How About Some Random Photos?

Life has been busy lately.  It seems like there is always something or other going on and it distracts me!

Mark has been involved with music and getting together with a group of people to play and sing.  Everyone came over on Tuesday evening and I had made cookies and brownies for a snack.  The brownies were a real hit.  I got the recipe from a Land o’ Lakes pamphlet and they are basically just a brownie recipe with chunks of peanut butter cups placed on top after they are removed from the oven. The peanut butter cups kind of get a bit melty and they are so good.  Oh, and the recipe also added some semi-sweet chocolate chips into the brownie mix before baking, too.  That gives them a bit of a “crunch”!

Ben and Michelle worked on finishing up the basement before everyone came.  They had bought some curtains to hang on the windows and although the windows aren’t trimmed out, it really made the basement look pretty nice.  Now if I can convince the kids to paint just the floor on the other side, I would be a happy camper!

Here are some photos I have taken recently…

Yes, last Saturday while Michelle attended a seminar at RIT, I actually went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center.  I have decided there are places in the city that I should see.  It was quite interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit regarding Native Americans. There was so much to see there and I found it to be the best part of the museum. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos at all.

I did get one crummy photo of a Mastodon.

And also one overlooking the Herb Garden, as viewed from one of the windows.

The museum was a nice place to visit. I really enjoyed it, but truth be told, I think the Children’s Museum of Play was more fun, as I could watch people there.  It was fun watching the adults playing like kids and the butterfly garden was a real treat! I keep thinking I would like to visit the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, again. That exhibit is huge and one doesn’t have a set time limit while visiting.

Let’s see…..what else? Wow, I haven’t been taking many photos recently. Life has been so busy with doing other stuff. I am so anxious to get out the kayaks again. I read yesterday that the optimal time to go kayaking is when the water temperature plus the air temperature added together equal 120 degrees. (F)  That would mean if the water temperature was 50, the air would have to be 70.  It has been so crazy this month; the weather goes from warm to chilly to warm in one fell swoop.  I don’t mind the chilly, but a lot of people are complaining….they want warmer spring temps!

Well, I *thought* I had more photos to show, but it seems they must be on the cell phone. So…okay, cell phone connected!

It is so much fun taking photos with the cell. I actually use it a lot because I think I have six or eight different camera aps loaded on the phone. I can take panoramas, high definition, and even silly fish eyes like the photo above!  It is so cool to be able to take a photo and instantly view, edit, and send it!

Yes, since the Hyacinths turned out so pretty, I had to give the Daffodils equal opportunity to be photographed “fish eye” style!  This is the first year I have ever had flowers all blooming at the same time!  As soon as the Crocuses faded, the Daffodils and Hyacinths began blooming!  The Hyacinths seem to be getting attacked by something as I am finding bits of the flowers around the garden bed.

While the music group was practicing Tuesday night, I went down where I have some Daffodils in the little woods in front of the house. I had fun playing around with different settings and cameras. It was just so nice to be outside! It was chilly, but enjoyable!

Over on County Road 36, I saw something so funny the other morning. There is a private ski club there and much to my surprise, there were all sorts of animals grazing there! Sheep, horses, and geese could be seen on the hills. The scene looked so serene but very curious, indeed! I never ventured down that road during the winter, so I have no idea if it isn’t used anymore!  How funny, though; Old McDonald’s farm grazing the ski slopes!

Well, this has been pretty random and I think I shall end now.  This little exercise has made me realize I really do need to get all of my photos not only in one place, but also organized. I have been talking about doing this for ages, but I have no idea where to begin! Ah yes, another project!



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