Wild Windy Weather!

After the Dancing Wings on Wednesday, it was the Wild Winds on Thursday!

We went out for a Chinese buffet simply because it was a beautiful day and why spend a beautiful day inside?

After eating, we decided we would walk off some of the overstuffed feeling by taking a walk at the Seneca Lake State Park.  It is kind of a tradition for us. Eat. Walk. Enjoy.

We arrived at the park and decided to take the road near the lake….

We *knew it was a little windy, but….

Well, now that the passenger side of the car has been power washed, let’s do the driver’s side!

These photos were all taken near the breakwall and it was vicious! The funniest part of all of this is that our particular area had no high wind warnings at all.  I had a couple of alerts come up on my cell phone, as I have various places we often visit set to alert me of any crazy weather.  When I got home, the weather info set to my area said the wind was gusting up to forty-three miles per hour.  I think it might have even been more by the lake!

And here is a nameless soul…..(notice the trees in the background)

And last, but not least, there were three men out playing in the water!  Boy, you should have seen them flying!!!!

The temperature reached into the lower 70’s, so it was mild, but the wind?  Phew………………….


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  1. Yikes! Cool pics, but I have to admit…I am not really a fan of windy days. It was pretty windy (and rainy) today on our way home from Syracuse and keeping the Jeep in its lane was a little challenging at times.

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