And the Project Continues…

In the last post, I showed the six holes Benjamin dug.  Well, what I did not show was the holes filled with concrete.  That’s right!  The same day Ben dug the holes, he mixed a bag of concrete for each hole and dumped it in.  He worked into the dark, Mark and I holding flashlights for him to shovel the concrete into the holes!

Ben didn’t want Murphy to fall into the holes, after all…..

Sooo…an explanation.  The threaded rods embedded into the concrete in the holes are for “adjusting the building” in the event there is some settling since the excavation was only recently done.  Mark and Ben really wanted to get this project underway, so they didn’t want to wait to see how the land might shift a bit.  Mark’s solution was the rods which make it possible to shim the building using a jack to lift a corner if need be.

In the above photo, Ben placed the bottom rail of the building in place and his holes lined up…perfectly!

After filling the holes and making sure everything was going to fit together, (and it did so, perfectly!) Ben once again tamped the ground where the rails would lie, leveling all along the way!

Now the weather has been terrificly mild thus far, but today was another story.  It turned much colder and snowflakes were in the air as Mark and Ben fitted 2 x 6 inch pressured treated boards for a foundation under the metal rails.

After Ben finished working yesterday, he wanted to go to a Chinese buffet.  We agreed it sounded good, so we all went out.  On the way home, Mark pulled over alongside the road where folks were selling Christmas trees. The kids were over the moon. They picked a huge Blue Spruce that needed about a foot cut off the bottom!!!

Yes, it does need to be decorated. In the meantime, my kids had me laughing.  They are so much bolder than I!

They told the fellow selling the trees they thought this tag said ten dollars.

The guy shrugged his shoulders and muttered “okay.”

Such a deal……



The Next Thing

Life is all about projects, no?  Well, I guess there does come a time when one might relax and stop conjuring projects up, but this one was a bit of a necessity!

Not too long ago, we had a fellow show up with a big (no, it was *really*! big!) bulldozer.  Mark had seen those little carports along the roads nearly everywhere and he thought such a little building would be nice for putting our “toys” (atv’s and snowmobiles, lawnmower, log splitter, etc) away.  He thought about this a long time, researching the quality and specs.  So, the big bulldozer made short work of plowing over five trees and pushing them into the woods so Ben could cut them into firewood for next year.

This is the new project as viewed from the front porch.

Ben and Mark pondered how, exactly, to best anchor down the carport.  We *do* get some powerful “breezes” here from time to time…They decided to have Ben dig six two foot deep holes, three on each side. I forgot to mention that Ben made a nice “strip” that was perfectly level on which to place each side of said building.  You can see this in the photo below.

The orange markings are spray paint where each hole needed to be dug.

I’m pretty sure Ben would disagree, but he seemed to make short work of those six holes! Next, Ben did something not planned!

Aw, don’t worry, Murphy was quickly removed! Actually, he splayed his front legs apart and pulled himself up so quickly, I had to take this shot in record time!

While I didn’t photograph the excavating as it was being done, here are the “waste” products…

There was another pile of stacked firewood, too, and although in the grand scheme of things (or woods!) this doesn’t look like a lot, there is actually about two or two and a half cords of firewood there! Oh, and those stumps….

These also don’t look very big, but if you look at the stump in the previous post, mounted on the small haywagon, you can see that these are NOT little stumps!  The “stump removing project” is detained for awhile….until next spring, says Ben!

I have a few photos of the frosty morning we ventured down to Pennsylvania to pick up the building parts!  I had forgotten about those! I will try to get those up later.  Anyway,  we saved 15% by picking said building up at the warehouse. And, in my mind, any trip to Pennsylvania is a GREAT trip!

Happy December!

I have not been here in what seems a very long time….and yes, it has been! Life has just been so busy and full. Not sure exactly *what* it has been “full” of, but days fly by and I am too tired to even turn the computer on!

I have not been taking so many photos lately and that is simply because I haven’t had the time! When I am not busy driving, cleaning, washing dishes, helping this one or that one, and so on and so on, I am sleeping! Also, it is hard to find new subjects!

Yesterday, we did take a trip to visit my parents and Randy. I was surprised to see how well my father has done with the knee replacement! He is walking so much better than before the surgery. We had a nice visit and went out to dinner. I love traveling this time of the year, seeing all the pretty lights decking the houses.

I will leave you with a photo I snapped this morning as a tiny Goldfinch peeked at me as it hung on the sock with niger seed hanging outside the bedroom window…..