We’ve Been Away….

We have been camping out for a few days while attending the Buffalo Sabres Development Camp.  This is always so exciting, watching the young fellows with dreams of sometime playing in the NHL, showing their best as coaches, scouts, and fans watch!

Yesterday, we went for a ride afterwards and ended up at Mount Morris.  We drove around a little and wound up on the other side of the Genessee River Gorge from Letchworth State Park.  In all the years we have lived nearby, we never ventured over to this side.  It was so interesting as the Army Corps of Enginers operates an information center there with all manner of information regarding the Mount Morris Dam.

After looking around a bit, we went for a ride in the country and found ourselves in an Amish community.  There were a few houses and one was interesting.  It had been set up as though for a party.  There were several buggies and several cars parked there.  It is unusual for the Amish to “hobnob” with the English, so I could not figure out what the occasion was.  

As we passed by, while taking a photo of the buggies, I happened to capture two little girls jumping up and down on a trampoline.  One little girl was Amish and the other was “English”.  They were so cute.  I cropped the photo which is terrible, but that’s okay, as the Amish do not believe in having their photos taken.

We will soon be home!  Until then……

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  1. Glad you got some “viewing” in!! We miss you guys!!! See you soon! SO glad that the camper was all fixed and ready to roll!! Have a safe trip home!

  2. I love the picture! I haven’t seen the two worlds interacting much either. Although once I attended a wedding over in Interlaken and a few Amish sat in the back. They did not come to the reception.

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