How Quickly Time Flies

This post was actually written yesterday, April 27, but I was having trouble posting it with my phone due to poor reception!

This is Michelle sporting her medallion she received at the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholars event…she looks like she owns the world, doesn’t she?

Today she picked up her cap and gown for graduation.

This picture isn’t the greatest, but in the bag is her cap and gown along with honors cords and the tassel. She is most excited about the tassel which she wants to hang on the rear view mirror!

All I know is, it seems just a short time ago,  I sat down at the kitchen table and began teaching a little girl to read and write, and facts about math.  I watched as that little girl gracefully ingesting required information and then moving right along. By the time she was fifteen, she had finished all the required classes.  She had conquered language arts, history, science, and  Bible…and had even accomplished subjects that made my knees buckle, like physics and pre-calculus. It seemed that hurdles placed in her way were merely there as a challenge to hop on over, whereas in my own mind, they proved insurmountable mountains.

It was such a short journey, but I am so glad we took this route. I now look at a confident young woman who looks ahead to the future!

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  1. Congratulations to you both! Lovely photo of a lovely girl. On another note: Calculus proved the last stumbling block for me in Higher Maths at school!

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