Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden

Yesterday, I did something I have wanted to do ever since I heard about it. What is it?  I visited the Strong Children’s Museum of Play!

This museum is kind of a one of a kind.  It is home to the idea that creativity stems from and often is born of, play.  The museum includes all kinds of things one might expect from such an exhibit (such as collections and historical finds) and one thing I found a bit unexpected! If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you will see that I am an amateur photobug that loves shooting nature.  When I discover something so wonderful as a butterfly “collection”, I am off!

It costs a bit extra to get into the butterfly garden, but in my own opinion, it was well worth it.  The big downside to the museum is that one is allotted one twenty minute visit to the butterfly garden.  This just was simply not enough time to see (and especially photograph) all I would want.  To complicate matters, I was carrying my camera and lenses…about twenty pounds I think, and it made it a bit more awkward.  Add to this the fact that one must tread lightly…caution must be taken to not only avoid stepping upon any butterflies resting on the path, but also tiny Button Quails.  Yes, there were oodles and oodles of these little birds hiding under lush greenery as well as meandering along the pathway! I am certainly not complaining; the experience was so awesome, making me think this was very much like the Garden of Eden. (well, except for the intense heat and humidity!!)

I won’t say anything more. Oh, except that there was also a caged Toucan which you will see amongst the butterflies.  Please enjoy!  I sure did!!!

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