Yesterday, I felt like I needed an escape from the house.  I told Mark I really wanted to go to Niagara Falls, but would like to also visit the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  Mark and the kids thought this sounded like a plan, so we left early afternoon.

I was pretty excited about going to see the flowers, as there was a special spring collection on display.  Wow! In walking into the first room, the floral scent was almost too much! Hyacinths, Tulips, Hydrangeas, and even some Lilacs all blended together for one wild scent! Not only was the smell amazing, but the color was brilliant!

And so, I have decided to show several varieties of Tulips that I saw.  Tulips are such simple plants, but the colors were anything but simple.


I have never seen so much color as this visit.  It was such a treat.  Tomorrow, I will show a bit more.