In Case You Missed an Annual Dose of Fireworks

Yesterday, we traveled to visit with my parents and brother, Randy.

We spent most all day outside in the sunshine and let me tell you, it was hot!  We played musical chairs, but instead of people moving from chair to chair,  we moved the chairs to the next shady area as the sun made its way across the sky.

We had a nice time visiting and we even had a nice lunch.  I had gotten up early to make Texas Caviar, Macaroni Salad,Macaroni and Cheese,  and cake for Strawberry Shortcake.  Mom had made Potato Salad and she bought some Wegman’s subs along with strawberries and ice cream for the Shortcake.  We had tons of food and it was pleasant to visit without the stress of fixing a meal.

We started home again a little after seven o’clock and Mark had looked online to see that the town of Hornell would have a fireworks display about the time we would be passing through.  We did indeed arrive in Hornell a few minutes before ten and made our way toward town.  We had no idea where the fireworks were going to be displayed, but it isn’t too hard to find them!

We drove into a small parking lot where several other cars had parked and watched from the car.  Mark said he read an article about Hornell and their July 4th celebration.  He said they didn’t have a display last year, and this year would be scaled back somewhat.  As we were driving, it was strange because it looked like fireworks were being launched from three or four locations.  We had a great view, so we enjoyed them all!

Interestingly enough,  as the fireworks were booming and lighting up the sky,  lightning was also putting on its own show in the background and above in the clouds. It sure added a cool factor!

So, for those who would like to see just a tiny sampling….(oh, and as a note,  the fireworks were continuous for a good solid half hour!  Amazing….)

Hope you enjoyed the show!


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