Where Does Time Go, Anyway?

Yesterday was an incredibly busy, busy day!

On Sunday night, Mark’s mom called to remind Mark she had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon.  We rushed around in the morning, getting ready to go and even in so doing, left later than we had planned.  We got to my mother-in-law’s house and she told us her appointment was actually twenty minutes later than what she had told us.  She had gotten the time wrong and didn’t look at her calendar until we were on our way.  Well, that gave us a bit of time to relax and catch our breath!

While waiting for Mark’s mom, we drove on over to the Home Depot to park; the hospital where her appointments are is so busy and the only place to park is in a ramp. While we were there, I went inside to take a look at the nursery.  Wow!  They are getting in some beautiful plants!  I walked up and down the aisles, several times, just taking in all the wonderful colors and textures!  My Crocuses are pretty well spent and now everything is looking pretty dull once again!

We had dropped Mark’s mom off shortly after 1:30 and figured she wouldn’t be too long.  She finally called after 3:00.  That was a bit longer than we thought it would be and we needed to really hurry!

Mark has been getting together with other musicians and they are working on a few songs.  One of the people is a woman who lives about 25 or 30 miles from us.  She is a talented singer and is learning to play the guitar.  She and her husband have been coming to our house once a week and she and Mark practice together.  This week, they had invited us down, not only for practice, but for dinner.  We were so excited!

Bill, the husband of the singer, loves to cook and bake.  Since he is home more than his wife, he prepares meals.  And believe me, his meals are far from ordinary! We had gone to their house for a Passover Seder and Bill made the most memorable matzo ball soup!  When he asked what we might like to eat, Mark mentioned the soup. So…..we began last night’s dinner with a bowl of matzo ball soup.  It was so good, particularly since I had not eaten since 6:30 in the morning.  I had made a piece of toast! After the soup, we had a most awesome salad, along with jello piped with real whipped cream on top.  Bill told us the jello was not dessert, so eat it along with the salad!

The salad was topped with chicken breast and homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette…it was so delicious, I can still taste it! Add to that the rolls….he told us the recipe was a very old recipe from his grandmother and they were so delicious!

Desert was homemade French Vanilla or Chocolate pudding.  I had the French Vanilla and it was also piped with whipped cream.

Mark and Carolyn wondered how they were going to practice after the meal! It was so good!  The house is set up with an open concept, so they just moved a few feet from the table and set up. It was so nice to listen to their music after an incredible meal!  They played, listened to some music, then played some more.  It was well after 11:00 before we finally left, arriving home at midnight!

What a long day it was.  But one of the best parts was…..Bill not only sent home some of his soup and rolls….

But also a package of his homemade hotdog buns!

Wow! I think today’s menu will consist of soup, rolls, and a Greek salad.  Why am I suddenly hungry again?

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