Well Then!

I had a dentist appointment at 5:30 on Thursday evening. I had spent the day in Rochester, trying to forget about the dentist….I am unsure if anyone hates going to the dentist more than I!

I arrived at the office a few minutes early and was taken right in.  Now, have you ever seen photos or heard of racehorses at the track before a race?  They paw at the ground and act downright skittish, anxiously awaiting the gate to open!  Now you know how I feel walking into the dentist’s office!

Mind you,  I thought I had the right to feel as I did, particularly on this day, as a NYC dentist by the name of Bruno Spagnoli predicted the tooth that was desperately needing work  would need a root canal.  He said it might be six weeks or six years.  But that was over twenty years ago.  I have had two root canals and they really were not bad at all, but I dislike sitting in the dentist’s chair for hours at a time!

The fact that this tooth was the last molar on the bottom right made me know that the event was going to be painful.  The dentist saw how upset I was and advised me that they could give me a sedative I could take before coming back another day, but I would have been insane to prolong this!  I told the dentist I would be fine.  And, I was.  I was in the chair for three hours and yes, it hurt.  But, I will get a crown on the tooth and all will be well.  For that, I am grateful. But I still am a bit sore where the needle went in to give the Novocaine.

Yesterday was a busy day with Mark and the kids working on some excavating we had done earlier in the week.  Even though we had to cart water for a couple of months, when the excavation was done,  it hit a spring and water was flowing into the swale the fellow made!  Thankfully, our well is fine now, but Mark was concerned the small bank created for the swale might cave in.  So, the kids were hauling large stones out of the woods to kind of build a wall to reinforce the swale.  While they worked on that, I raked leaves.  My back just will not tolerate picking up heavy things, and I was hurting whenever I bent over.  I got over half of the lawn done, so I was happy.

Today, Mark got together with a few people to practice music.  When we had the music event at Ontario County Park in August,  Mark and his friend Jim were impressed with two ladies who sing together.  They asked if they might like to form a little group and they said yes, so Mark, Jim, the ladies, Jim’s daughter, and Ben get together about once a month to practice.

Today was not only practice, but also Mark’s birthday!  It was an amazing birthday and Mark was blessed beyond belief! Jim’s daughter (Sarah) made a phenomenal casserole that was yummy, yummy, and yummy!  I made a salad and at the last minute, made a batch of rolls.  We all ate and then it was time for a birthday cake. THIS was extraordinaire!!!

It turns out one of the ladies could not make it to practice because of work, so the other lady brought her hubby along.  Holy mackerel!!! This man cannot only cook, but he BAKES!!! AND, he even cleans up after himself!  Bill is NOT a chef, nor baker, but a building contractor!!! He does the cooking and loves creating.

The cake was chocolate, but far from “just” chocolate.  He told us it had cocoa, black cocoa, sour cream, and coffee added in! He said the added coffee enhances the chocolate flavor.  Wow.  The cake was moist and very, very chocolatey!  There was cherry pie filling on top and the cake was decorated with whipped cream “stars”.  The creation looked like it took forever to make, but Bill said, no, doesn’t really take that long!

We had such a great time and the stress free meal was incredible!  I even had time to finish raking the lawn while the group practiced! This was not only an incredible day for Mark, but for the whole family as well!  As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I am so thankful for such wonderful friends and good times.  I feel like God has blessed us…..really well!

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  1. Oh!!! I missed Mark’s birthday!! PLEASE tell Mark we said Happy Birthday!! Goodness, it seems as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. I am off early tomorrow…over to Michelle’s house to finally get this hair cut!! I’m so glad that Mark and Ben have found some other band members as well!! That chocolate cake looks beyond fabulous!! Let’s tentatively say next Thursday to get together…ok?? I’ll give you a call or a text!! Hope you are feeling better today!!

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