My, it is Froggy Out There!

One day last week, Ben and I went on a little kayaking journey.  Oh, it wasn’t a very big trip, but it was interesting!  I had wanted to see if I might observe my friends the Eagles again, but they didn’t show.  I felt a bit defeated, but it was okay, because in the end, Ben and I were quite entertained!

We decided to use the (very wonderful!) canoe and kayak launch.  It is terrific, as I can safely take my good camera with me with no fear of it getting wet entering or exiting the water.  Although I only tipped and got wet once while getting into a kayak (other than the time I got *drenched* as the girl **held** a canoe for me to try out!) that was long ago when I was “learning the ropes”.

As the kayak gracefully made its way into the water, I realized I was being observed by a pair of big, beady eyes!

I had a good laugh as the little fellow quickly submerged as I got closer.

As we paddled out, the lake was like glass.  It was a beautiful early evening.

The only downside to the beauty was all the seaweed. Yuck!  But with the hard kayaks, it is pretty easy to glide through the mess.  The inflatables were much harder, getting stuck in the tangled mess!

Did I mention how *beautiful* it was? The atmosphere was ah, so lovely!

Even the giant wind generators off in the hills beyond the Naples valley looked rather harmless and inert….

We just paddled around, enjoying the warmth, the freedom found in paddling, and watching boats off in the distance.


We were not alone!

As we decided to head back to shore, it became obvious, we were surrounded!

At first, I noticed a few little frog heads exposed by that awesome, luscious late afternoon end of summer sunlight! But as we continued on….

more and more of those little green heads were evident!

We had never seen so many frogs!  They were all resting with just their heads above the water.  Funny little critters!

Oddly enough, when we passed through acres of lilypads, there was not a frog in sight.  They seemed to much prefer sitting on top of the seaweed!

I took a couple of shots of Ben paddling back.  I was shooting directly into the sunlight, and I liked the result.  I know the photos are dark, but I really liked the”splash” of the water as he paddled!

Well, we failed to see any Eagles, but had fun all the same. Any day paddling is a good day!

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