Happy December!

I have not been here in what seems a very long time….and yes, it has been! Life has just been so busy and full. Not sure exactly *what* it has been “full” of, but days fly by and I am too tired to even turn the computer on!

I have not been taking so many photos lately and that is simply because I haven’t had the time! When I am not busy driving, cleaning, washing dishes, helping this one or that one, and so on and so on, I am sleeping! Also, it is hard to find new subjects!

Yesterday, we did take a trip to visit my parents and Randy. I was surprised to see how well my father has done with the knee replacement! He is walking so much better than before the surgery. We had a nice visit and went out to dinner. I love traveling this time of the year, seeing all the pretty lights decking the houses.

I will leave you with a photo I snapped this morning as a tiny Goldfinch peeked at me as it hung on the sock with niger seed hanging outside the bedroom window…..

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