Ach!!! Read my Previous Post!!!

It has GOT to be a sign. Truly, it does!

As i was sitting on the porch earlier today, I was enjoying things like buttierflies in the Butterfly Bushes.  THEN, guess what?

We have languished over just how we might landscape the small area between the house and garage for a very long time.  I am thinking now that perhaps we will build a Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden…..

Would You Believe It?

Since I missed yesterday, I figured I would take the liberty of showing some flower photos I took a while back.  I found some wild Asters growing down at the bottom of our driveway and began photographing them.  They were so pretty!  As I enlarged the photos, I began to see that each flower had its own “personna”!  They were so cool to look inside and no two were exactly alike!

I was so impressed! When I see all the variety and colors and shapes and everyrthing surrounding me, I cannot help but think just how big and amazing our God is!


I didn’t post here yesterday, but…..well, it wasn’t my fault! We had lots of running around to do yesterday.  We left here early and didn’t return until eleven thirty!  Phew…such a busy day!

We began in Canandaigua. We had to run to the bank. Then we were off to Farmington.  We stopped and picked up Chinese for everyone.  There is a restaurant that gives one huge portions, plus soup, for about $5.00 for lunch.  Mark and I had Szechuan Chicken and the kids each had Sesame Chicken.  The lunches are really good. And filling! After lunch, were made our way to Victor.

We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few items, when what should greet us practically right inside the front door?

Yup! This beautiful Orchid!  There were so many to choose from, too.  Mark and I looked and looked at them and picked this one.  The best part was that they were only $9.99! We looked around for the other things we came for, then were ready to head on over to Henrietta. As we returned to the car, though, I told Mark I wanted to stop at the garden center at Home Depot before we left.  I had been there the week before and they had marked down their Butterfly Bushes.

I really like the two Butterfly Bushes in front of the house. One is a pale purple color. I bought that one from a reputable nursery.  It is HUGE this year. I think I paid about $12 for that bush years ago.   Next to it is one I bought for $3 when it was drastically reduced to get rid of all the nursery stock at WalMart, also years ago! It has attained great heights this year, soaring to over six feet tall! Although not as bushy (probably my fault for not shaping it!) as the nursery bush, this bush is not lacking for flowers!  They are big and beautiful!

So….back to yesterday, I looked around at the bushes and found two that I bought.  They are small and kinda reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, but I know they will grow well here.  One is a purplish-pink kind of fuchsia color……

and a pink one that caught my eye….

We are planning (still) to relandscape our side yard between the house and garage, and I am hoping to plant these bushes there.  I would like to add a fountain or some type of water feature next year.  This area has been long neglected….

The butterfly bushes will add so much color!  I love those bushes and have seen many butterflies on them as well as hummingbirds dtopping by for a sip! Oh, and speaking of butterflies!  WOW!  As we left Canandaigua, we went the back roads.  As we passed by fields, I could not believe all the butterflies!  We must have seen fifteen or twenty Monarchs just while driving!

After the Home Depot, we went to Henrietta, where we went to several stores!  I have had some trouble with my ankle hurting lately.  It seems the pain goes from my ankle to the top of my foot and hurts worse when walking around.  So, Murphy and I waited in the car a bit while Mark and the kids shopped.  Then we went to the Salvation Army Store.  Michelle’s shopping mecca!  She and Ben found so many things.  Then they went to another thrift store called Savers.  Michelle found an amazing winter coat…it is a pea jacket style that is beautifully made by American Eagle.  She paid $15 for it and it is so beautiful.

By this time, it was nearly nine o’clock!  I had to run into WalMart for a few things.  Mark and the kids waited while I went into the store. Wow! It was like entering a whole ‘nother world! Inside the store,  there were seemingly hundreds of foreign students shopping for all manner of things!  The aisles containing school supplies and home goods were packed with folks speaking in differing languages!  These people were more than likely students at RIT, where Michelle attends college.  As I thought about it, these young people must be so smart!  I could never imagine going off to a foreign country to study….it is hard enough just understanding the English language!

We were finally off to go home, but had to stop at the new Dairy Queen!  I think everyone else had the same idea!  We waited in line for over half an hour for our ice cream cones! Were they worth it?  Ha! You bet!

By the time we got everything in the house and put away, it was nearly midnight.  A long, long day.

So…now you know *why*  I was not here yesterday!