Surpise! Here I am….

I have not been posting on here as there seems to just be so much going on, and yet, nothing at all is going on.  Yes, that sounds so contradictory, but it seems to be my life right now!

Every time I log into Facebook, I am somewhat shocked and maybe a bit disturbed by what people are saying regarding the upcoming elections.  Good grief!  People are literally calling one another names because they aren’t alligned in political views.  Well, I am neither ignorant nor stupid and I will continue to keep my feelings to myself.  Politics always seems to involve half-truths and all manner of nonsense. A person could be a fine upstanding human being, but once he or she becomes a politician, well, money talks.

Phew….got that rant off my chest.

Yesterday, the skies were as bright blue as blue can be and Mark and Ben were working outside, so I went outside as well.  As I was sitting on the porch with my camera, I had this little brainstorm.  What if I placed sunflower seeds on the porch railing”

Can you believe the fascinating warmth of the colors in the background?  Oh, how I love Autumn!  I not only had Chickadees, but also Titmice, and Nuthatches.  The sweet little sounds that these birds make were like balm.  The day was warm, but not overly warm.  A lightweight cotton sweater kept me feeling just right. The wind blew from time to time, sending the leaves softly lilting to the ground.  Funny that no matter how hard the wind blows, the leaves just almost dangle their way to the ground, falling softly and silently…..

I sat out on the porch trying to drink in as much of the wonderful atmosphere as I could.  Oh, if only Autumn would linger on for awhile.  I do love Winter and my heart beats rapidly with the first snowfall, but the colors and even the scents of Autumn cannot be beaten.

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  1. Thank you ever so much for your card, Kae!!! I really, seriously have been meaning to call you!!! I have spent SO much time on the phone lately…not something I am very fond of…but things have been happening in life lately…that haven’t been easy to deal with. Hoping you have a phone by now…we will be out and about tomorrow, but I will get a hold of you, I promise!! I sat down to call you this afternoon, when I received two MORE phone calls…it has been insanely crazy. I, too, love Autumn…the sights, the sounds, the colors…all beautiful!! And these temperatures?? Can you believe it?? What a pretty bird!! Hope all’s well in your world!! Talk soon! xo Jeanne

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