Unlikely Company!

While out on the porch this morning, Mark spotted a buck out in our “front yard”.  I use that expression loosely, as the woods makes up a good part of said yard!  I went back inside the house to grab my Nikon camera, figuring the fellow would be well into the woods in the time it would take me to trudge upstairs and get the camera! Surprisingly, he waited for me!

He posed so nicely…

Make note of his “wife” nearer to me….

He knew full well where I was and was a tad skittish at first. Nikon cameras have a definite sound when the shutter is pressed, and he listened as I took photo after photo.  He even gave me several different poses!

When the little doe walked away, seemingly irked I was not taking *her* photo,  the buck patiently followed behind….

The pair stopped for a few moments for a family portrait…..too bad the doe didn’t realize I was only interested in her mate!  We have lived here in the Bristolwood for twenty years now and I don’t recall any bucks ever coming so close!  In the above photo, I was easily standing less than fifty feet from the pair.  I had to smile, as the doe scampered off….

And the buck apologetically explained he had to catch up!

Mark and Ben worked on our little (broken) trailer we use to gather firewood.  It had some serious issues, such that Mark got out the welder to fix it!  He and Ben worked on it and when Michelle and I arrived home from Rochester,  I told them tomorrow, it is supposed to snow.  Ben was off like a lightning bolt to gather firewood that had been left in the woods!

Ben brought four loads of wood down to the garage before darkness set in and he could no longer see!  Mark and I worked using the splitter and we now have about two more cords of wood to add to the wood already stacked.  We are behind, but the firewood in the woods is all well seasoned.  It just needs to be brought down and split and stacked.

So much to do. So little time!!!



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  1. You said it…NEVER enough time!! I am absolutely stunned that you were able to get so many different poses of the buck and his “wife”!! Perhaps he was enjoying the interaction?? Maybe you ought to put some apples out there…or carrots? You’d have them lined up at the sliding door!!! bwahahaha!! Great captures!!

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