discovered a wild Dogwood tree down the driveway the other day.  We had one we found a few years ago, but it died and I was so disappointed.  I never knew we had another….the other day as I was walking down to the mailbox, I saw a flowering tree. I wandered over to have a look and found it was another Dogwood!

It is funny that the flowers are only on one branch. I think we might need to cut a few trees down nearby so it has a chance to grow.

While I was down in the woods, I remembered a tree that was blooming on our neighbors’ property.  It had the prettiest pink flowers!  So, I trudged up through the woods, looking. It seemed like I was going forever, when I finally found the tree I was looking for. It looks like a wild Cherry from the bark.  The blossoms are so pretty!

One last photo. This morning, I giggled as Murphy was eating.  Does your pup sit down to eat?  Murphy does this all the time. I never had a dog that did this before…he is so relaxed as he eats!

I Bring You Some Spring!

(since it seems to have taken leave for the time being….)

Baby ducks and geese are a sure sign of spring!  I just love the little goslings.  It is interesting to watch them with their parents. I love how the parents use “sign language” to direct the little ones where they want them to go.  And it is cool how the little ones obey!

Of course, how could I have a blog entry without Mr. Murphy?  He is becoming more and more of a ham….reminds me so much of Angus, although he really is an entirely different personality!

And the Lilacs! Ah, they are so awesome.  I love it that I can sit on the front porch on the swing and actually smell the Lilacs gently wafting their fragrance upwards….

And I will end with this sweet little Robin.  We were in Rochester and the little bird serenaded us while we were stopped for a long red light!

It seems ironic that the beginning of May was warm and it seemed there were endless sunny days.  The weather became suddenly very wet, then it cooled off.  I will never complain about the rain as the earth did seem to be getting quite dry.  The best news, though, is that I spotted a tiny male Hummingbird at the feeder yesterday and today. Definitely a sign of spring!


Yes, I am ready to call it a night. So tired!  Today’s heat really got to me.

This morning, Ben and I were playing with Murphy a bit. He is such a funny little Scottie! Here are some photos I took of him today.

He was so hard to photograph because he kept coming over to me.  (yes, he loves his mummy!)

So, why was Murphy in this funny, awkward looking position?

Because……he was about to do this!

Yes, Murphy was getting a bit of air!  He was about a foot or more off the ground!  I was so glad I was able to capture the moment.

Just think….our little Murphy is a Superhero!