Before I Say Good Night!

Today was a fun day for the kids.  We went to Darien Lake Theme Park for the day.  We met up with some other friends and spent a fun-filled day.  The kids rode rides and played in the water at the waterpark.  I walked around and was totally amazed when my foot didn’t hurt at all!  I even switched from wearing sneakers that I thought would provide great cushioning for the foot, to flipflops when I grew increasingly hot!  I had no problem with pain…..even walking about inn flipflops.

We got back home around nine-thirty. We stopped along the way at Tom Wahl’s to pick up some burgers and celebratory 99 cent floats. This was the last day to get the deal on the floats, so it seemed almost mandatory!

Here is a photo, untouched, that I took of a butterfly among the flowers….

It was a beautiful day.  The temperature stayed in the mid-eighties at the hottest, and there was a cooling breeze the entire day.