Well, I Guess….

I had better get off my lazy duff and get back to blogging!  We have been so busy, there just hasn’t been a great deal of time to sit still anymore.  I am currently writing this just before 6am and I have been up since 4:30.

I hope you might have been clicking on my photo-a-day journal below to see some of the stuff we have been up to. It is so easy to upload photos there, as I don’t need to do resizing like I do here! Yes, I am lazy!

Where to begin….

Well, Ben and I went kayaking a couple of days ago after I spotted TWO Eagles in the tree where they frequently perch.  So, to keep this short and sweet, I will show a few of those photos for now. And, I will try to add a little something here every day.  As I said, this takes some time. And work!  Not that I shy away from work, but it seems there is soooo much to be done each day!

These photos have water spots on the lens as I didn’t have my ever faithful microfiber cloth on board the camera bag I grabbed that day……

The good news is, I think the state (?) installed a most amazing handicapped canoe and kayak launch in Woodville! Yes!!! This is a platform that allows folks to lower themselves into their craft seamlessly. For me, it means that I can get into the water and out with camera(s) and not worry about dumping them into the water.  I used it the evening I took these photos and was shocked when I found there was not even an ounce of water in my kayak! I am also hoping Mark might get brave and try out something…..he has hinted perhaps a canoe might be to his liking!

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