Pictures from Today!

I was out with the camera on my cell phone, testing it out this morning….

Hahaha!! Isn’t he a handsome little fellow?  Oh, yeah, he is a little moth!  He appeared this morning along with several of his cousins on the back deck railings.  I did a little fanangling with this photo..sharpening and cropping, but that camera on the cell is pretty cool!

Next I went out front to see if the Crocus “show” had any more plants on display.  Sure enough, not only are the purple flowers looking pretty….

( the sun was so very generous early today, but began to diminish as the day progressed….)

but now the shy little white Crocuses are beginning to bloom!

I guess seeing the beautiful colors of these delightful little flowers makes the the heart yearn for more! From the look of the forecast, it would seem spring is right around the corner!