I Wonder Why?

Why is it that I have been so tired as the darkness sets in?  And why was I awake at four this morning?  Poor little Murphy was enjoying a nice deep slumber when I told him it was time to get up!

Michelle had classes today and I was concerned about her driving by herself to school.  (It is about 45 miles each way)  With temperatures lingering in the single digit readings, the roads can be very dangerous.  I have noticed some people don’t seem aware that stopping distances need to be increased on slippery wet roads.  So, Mark and I went along with her today.  It almost seemed silly at first as the roads weren’t too bad.  But as we got closer to Rochester, we were glad to be there….there were periods of near whiteouts and the roads were snow covered.

Mark and I shopped around a little and then picked Michelle up after noon.  We went out to a Chinese buffet and had a good time.  Thankfully, the roads were in better repair on the trip home than on the trip up.  We stopped at Eastview Mall for a bit, then Michelle ran into the library in Victor to pick up a book. The weather has been so cold, there really weren’t that many people out and about.

On the way home, I snapped a photo of this farm on a hill outside of the small town of East Bloomfield.

This isn’t the greatest photo, but I took it with my cell phone as we were driving along.  Not too bad for a salt laden windshield.. Anyway,  I really loved that big white cloud and the trees near the road.

Mark and I watched the Sabres game against the Carolina Hurricane.  We lost 6-3 but it was kind of a weird game.

The cold weather has made for a lot of woodburning  but next Wednesday, the temperature is projected to soar to 50 degrees!  Ah yes, the weather rollercoaster rides once again this winter!

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  1. I get very nervous about Michelle driving in this weather too…as old as she is…I still worry!! We are celebrating her birthday tonight…27. I simply cannot believe it!! Glad you and Mark went with your Michelle today. The roads were not great this morning!! Stay warm!!

  2. Cool Pic.I recall that place back in the 70’s when I was going to then CCFL.Very Gothic looking house.

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