Motorcycle Bling!

The other day, Mark and I went out for a little while.  We called the kids before we came home and found they wanted Tom Wahl’s burgers for dinner. We called in the order and went to pick it up.

While we were in the parking lot, a few people pulled up on their Harley Davidson motorcycles.  I went inside and the cyclists came in shortly thereafter.  I picked up our order and went out to the car.  As I got in, Mark told me to sit back in the seat.  He had his camera in his hand….I looked over and caught sight of the neatest thing!

I goofed up centering these pictures….I had rested my arm against the car, but it was running, so the first photos I took were blurry…I was trying to hurry so I just snapped a few photos.  There were actually a couple more color lights!  It was so cool the way they kept changing!  Hmmmm……I wonder if such lights are available for Subaru Outbacks?  Just think….one would never have to worry about losing his or her car in the parking lot!