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It has been another long spell since my last blog entry.  I have been searching for a specific theme for my blog that would help with my photos…more of a photography blog.  I tried one theme yesterday and became frustrated, trying to figure out how to insert my photos.  I finally gave up!

When I was in Henrietta one day, I was astonished to see a Monarch Butterfly making its rounds.  It really was amazing, as the date was October 25.  I think by that time, butterflies are well on their way to Mexico.  This particular butterfly just visited from one flower to the next as though it had not a care in the world.  I seriously wondered how it would fair in light of the upcoming storm (Sandy) as we were well forewarned of “the big one”.

As you can see, the lighting and exceptionally clear blue skies just added so much *pop* to these photos….I keep looking at them and drooling over the colors!

Home Depot was *the* place to be on this beautiful Autumn morning. Actually, cars passing by stopped to see what the crazed woman with the camera was doing…..Thankfully, I was not armed with the BIG camera, but a very small, inconspicuous camera.  However, I was…(ahem) kind of climbing aabout displays to get some of the photos.  I suppose the manager might have grumbled about my antics! hehehe

The store also had some really cool “pink pumpkins”.  They didn’t actually appear to be “very” pink to me, but they were unique. And pretty!

Yes, this was one day I hated to see coming to a close.  I really only spent a short time taking pictures, but I wish I could have found more subjects. Days with such lighting just don’t come around often!

One more photo before I leave….

The sunlight was shining on this grass and it literally lit up, looking as though it had lights glowing in it!!!  Oh, that days like this would linger. Too bad our Autumn is so very, very short!  Oh, and for the record, Sandy did not disrupt our lives at all.  The lights did flicker slightly a couple of times, but that was all.  The worst “damage” was the wind turned all the goregous colors into leaf litter!

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  1. Hey Kae! I like your new look over here! Your pictures are gorgeous!! I am still OVERWHELMED with stuff. Just stuff. So much to do and so little time. Yes, we need to get together. Chloe’s still not doing well. It has been difficult. My sister in law and family were VERY hard hit in Jersey…they have not had power now for six days!! She was just released from the hospital. It has been a very rough road for them. Now, they are rationing gas! Talk soon. I AM thinking of you!!

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